Americans fight to get home amid coronavirus lockdowns | USA TODAY 1

Americans fight to get home amid coronavirus lockdowns | USA TODAY


Stranded Americans share struggle to get home during coronavirus pandemic.
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These Americans were stranded abroad when the coronavirus pandemic suddenly shut borders. Many are still trying to get home.

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    1. @Mendy Kay Thank you for response. Unfortunately the present lifestyles we all lead is indicative to our own ignorance. We are losing our rights as we speak. Only good thing that I hope is that people will educate themselves Constitution Rights and what are virus,and why now. 😛

    2. @Boss Hog Zoomer I’m not on any political sides either. I don’t like how any of it is being handled. Common sense is very rare..

  1. It just shows how arrogant people can be. It was clear since january, that it is no advised to travel. You have to know the situation in the world before you travel. One president said something. Who cares? Don’t you have a common sense. I don’t feel sorry for these travelers.

    1. you can kinda see the mind set. Everything was still normal here until around mid March, seems ages ago now.

    2. @Agolf Tweetler There is no one country these days, thanks to globalization. When first heard news about virus in China i knew it will affect us, here in Europe and everywhere else. It was really foolish for those egoists to continue bying travel tickets and go somewhere thinking that it will not affect them. And in they same time by doing so they did not care about others by raising the chance to spread the virus.

    3. @Janis Bumanis Kinduva strawman. I’m just explaining the why & it doesn’t have anything to do with egoism. Not everyone watches & infers to the level your armchair allows.

  2. Travel companies and cruise ships were offering really cheap trips after they knew about the illnesses ~ They and their greed are to blame too…

  3. Why are they roaming when they are 65+ ?Everybody knew about the virus since Mid-February .

    1. I knew about it in December after Christmas when WHO issued a warning and Don Trump issued travel restriction recommendations the NEXT DAY on 12/31. I remember because MSMs told us what an idiot he was for doing that… uh huh!

  4. Anybody vacationing or taking a cruise in March was either severely misinformed or just plain didn’t care about public safety, including their own. Seriously, I can’t believe these levels of denial and ignorance.

  5. Travelling during pandemic… deserve this. “He was obviously lying when he said he got everything under control” .

    1. Why didn’t they listen to the travel address that he issued in late December? He even mentioned it in the state of the Union advisory. More idiots that want to blame others for their greed and stupidity.

    2. abhishek veram Some people were studying abroad. Not everyone who is stranded was traveling.

  6. If American citizens are in other countries, then stay there until this is over. If you did not need to be home when this started, then you sure as hell don’t need to be here now. Stay where you are at as you may have the virus and bring back to the US with you, so stay put where you are!

    1. Godzilla I’m staying in Japan. I feel no need to move from where I am despite the US embassy in Tokyo repeatedly asking us to come back to America. Detroit is hit hard. I don’t feel safe going home either.

  7. Shut up with your excuses! You knew there was a pandemic as of the beginning of feb so suck it up!

  8. I’m an American living in Europe and the US government urged me to come back. Why!? It’s terrible there

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