1. Massive respect for these guys. Regardless of how they got there and their reasons… they are there.

    1. Yes❤️ everybody join together in support for Ukraine at Facebook group, Ukraine Ways To Help

  2. This is the greatest display of sacrifice that I’ve seen, and the most beneficial hands-on support we as Americans can give these people. As we know, these Ukrainians are regular people trying to defend themselves and their families…they are not soldiers. Thank you so much!

  3. These guys are doing a huge service to America itself by showing that there are americans to really live up to what many just shout.

  4. Just watching this gives me inspiration. When this war cooked off and all these civilians young, old, and in between were lining up to get a weapon, I thought wow, armed people with no training that’s gonna be a problem. This clip made me feel better about the whole thing. God’s speed to all of them.

  5. I thank them so much for heading out there to train them. Considering how long the war has been going on now, it seems like they must’ve headed out there only a few days after the invasion started. It is a shame they can’t stay for longer, but I guess they do have to return to their families who inevitably need them to support them as well. I truly hope that other veterans will head over to help continue the training. As for around the world will probably be helping the Ukrainian official trainers with the newest recruits but right now need all the help they can get. If any of you are out there that want to actually help, please get to Ukraine as soon as possible.

  6. Words are too small for the kind of admiration I feel for these guys volunteering to train the Ukraine citizens AND the citizens who are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. May God bless their efforts.

  7. these brave Americans are doing one of the most essential jobs that can be done for Ukraine right now.
    Hope all ends well for these intrepid people and their country!

    1. I think it would be found that there are many ex servicemen from all over, in country NOW, ‘advising’ as appropriately required. 👍 to these three geezas.

  8. God bless and protect the brave people of Ukraine and all the volunteers from around the world trying to keep the morale of Ukrainians!!! Slava Ukraine! 🙏

    1. @Matthew Martin the country I’m in has NEVER had a free election. I’m in the USA. They claim Bidet got 81 bajillion votes. Nice whataboutism though. Since you cant dispute the truth I stated you decided to say something really dum to derail the conversation.

    2. @Brad Gaines exactly. Both Zelenskiy and Bidet are a product of the same fake election scam. No one really buys it.

    3. @TRIPESKA Music Group my apologies, I thought you were a Russian troll. Turns out you’re a Trump troll. Same bullshit, just one gets paid to do it. Carry on with your nonsense. It’s changing so many minds.

    4. God? Really? They can only protect themselves. None of the 5000 gods have protected the 10,000’s that have already been murdered. What happened there?

  9. I sit here in Swiss safety with a tear in my eye, with my own children in the next room. It’s possibly the first time I’ve said the phrase but God bless these brave men and all those on the ground helping Ukraine, for the good of humanity.

    1. The best of America. Let freedom ring in Ukraine. Brought tears to my eyes seeing these true hero’s not just jabbing about doing something.

    2. And the Nazis of Ukraine are not the people, they are fascists and murderers and the people of Ukraine will judge them for their crimes.

    3. @Al Ru Despite their badge adoptions of another time, they’re ‘only’ dedicated ultra fball ooli ooli ooligans, who’ve moved into next level, if ever there was such a thing, true regimentation with guns.
      Why didn’t they just join Ukraines army ¿?

    4. After watching MAGA and other Trump supporters willing to sell out our republic to fascists and now to a communist like Putin, it’s so good to see that so many American military and veterans still consider democracy and freedom worth defending. Thank You U.S. veterans. YOU GUYS ROCK!

  10. It’s so refreshing seeing people from all over volunteer their time to train these people for combat so they can protect their homes. Proud of our veterans. Glory to Ukrainiane🇺🇦🇺🇸!

    1. @Jack Barlow They’re probably not trolling since they are paid to do this. Of course doesn’t make them any better.

    2. @Jack Barlow I’m for real. I want to overthrow the government and establish a National Socialist state, and get rid of this obtrusive liberalism messing up the world’s economy and national security.

