American Economy Is 'Really Far From Where We Need To Be' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

American Economy Is ‘Really Far From Where We Need To Be’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Jason Furman, a former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President Obama, joins Andrea Mitchell to talk about the future of the American economy while Janet Yellen and Jerome Powell testify before Congress. "We're really far from where we need to be," Furman said. "I think we've taken the steps we need to get there over the next year. The issue then is going to be sustaining economic momentum." Aired on 03/23/2021.
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American Economy Is 'Really Far From Where We Need To Be' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. And most economic experts think the economy will come booming back once Covid is actually dealt with.

  2. I think it will be back, but quit giving enhanced unemployment so people have to come back to work , I know several company’s that have been looking for workers for months and nobody wants to work,I know places that pay well over 15 per hour with insurance, 401, vacation and more and they can’t find anyone and I see people who are Not working saying they won’t look for work until there unemployment runs out, so it appears the USA is just full of lazy people now just looking for a handout. That’s what the last year of coronovirus has shown us and it won’t get any better going forward

    1. @Polar Opposite LOL, if you really had a company, and really were having difficulty finding employees, you would have no problem with naming it. “Locals” know where you are, but according to you, they don’t want to work! You truly are full of bean soup. As a retired grandmother, I don’t feel the desire or the need to learn to drive an 18 wheeler.

    2. @Constituent A you had asked about jobs so I just listed a few nationally and local that I personally know people working at and they say they are hiring ,the fact you don’t want to be a truck driver is fine but there is so many jobs out there for people wanting to work that the only reason your not currently working is because you just don’t want to , every employer will also train new employees , I just don’t feel there is no excuse for not having experience because they will definately help and train you , if a retired guy like myself can go find a job in a day there is no reason a 18 or 20 year old can’t , it doesn’t have to be in trucking , there are just trucking jobs everywhere, but you cant sit back and complain about jobs when the work force is full of them, people just want keep making excuses for why it’s not right for them .I know from the past I worked jobs I didn’t like when I started but it worked into something better and you just have to start at the bottom, pay your dues and you will eventually get there

    3. Sure. Two “distinct” guys that share an inability to distinguish homophones, neither of which is aware that half the workforce in the US in 2019 earned less than $36,000 per year. Polar, you’ve got plenty of time to waste, because you don’t have a company that is severely short of help. If you did, you would not have the time to be fooling around in a youtube comment section, you’d be too busy trying to perform all the tasks where you’re short on staff. Actual employers with real job vacancies know that the internet is a great place to advertise their vacancy. Imagine if employers actually thought advertising their job openings was “giving out personal information” and a risk. LOL.

    4. @Constituent A that’s fine your retired so am I , I still work and keep busy with a lot of side work , I do welding to truck driving to working on tractors and heavy equipment , so as long as I am able to make extra income and there is a demand I will continue to keep busy and work my own schedule and enjoy my retirement , have a good week

  3. What we really should concern ourselves with is the GQP tax cut that would benefit the 18 families struggling to sustain their exorbitant wealth.

    1. There’s a lot of things to be concerned about, including following anything that isn’t independant media cause sick of corporate media

    2. @swayjacob777 Wait…jobs are produced in America? I thought they were a myth Cause last I checked they are shipped out to either Mexico or overseas.

  4. Properly tax America’s wealthiest and corporations, then find the money the Pentagon and Federal Reserve “lost.”

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