Americans Are Not Powerless Against Gun Lobby, Recent Colorado History Shows | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Americans Are Not Powerless Against Gun Lobby, Recent Colorado History Shows | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at how a few common sense gun reforms were brought to bear in Colorado after the Aurora gun massacre, and even though gun activists and lobbyists were upset about it, the negative political consequences for the Democrats who took action was limited. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Americans Are Not Powerless Against Gun Lobby, Recent Colorado History Shows | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @David Hale When wa the last time you heard someone went into a business or school or other building and killed 8, 10, 13, 20+ people within a few moments with a knife? How often does that happen in the US? We are talking about mass shootings/murder with primarily a weapon of mass destruction in civilian hands.

    2. @GoGreen1977 it just happened many times in London. Right after the summer of 2019. Five killed by a knife wielding lunatic on a bridge.
      And you know what would have saved the lives of those five that day ?
      One armed citizen or two armed citizens there that day. But guns are the problem so five people died anyways because people’s right to carry weapons to defend themselves was taken away.

    3. @David Hale Name one situation when an armed American citizen saved people from a mass shooter, because I have never seen this reported. Please name one time that an AR has been used by a citizen to defend fellow citizens. If you have a clips of this heroism please post!

  1. *AMERICA MOANING ABOUT MASS SHOOTINGS* is like an alcoholic moaning about the hangovers…

    Either shut up or do something.

    1. @The mega destroyer of all commies TM – What is hilarious is that you believe the BS that you have more freedoms than us when you are surfs to your feudal billionaire overlords.
      Go on, tell me the “freedoms” that you have that I don’t?

    2. @Colton Black – you dont need to know where I live, the guy said you had more freedoms than me as a fact and therefore he knew what freedoms I did or did not have…
      Otherwise, he could not have made that statement.
      The irony is you live in one of the least “free” of the western societies. You know how you can tell that a country IS NOT? Its the thing the media and the politicians keep telling you it is. GREAT Britain is NOT Great, its a tiny little nation. America is NOT “the greatest country on earth” is a near 3rd world dump. America is NOT “the land of the FREE” its the land of the over worked near slave.
      countries that have great anything don’t brag endlessly about it – that propaganda.

    3. @The mega destroyer of all commies TM Ha! You’re all sheep there, man. Poor, stupid sheep led to believe you’re “free”. Yep you can buy a gun anytime you want, but you can’t get your cancer operated on for free. Your kids are shot in schools. Free? – lmao!!. You’re all imprisoned down there by your own small greedy thoughts and you’re trained to never want better for yourselves. It’s amazing how much you people are so brainwashed. Just amazing.

    4. Most, “do they go out an buy another gun. We Can thank “Rush for that, I think. Anyone notice how mass Shootings= political rhetoric,=Gun Sales.. Spurred on by Gun rights rallies, Right wing 2nd amendment “Their going to Take your Guns Away! The Sky is Falling type Stuff, making people Nervous and price hikes on guns & ammo Scarcity. Who profits from “mass Shootings,” aside from guns rights advocating groups & aspiring political right wingers and Gun manufacturers and Outlets, GunShops. There is No “Clear Solution here(that I’m aware of) Either everybody Carries or maybe We have to Ban wideSpread Civilian Use and Robo cop(he’s Coming) will mean bizness!

  2. When the Black Panthers of Cali legally armed themselves and peaceful escorted citizens to schools, stores, etc. Governor Ronald Reagan Instituted restrictive gun laws there. You just have to know how to motivate racist hypocrites I guess…

    1. It’s the same way Republicans supported voting rights until black people started to vote, or how Republicans believed the state should control their own elections until they lose

  3. when the faith of 331 million people are represented by 535 members of senators dan representatives and its totally legal to lobby them, u know what would happen

    1. Imagine what would happen IF ONLY voters would make calls AND SEND EMAILS to their LOCSL representatives and senators. They should THREATEN THEM with non re-election!
      It ONLY takes a minute now to look up the number email address. WHY WON’T AMERICAN PEOPLE USE THEIR LEVERAGE
      & TAKE 5 MINUTES — instead of WHINING on social media??

  4. From the European point of view I think the problem lies way deeper it is not solved with restricting the gun ownership alone (of cours it plays a part). Here we have countrys like Austria, Germany, Swizz etc. where a lot of people own guns but we dont have mass shootings at all. The problem lies within the American society which has to struggle in so many ways we don’t know. Nobody here has to rob a shop to pay for the operation of his/her daughter, we have sick pay and payed holidays guaranteed by law, no opioide cricis, no high bills for our studies, generally a higher average standard of living, way less poverty etc. Why do people in the US snap so often? Thats the biggest question in the room.

