Americans Look For Silver Lining In George Floyd’s Death, But Why Do So Many Have To Die? | MSNBC


    1. @Bad Bird You are too stupid to insult. You can’t disprove God because 2 species can create life. I don’t need to defend God either because he wouldn’t be real ifi had to. Guarantee you don’t go to a church or have any moral compass. God says he blinded people like you. Mainly so you will search for him. Which book in the bible written over 5000 years lied? Which proficy hasn’t come about out of every single one of them?? Not single one is the answer. And the others haven’t happened yet. But Israel is a nation again. I don’t care if you know. I would like to cut down on godless people. Especially no more non Christian non white immigration. Sick you are and you know it but you keep on with your atheist views trying to have prayer taken out of public schools and homosexuality taught in it’s place. Yer dad loses in the end my friend.

  1. Dedicated to Humanity – In this time of fool’s gold, Coronavirus and protest, many of us are stressed. Fear and anger are common. As are social isolation and pain. There are no easy cures.
    This time has also provided us an opportunity to reflect on difficult change, and
    imagine a new way forward. Here is my tribute to George Floyd, and my attempt
    to spread a little light. “Lean on Me”, Bill Withers.
    Please share.

    1. @sofakings2pid William isn’t even an American, why would he tell the truth about anything when he’s a pathetic loser who comes to a foreign countries news channels YouTube page to copy and paste the same BS daily?

    2. @Larry Garland except he wasn’t, he just moved there to start a new life. Jeez you cult45 members are dumb…😂😂😂😂😂

    3. @Some Person Report him every time you see him posting his link , that’s what I do if we all do that every time we see his spam YouTube will shut him down.

    4. @allabout perspective I do report them, but YouTube wants comments to make videos seem more popular. They won’t get rid of him sadly. First up corrupt cops, next up the ruling class and their desire for division to keep us all complacent…

    1. @Larry Garland Learn History during the civil rights in the 60s Repulicans and Southern Democrats switched sides because Kennedy and LBJ were Democrats for equel rights and so the southern democrats swiched! Back then Nixon was more liberal than say Clinton…Nixon expanded welfare and the food stamp program and Clinton cut a lot of the welfare back!

    2. MrPurpleHoops – You didn’t do any of those things did you? Why apologize? I know I didn’t!

    3. @Larry Garland yes, because everyone but Trump and the Republicans are wrong. And your arguments are not flawed at all.

    4. @Larry Garland All us Democrats are asking for is an America where we can feel safe, profit and treat our fellow human beings with kindness, dignity and respect. But I guess that’s childish so MAGA MAGA MAGA KAG KAG KAG

  2. The silver will shine through when Trump leaves the White House in January 2021 or sooner!

    1. Trump will definitely be re-elected and Democracts will still support LGBTQ. 👀

    2. Why? What did he have to to with this? Minneapolis an extremely liberal city for decades run by Democrats, responsible for the police, its hiring, firing and training. But you somehow think he or Republicans are to blame who can’t be found anywhere near that situation.

    3. Yeah! Democrats who’ve run these inner cities into the ground should now try the whole country.😂🤣

  3. I respect the dream of touching the world and I want to scream at the injustice that it took his life and 8:46 minutes to do it!

  4. God takes the foolish things to confound the rich, powerful and wise. This is one of those occasions.

  5. The Black Church doesn’t have the answer.

    “Arrest the chief of police, district atty, and medical examiners office for THE COVER UP of Chauvin’s Murder.”
    This is the answer.
    Do it now. Simple.

  6. So these pandering democrats that been in congress and the senate for 40 years making laws that have hurt the black communities all of sudden now blame Trump and Trump supporters.

  7. The Silver lining is representation of our new Public Defenders Office of 10 yr. Generational Time Line Birthdate Profit Share, and LLC, MCC, ALC new Journeymans Dream Sheets Time Share…all we all gotta do is represent, a ‘Big Blue Marble’, ” My Brothers & Sisters Keepers ” new pen pal Community Action Co – op driven ‘ Common Goal Safety Incentive ‘ plan, incorperated with other cultural My Brothers Keeper & My Sisters Keeper affiliates. If it be Gods will on 2nd Chronicles 7:14 amen.

  8. As Human Beings, we are outraged when we see the murders and abuses of black men, and women, committed by law enforcement officers. What’s not understood is how anyone can see, or hear of, these same murders and abuses, and be completely unaffected. The reason why they can is because, just like the offenders, they don’t see anything wrong with their actions or behaviors. And, of course, they don’t because they are thinking with the very same mindset. It’s like the all white, all male jury that acquitted Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam, the murderers of Emmett Till. Their rationale was the fact that this young black boy had supposedly dared to accost a white woman; and that, by doing so, he deserved to be beaten to death. This is the very same warped mindset that still dominates the thinking processes of your average racist, today. You have to remember that today’s generations of racists were raised by parents, and grandparents, who have passed their ignorance and racist views on to them. I would opine that these people are NOT Human Beings; NOT the divine Children of Genesis I, but are, instead, offspring of the parentless creature, made from dirt, of Genesis II; the “thing” that was made AFTER the work of Creation was FINISHED; the creature that was NOT blessed, or said to be “good” by God. To me, this is VERY relevant. Can we, then, expect these people to think, and act, as Human Beings? When they are really nothing more than Neanderthal creatures wearing people suits? Creatures still thinking and acting  with a limbic system brain mentality?

    1. Any person with humanity doesn’t just get outraged when a black person is killed by police they are outraged when any person is killed by police, all you have done is show the only racist here is you.

    NOT correct for now .. Just let us waith..
    Maya Angelou.
    OUR Wrtter
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  10. It is unfortunate that US does not only have a lunatic as president , it also have killer robots as well …..

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