Amid Pressure To Act, McCarthy Meets With Rep. Greene | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Amid Pressure To Act, McCarthy Meets With Rep. Greene | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. I’m a Conservative. I’ll vote for whoever I have most in common with. You and I have nothing in common.🇺🇸

  1. Anyone want to take a bet. They didn’t say anything the last 4 years with Trump why would we believe they’ll do anything!

  2. trump Was hoping to make this greene evil his vice president in 2020 something,speech me.😅😂😭

  3. It’s funny how the people going “she was voted in, deal with it!” about Greene are the same ones whining about AOC, Omar, Pressley and Tlaib.

    1. @Engage360 Gee. I’ve never heard a peer reviewed paper entitled anything like “X is a scam. @/scam @/truth @/wakeup @/yeahimgonnafuckingpostit. @t” What journal did it appear in?

    1. @kare more No thanks. I like real women to ones like you that suffer from pp envy… I don’t know what any man would want to be with a woman like you? Would you happen to be single?…😂

    2. @kare more Gun ownership in my nice Republican town of 150,000 people is around 90%. We have about 1 shooting every three years. What are the stats in your democrat town?

    3. Why would any man choose a man hating feminist when he could choose a woman who likes men?… Seems like a no brainer to me…

    1. @Don Divelbiss I doubt the Georgians that elected her to represent them are any different from her. They’re a brunch of 😵🤕❗

    2. I think the Republican’s are afraid of Marjorie…..which is so funny, they are always afraid of people they would not socialize with nor invite to dinner…..

    1. @Bill Robbins People say this about the democrats. Its all theater. Democrats think they are the majority and Republicans think they are the majority. So far as a independent the centrist have swung to the republicans and democrats cheat a lot. When republicans cheat it sporadic and rare. Look at GOP vs DNC. Bernie kept getting it rigged against him while Trump won even with all the establishment career republican hate against him.

    1. No she is showing just the kind of people in north Georgia are. You know the ones who got cheated out of their vote. Those hills have eyes.

  4. Little Marco is double like Lindsey impeach them and clown and his cronies for all the criminal activities ASAP justice matters

  5. The GOP hypocrisy is becoming to big for themselves to handle: they know that Green is speaking their mind but they don’t to accept the fact that they are exposed. Now the courageous Liz Cheney is even making their game very difficult.

  6. She shouldn’t be there at all ! How many employers out there would tolerate an employee who wants to have their fellow employees murdered. Expel her

  7. “she doesn’t represent the party. I don’t want her as the face of our party.” LMFAO, the GOP has someone worse as ‘the face’ of the GOP party. Donald Trump.

  8. McCarthy lacks leadership skills. He won’t remove MTG unless his cult leader Trump gives him the go ahead.

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