    1. American here who no longer lives there. Every comment here is 100% true. Poverty, mental illness and the insane defence of the 2nd Amendment create a perfect storm that hits again and again and again. The Republicans are savages. Senator Blumenthal was correct when he referred to mass shootings yesterday as savage.

    2. It probably lies somewhere between the time I grew up, carried a gun in my gun rack to school and nobody cared.You could order a military grade weapon off the back of a magazine and the postman would leave it on your porch and we didn’t have this sort of thing……

    3. @Altrusian WolfDog that’s country living, I understand the need to carry when you live in a rural community, police could take long time to get to you if you called for help.

    4. @5252rpm he’s also talking about milsurp rifles. Aka 1880s to 1940s, that usually didn’t have detachable mags and were often only 5 round capacity, not quite the same as today.

      There’s a reason why we’ve never heard of a mass shooting with a Mauser haha

    5. @Altrusian WolfDog your single shot 20 gauge or the Mosin nagant you ordered from the magazine weren’t the same as today. As cars got faster and more dangerous did laws adapt or remain stagnant?

      How many people resist windshield wipers or seat belts now? That’s how people are going to feel about common sense gun laws in the future

    1. When the conservative right gets ‘frustrated’ they express themselves through mass murder.

  5. Manchin need to be removed now not when his term is up.

    How many mass shootings and deaths will it take for politicians like Manchin to promote gun reform.

    Someone is paying Manchin to ensure Democrats will not win now or in 2022. This is probably a deal breaker for most people. Biden better wake up and realize he has far right Republicans in his Democratic party.

    McConnell don’t have to do anything when the Democrats have Manchin around.

    1. when the government turned out the mentally ill on the street to save money and rewrote the laws to commit as “if a danger to themselves or others” then after committing the “doctor” clean them up and put them back on the street again it was the first step in removing our gun rights. anyone with half of a brain would know or should have what these people would do! the government creates an issue to remove freedom. we now know how dangerous “rallies” can be they must be outlawed too many people have died.

    2. @geno007able there is nothing wrong with rallies. It’s a way to demonstrate there is a problem that need to be fixed. As long as they are peaceful.

      The problem lies within all the disinformation and misinformation and not taking the steps to prevent future problems. This is simple to fix extend the back ground check and investigate mental history. Background checks are especially essential coming out of this pandemic. What Republicans and Manchin want schools to reopen so another mass shootings can happen in someone school. This is a no brainers.

      It’s like a right winger posted about voting. Republicans are not telling Democrats they can’t vote they are just exceeding their right to protect elections. Which we all know is a bunch of bull s$%#

      No one is saying people can’t buy guns there are just laws to protect the people from potential harm.

      Republicans need to stop pushing misinformation about what’s in the bill. There is nothing in the bill that state if people that currently own guns those guns will be taken from them. The bill is available on line and anyone can see it for themselves. It’s a fear mongering tactic used by the right.

      I am also sick of this left right battle. It makes no sense creating all this hate among Americans just to maintain power.

      I am just tired of seeing innocent people being killed because someone has been listening to the wrong people.

    3. @Just Me rallies like guns in the wrong hands are dangerous. I hope we learned something from Jan 6. 2021. I was making a point it’s not the car or the gun or the rally that kills people, only the evil sick people behind them who what to cause mayhem. right or wrong? no gray answer here!

    4. @geno007able yes I agree. I don’t understand how politicians can fight against gun control. I guess they have to lose someone close to them in a mass shooting. That probably won’t phase them either because the dark money will still flow.

  6. The second amendment ( gun rights) is specifically for allowance of citizens to protect against a tyrannical government , not for sport , not for hunting . Guns law restrictions on abilities to protect against a tyrannical government made by the government , if that’s not the fox guarding the hen house …..

    1. knowledge is power, If they want to ban the gun, they should first ban cigarettes with 480,000 deaths per year, the car with 38,800 people and in 3rd place is the gun with 38,390. where is the outrage to cigarettes and cars? they only want only two types of people to own guns, the cops and the criminals, and if we get in the middle kiss our ars goodbye, or if they break your door down.

  7. American Exceptionalism at it finest.
    The solution is so simple – If you don’t have a gun, you can’t shoot someone.
    Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  8. We all know the guy with the most money wins! Maybe we’ll make some progress when the NRA is rendered insolvent!


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