America's Changing: Census reports greater diversity than ever before | Just the FAQs 1

America’s Changing: Census reports greater diversity than ever before | Just the FAQs


The 2020 census marks the first time in American history that the white population has seen a decline. Here's what it means for the future. RELATED:

The U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday released its latest round of information from the 2020 Census. The data shows changes to the demographic makeup of the country over the past decade, which states will now use to decide congressional redistricting procedures. The results are a snapshot of everyone living in the U.S. on April 1, 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the Census Bureau's ability to collect and process data, which could potentially have led to an under count in the data. Activists also point to former President Donald Trump's attempt to include a citizenship question in the Census as a potential driver of decreased response rates from communities of color.

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  1. Reminder: The United States is roughly 61% Caucasian and 39% People Of Color, there are 7 states where there are more People Of Color then Caucasians living in it (including Texas), and there are another 8 states where at least 40% of their population is People Of Color, so of course Republicans and Conservatives like Tucker Carlson and his audience are scared of the shift in demographics of the upcoming generation here voting against them, which I’m ok with!

  2. Those census people will write down whatever they want to cuz I had to correct the lady because she tried to put what she wanted to put down and it’s always white people doing the census why is that

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