1. This is what a normal winter should be lol. Winters are harsh, mean and don’t take our feelings into account… winter is a bigot 🤷‍♂️

    1. So you’re accusing winter of being a white supremacist? I think the ladies on the view have mentioned how racist winter is. 😂

    1. Be so grateful!! I hear it is getting colder in the winters. Some places on fire, others drowning in snow. Roll tide~

  2. Just another normal winter like it’s
    been for a million years.
    Global Warming- duhhhh’?
    Mother Nature…you betcha. 😍

  3. As the politicians sleep comfortably in their high heated houses tell you to conserve energy. They want you to do your part so there’s more for them.

    1. @Leif C. you do realize that’s describing all politicians right? Both liberals and conservatives have high rates of poverty

  4. Love how they’re playing happy and cheerful holiday music in the background of people digging themselves out of a blanket of snow in the cold 😅

  5. I had lived nearly all my life in Florida then nearly three weeks ago, I moved to Ohio. It will be an interesting Winter experience for me. I hope not too overwhelming ❄

    1. @AvecPoésie When you lose control of your car it’s the same process as drifting, knowing how to drift will help you remain safe in snowy weather (don’t worry, you’ll be fine. If your car starts to lose control just let off the gas and remain calm)

  6. Stay warm and safe, folks! Help others do the same if ever presented with the opportunity. I can’t tell you how painfully miserable it would be to have to endure freezing weather and icy conditions without warm attire. Thank you for those who are able to, I know not everyone is really in a position to always help.

    1. @Vagari Incipiam Rothschild I mean you can always sit in the shade, can’t do much when you’re freezing to death

  7. Why does it always swing from one extreme to another. First they say “it’s the hottest summer in history” then they say “its going to be a harsh winter”. Inches of snow is normal in winter because it’s winter. We have a whole year to plan for it every single year.

    1. @D S. Yes the fake news media wants to scare us about everything… So I’m just going to put several masks on my face and try not to be so scared of everything. But then they will tell me I should be scared of not being scared.

    2. Fear = money. You seriously think the elites are legitimately afraid? I’ve heard from climate cultists that the rich are “uneducated” about still living near the ocean in super wealthy areas YET it’s the rich who are peddling the lies. Climate change is a neo-religion for atheists. There is simply no other explanation because it’s pretty obvious “nonbelief” doesn’t hold much weight in anyone’s personal lives.

    3. Sensationalized news being over dramatic. It’s winter, people. Be safe, and bring extra blankets and warm clothes in the car, watch for bad weather, and stay home if it looks nasty and you don’t need to go out. Fukn simple.

  8. They forgot to add that because of inflation heating costs are doubling this winter, that is unless there is a shortage of heating oil, which may drive up the price even further.

    1. Yeah I remember 3 winters ago I paid $297 for 150 gallons of fuel. That same 150 gallons is now $750. Almost unbelievable

  9. Don’t forget us here in Alaska (Anchorage and not just Anchorage), we’ve had two snow storms, 18 inches was the first, 20 inches was the second ✌️

  10. As someone who had lived in mn for the past 42 of 44 years…I am not even intimidated by feet of snow. Maybe if we got 5 feet at once and only because I’d have to shovel out of that mess. Otherwise, no big deal. All wheel drive plus snow tires makes driving in winter fun.

  11. Born and raised in SoCal, and I feel bad for my fellow Americans who live in these dangerous weather.
    Stay safe.

    1. It’s more fun when you have seasons…
      Born and raised in califorinia..don’t miss it a bit.

    2. I love the seasons. Fall is the best. Snow around the holidays is amazing. I live 20 miles north of NYC. The smell of fireplaces being used and the quiet after a good snowfall is sooo comforting.

  12. Driving in the snow gives me such anxiety. I’m not scared of my driving; rather, I’m scared of others wo experience.

  13. I hope the cities are opening up warm places for the homeless to go to during all this cold weather. I was homeless in the cold years ago and it was pure misery.

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