Amid COVID-19 Surge, U.S. Stuck With ‘Same Horrible Choice’ As In Start Of Pandemic | All In | MSNBC

Amid COVID-19 Surge, U.S. Stuck With ‘Same Horrible Choice’ As In Start Of Pandemic | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. It’s a WWI battlefield, under British command… where stuff like gas and machinegun fire wasn’t fully understood or trained to counter.

    2. @Ian Dalziel Obama was the coward letting innocent Americans be murdered in Benghazi Libya Obama and Hillary should be in prison right now.

    3. @Gary VanDecar Your Cheeto Jeezus promised to take care of that, right??? Oh, has Mexico payed for that nonexistent wall yet ;0)

    1. Exactly, he canceled his golf trip for some statues, but not for the human lives who are enduring many crisis in multiple ways.

    1. The world is more than happy to chip in to pay for that wall! An English/Australian comedian did a “bricking it for Canada” campaign when trump was first elected & the website malfunctioned after receiving 999,999,999,999 brick pledges (needed something like 50 million bricks for the wall he’d calculated

    2. Who won’t be allowed to fly to the EU. Russia, Turkey and the USA. Great company we’re in, no?

    1. too late. Orban, Erdogan, Putin, Johnson, the virus is in various strains already here. Now it counts to fight it and take power away from it through keeping a calm head and using facts against the liars in chief.

    2. Please don’t re-open your borders! In Europe you had it before America, so you didn’t get to see the impact of their spread. We saw it full on in Australia! Our lockdown & still ongoing fight to contain this virus is a direct result of not closing our borders to America early enough! We delayed 2 weeks after our first case from them! That’s all it took! A huge amount of the world owes their virus to America! They don’t just import it, but they’re uneducated idiots when it comes to this virus! They don’t take it seriously & so they are MUCH harder to contain the virus from than visitors from any other country in the world is!

      They rant about nothing but masks (now, previously it was “you can’t contact trace me”). They don’t know the first thing about how it actually spreads & what’s needed to keep people safe from it.
      Right from day 1 they were completely & utterly ignorant on EVERYTHING about it! ALL of them, not just one side of politics.
      Typical Americans, they think they know everything, despite knowing nothing, so they are unteachable

    3. The EU may they please join together and put a travel band on trump every where he goes the virus follows him and death . my God bless Europe and keep you safe . we American’s are really doomed here the pain and suffering here is heart breaking . so many are dying here and trump has no concern for human life he is more concerned saving kkk statues he worships false idols . isn’t that one of the ten commandments

    4. Captain Zhariff 100% agree! Trying to communicate with these people seems to be a lost cause. Stay healthy & safe!

    1. That’s been going on for a very long time. Mainstream America is just now getting a taste of it since they know their tricks dont work on us. And from the looks of it, it’s not working on you either.

    1. @Gary VanDecar Hey, how about Arizona, Texas and Florida. Three states with Republican governors and their Covid 19 cases are rising every day. What do the Democrats have to do with that?

    1. what’s even worse is so many, many people who see what’s going on – the death toll now more that 125,000 – and has yet to raise a finger to put a stop to this and take charge..far too many people in positions where they CaN do something, but have yet to do, no: this is about something we’re not being told..this virus was a starting point; what the end game is is anyone’s guess……..

    2. @Danny Hill sigh Danny… most of those 125,000 were old people and those in bad health and the top 5 states with the most cases are California New York New Jersey Illinois and Massachusetts all controlled by Democrats… what are the Democrats doing wrong? 🙂

    3. @Martha Spyhalsky Here in OR they ran 270,000 tests, found 7,800 infected most with few/no symptoms. 220 “died” with Covid…but most were 80+.. age related causes. Media keeps it going for $

    1. As an Australian there is so much I admire about America. I have never laughed at America since Trump took office, I have had a pit in my stomach for the last 3 and a half years. The world has lived through this nightmare with you, we will celebrate with you when this is over.

    2. Gary VanDecar 12,469 people died TOTAL in the USA, not all of them were children as you state. So far at least 127,000 people have died from COVID-19, out of 2.5 million known infections.
      I’m not good on Math, is 12,469 (H1N1) more than a rapidly increasing 127,000 (COVID-19)? In which case, I guess you’re right -> Obama = Bad.

    3. We are not laughing at you The America people. We pity you and feel your pain. But laugh at your clown of a president who is a socialpath and is letting you die so he doesn’t look bad .
      He reminds me of John Wayne gacey the laughing murdering clown 🤡.

      Stay strong America our prayers are with you 🙏🌺

    4. Gary VanDecar that’s it , just do what trump does and blame Obama . So he doesn’t have to face reality and see how his stupidity has killed so many of your people.

    5. @@Susan Brygger agree you with that fully and my country is feeling for USA those day.
      Only laughing of this moron of a president. Please vote blue 3 November.
      👉🤡👈🤏🧠 by by from 🇧🇻✌🤞

    1. @stop Look how other countries have it under control, it’s only still rampant in the US. Ignorance is NOT your friend.

    2. @Debra Jones this is the saddest & truest thing said. darwin doesn’t care, i.e. nature doesn’t care. if we aren’t sensible, we are screwed. the cool thing is that other nations have led. we know what we have to do…just gotta do it. plz be safe, friend!

    3. he’s registered no emotion and even less surprise – and has set up one scenario after the other – the latest being rallies – that put people in harm’s way, while laying out a scenario to take NO responsibility..too deliberate and too calculated, with NO show of emotion, for this to be a question of poor leadership..poor doesn’t cover 125,000 deaths: this is about something else – something coming down the line that’ll take us all by surprise; by then, it’ll be too late to do anything..way too methodical – and above board………

  1. “Leadership: Whatever happens, you’re responsible. If it doesn’t happen, you’re responsible.”
    ― The Donald @ Twitter, November 2013

    1. @Nancy Davieau What accomplishments? He saddled us with trillions of dollars of debt. Gave the tax breaks to the rich and wealthy corporations. Did NOTHING to help States with managing the pandemic. He said they were on their own. He’s a piece a crap and deserves jail.

    2. @Nancy Davieau Great tax break, $12 a week more in the paycheck, but no refund, instead a $2000 tax bill. MAGA. Make America Give Again.

  2. Oh Chris, Im a french woman living in Europe and I feel your outrage, it made me emotional to hear you, you have ALL the right to be OUTRAGED. That was great journalism, I hope this gets better soon, STAY SAFE, everyone.

    1. We are in a night mare that we can’t wake up from . please Europe band trump from your country he brings death every where he goes.

  3. I love how the politicians spoke about the future as if it would be fact. Really Mr. Texas? More people will die in NYC in one day than the total amount dead in Texas?! How’s that working out now? Tough talk before the virus made its way west.

  4. Virus . . . what virus, Trump doesn’t know the meaning of the word virus, for a start it has 2 syllables !!!

  5. You have just flushed $3 Trillion down the toilet, nothing had been achieved, you are back where you started 👍

  6. Other countries don’t have a Moron leading them, you elect a man who’s been Bankrupt genius

    1. And if you don’t have enough testing capacity, you jump to step 2 & 3 with all suspected cases! Have a look at New Zealand’s numbers. 1/4 of their cases were never even confirmed, just “suspected cases” that they just treated as covid & therefore traced & isolated all contacts as if they were positive, getting all contacts into isolation before they became infectious.

      There is NO excuse for not doing this!

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