America’s Role In The World’s Worst Crisis with Shireen Al-Adeimi | Why Is This Happening- Ep 19

America’s Role In The World’s Worst Crisis with Shireen Al-Adeimi | Why Is This Happening- Ep 19 1


The people of Yemen are experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet, according to the United Nations. They are devastated by a war that the United States supports. Why is the U.S. involved in a conflict that has left an estimated tens of thousands dead and millions more displaced? Why is the U.S. providing weapons to a coalition that launched an airstrike killing dozens of children? How did Yemen get to this point? Shireen Al-Adeimi has the answers for us, having worked tireless to raise awareness of the civil war in the country she calls home.
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America’s Role In The World’s Worst Crisis with Shireen Al-Adeimi | Why Is This Happening- Ep 19 | MSNBC

8 Comments on "America’s Role In The World’s Worst Crisis with Shireen Al-Adeimi | Why Is This Happening- Ep 19"

  1. To even use the phrase Americans anymore as if we are a United Nation is pretty crazy. We’ve always had issues,. but this joke of a presidency, the administration and especially the supporters have created a division of the worst kind in this country. It’s a difficult position for the good honorable and integral people in America to love their own country when it’s being destroyed internally by the narcesistic sociopathic apathetic heartless mentalities that are now predominant in controlling the issues your talking about as well as the issues they trigger in America. There is a war in the world today and you have 2 distinct and extremely different mentalities at war. You have the narcesistic sociopathic apathetic heartless mentalities vs the empathetic humanitarian honorable and integral mentalities. The worst part is, it’s been predicted that the narcesistic sociopathic will become predominant in the world and bring us into a time like we’ve never seen. You can believe that or not, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s happening. But I assure you that America is not a United Nation on the things that our government is doing here,or anywhere.

    • “With the tools of democracy, democracy was murdered and lawlessness made “legal.” Raw power ruled, and its only real goal was to destroy all other powers besides itself.”

  2. She's my President | October 20, 2019 at 4:54 PM | Reply

    *MSNBCannibals hate THE USA and it is time for MSNBCoverUp news to pay up for their Mass Consumer Fraud against the People of the USA!!!!!!!!!*

  3. so many reporters in the world , but so much of the same news. yes its strange people dont know about this ! im from europa and see trump standing in the spotlight ( like a deer looking in the headlights ) already running for his next period ! but i dont know what other people who are running for next precident , because that dude is in the light all the time! can any one stop him getting in this the news all the time, he should go run for pension reading the morning paper in a nursing home

  4. What is the worst thing the U.S. is doing … pick one … interfering in over 80 nations democratic elections since WW2 , installing brutal dictators when it suits corporate americas needs, destabilizing entier regions of the planet, actively drone bombing 7 nations, supplying weapons to known terrorists groups, letting your own leaders off with what would be considered a war crime if committed by any other nation, lying to your own people to win public support for going to war, … and constant fear mongering , bought Politicians , bought elections and a 4th estate that’s taken a pass on telling the truth in order to sell more advertisements … I’ll stop there.

  5. Yes the “US” is responsible… even if it’s not a United nation…, it’s US tax payer $ buying the bombs

  6. Alan Mešanović | October 21, 2019 at 5:30 AM | Reply

    Great interview! And America needs more Americans like you, Chris!

    I AM, *A*.

  7. No more videos here? Why???

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