    3. @Low Battery I’m paid to do this? You’re the one exporting your degenerate capitalism to all the world’s nations, threatening nuclear war and putting us all into danger, so you can build a Starbucks in a NATO mandated Kiev.

    4. So true. After watching MAGA and other Trump supporters willing to sell out our republic to fascists and now to a communist Pig like Putin, it’s so good to see that so many American military and veterans still consider democracy and freedom worth defending. Thank You U.S. Special forces veterans, Army and Marines. True Bad Asses. YOU GUYS ROCK!

  11. Getting what is needed where it is needed is essential when in a war. Organizational skills and the ability to anticipate future needs is critical. Excellent communication and leadership qualities. This work is mainly done by NCOs (Non commissioned officers) . Ukrainians might benefit from logistical aid, especially if caches of supplies need to be hidden for freedom fighters.

  12. Real men are compassionate and strong. These men volunteering, they’re the real deal.
    Long Live Ukraine ✊🇺🇦
    Anderson, I remember watching you on the streets of Iraq, ducking for cover. Respect dude 💙



  13. So very proud of these American brothers-in-arms who were/are on the ground training the heroic Ukrainian citizens. May they all return home safely.🙏🏼
    Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🙌🏼

    1. @TRIPESKA Music Group If you were starving to death and you came upon a garden and fruit trees that didn’t belong to you and they weren’t there would it be stealing if you took a few items. If you were standing on a cliff that someone knew it was dangerous and tried to coerce you cautiously back up away from the edge would that be wrong. There is no right answer as your answer would be based on your own perspective. The problem with humans is that they think everyone is supposed to think like them. That’s bad.

    2. American Veterans are the best. There are such good men to do this. I pray they return safely! Blessings to all these wonderful people!

    3. @TRIPESKA Music Group yes… NATO is not involved in Ukraine. They are , however sending in aid to her people.

    4. There is a fine line between deterring Putin vs escalating war. This seems similar to Afghanistan occupied by the Soviets and Americans were giving arms to Taliban. You all know how much it costs and how it ended.

  14. They’re true patriots. The defense of freedom takes forms we may never have expected, and I have so much respect for those who have stepped up to answer the call and using their skills to do their part.

    1. They are the opposite of patriots you troll!
      They are acting against the interests of Americans for a criminal, fascist regime

    2. @Игорь Еремов is YouTube still working in Russia? Not for a long time anyway. You sold the future of next generations for yet another war. So pathetic.

    3. @Z Script сколько лет Украине?) Почему по переписи населения Австро Венгрии в 1910 нет украинцев?) кто основал Харьков Одессу Львов?)

    4. @TRIPESKA Music Group I know you probably didn’t watch the video… they are there helping Ukraine, not the criminal, fascist regime.

    5. @Rohit Mohite JUST LIKE THE RUSSIANS… or are you going to conveniently forget about the Russians in Afghanistan, Syria, and Ukraine?

  15. For the last 4 years I had been losing my pride in being an American. This story just restored it. With all my heart thank you!!! Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. @Joe Mama Trump worked very hard to weaken NATO and Ukraine during his presidency. He did nothing but blow Putin the whole time. There is no evidence to suggest that Trump would have finally grown a backbone for this invasion.

    2. Right! Maybe the bi-partisan b.s. will stop once we all remember with pride, we are all Americans.🇺🇦🇺🇸

    3. If a few ppl put in the spotlight inspires you to reconnect to your country, you have larger issues you really need to work on Doomer. SMH

  16. So glad that these heroes can help the ordinary person to stand their ground. Hopefully there will be more who can do the same. You could see how much it upset them to know they would have to leave. God Bless the Ukranians, and hopefully they will come out the other side with their country still theirs.🙏❤

  17. As an american, I am so proud of these men volunteering to teach the brave citizens of Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇸

  18. I have never been in the military, but I can see how going to train troops to fight in Ukraine could be very satisfying, but maybe even more important, this might help bring closure and a sense of completion to the military service that they did when they were in uniform.

  19. I’m so proud of these Americans, so impressed of the Ukrainians, and so heartbroken that this needs to happen.

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