Americans At Home Tap Every Resource To Help Colleagues Escape Afghanistan Exodus Gridlock

Rachel Maddow tells the harrowing story of Maj. Thomas Schueman's desperate efforts, drawing on a wide network, to help his Afghan interpreter "Zak" and his wife and four small children escape Afghanistan and certain retribution from the Taliban for his assistance to U.S. Marines. 
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  1. Since a Taliban takeover was inevitable, first you ensure that vulnerable people are taken to safety, then you announce that you’re pulling out.

    1. @Leo29 it sounds like you want the military to go back and get the hostages and finish off taliban. We would first need to reinstall trump. It is too big of a mess now. We would require solid leadership that is lacking in the pentagon and the swamp.

    2. Look Biden was the one who followed up on Trump’s deal. No one forced Biden to do this. Yes, Trump and Pompeo had a hand in this but this happened on Biden’s watch! Just like the pandemic happened on Trump’s watch. BTW, I’m liberal and didn’t vote for Trump so I’m not one of his supporters!

  2. I’m 60 and I remember video of the fall of Saigon. I know Joe Biden remembers. He should have gotten the Americans and the people who helped the US out of there before now. I have that much sense. Pull the troops out fine, but he should have taken care of the people who needed to leave before he did. I’m a Biden Harris supporter and he’s just wrong on this.

    1. You’re supposed to be a Game changer, but the next step will be largely favorite to Biden for ending what every President since G.Bush was supposed to be doing unsuccessfully: just fighting the January 6 and the Terrorists.

    2. @Leo29 -They think we forgot, the transition between the two administrations, and the opposition to do so. This administration, wasn’t fully functioning until April. There is no way, they could have met the deadline, put in place by the last administration, and the previous guy knew this. Please take care and stay safe. Don’t extend to much energy, on people that don’t make a genuine effort, at a reasonable exchange.

  3. “Since 2008, approximately 70,000 Afghans have been resettled in the US on an SIV .
    Last week, a senior state department official said that the total number of visa applicants now stands just over 20,000. About half have yet to complete the first steps of the process.” BBC NEWS 7-30-2021. Give the USA some credit and keep hoping and trying.

  4. Or we’re going to be clear on the fact that mainstream media considers that Americans are left stranded instead of the fact that this was done in a totally horrible way

  5. Why can’t you folks give us the complete Rachel Maddow Show vs a scrambled mix of out-of-sequence parts and pieces? It is always a hassle trying to locate her or any other COMPLETE show (Chris Hayes, Brian Williams, etc.) why not organize a bit for us?

    1. @Nick B at least Rachel has on actual scientists and doctors and experts and when telling any story she ALWAYS ask her guests to tell her if she got anything wrong or missed any important points. Try getting anyone on fox to do that.

    2. The YT algorithm rewards more frequent, smaller videos more than a single longer one. I think that is a large part of it.

  6. At some point no one was prepared for the Ending of the Game. Sorry, the War, as we’ll still be waiting for the best of happenings and of course not on the Case shared here.

  7. This made me cry too. I agree, both wonderful the hard work that marine put in to get his friend here but also ridiculous that he had to go to those lengths when Zaks family had been trying to get to America since 2016!

  8. Any chance that this and the following segment could be aired on Tiko ?
    I think it’s important proof that others care.
    You’re fabulous. And that’s coming from Sydney, Australia.

  9. What’s normal about this is that Americans are great. And so are most people around the world. It’s politics and money that stink and we are nothing but pawns in a rich man’s game.

    1. I’ve also said this as well the American People are Great it’s the American Government that is not as great as the people.

  10. Rachael, another incredible descriptive story of the plight these Afghan interpreters endure. Had it not been for your focus and platform on this story, they would be another flash-by news story. You are incredible. I too, was in tears and there were no onions in the room! Excellent job!

  11. Zak thank you for your service! I pray for you and all Afghans who sacrificed their lives!
    This forever war is not good for the American people or the Afghans!
    Can’t stop the inevitable! Civil war
    has been going on amongst these tribes for generations!
    God speed❣️🙏

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rachel look so tired and sad…maybe I’m projecting, but she looks and sounds like either she cried before doing this piece or is trying not to crack during doing it.

  13. Taliban: “We are not seeking retribution on those who collaborated with the occupation forces from the US.”
    Also Taliban: “We are on a manhunt for collaborators of the occupation forces.”

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