Amid Sex Crime Probe, Rep. Gaetz Mulled Quitting For Newsmax

New reports reveal Congressman Matt Gaetz explored retiring from Congress on the very day the federal sex crimes probe involving him broke in the news, a contrast from his recent public posture vowing not to resign in the wake of the investigation. Gaetz also approached far-right TV network Newsmax for a job, though Axios reports he was rejected. MSNBC's Ari Melber discusses the new revelations and their significance.
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Kay it does …..this isn’t common people ……they’re the only ones who get put in jail quickly.

    2. @Jasmany Foch both will be held accountable ……this isn’t bill barrs department of injustice.

    3. @Æonatia nope ……nor will those responsible for helping orchestrate the riots…..Fred Flintstone has left ……and gone back to bedrock……there’s a new sheriff in town.

    4. I hope he resigns that would be a blessing to the House of Representatives!!!!! Wow, even newsmax doesn’t want him!!!! Yeah the truth, really from Sean spicer, only alternative facts!!!!!

  1. Even the lowly conspiracy channel Newmax said “No Thanks!” You have to be really bad for right wing conspiracy channels to say no.

  2. Newsmax reporter: “I’ll believe Matt Gaetz before I believe the FBI…” – That’s all you need to know about Right-Wing Media…

    1. @Ignacio Couce and? They don’t use them to block people voting.
      Check the population turn-out at elections etc.
      Also,they accept id cards,driving licence,passport…any officially photographed item.

    2. @patrick connor Why are Marxists and their squishy “fellow travelers” in the Democratic Party suddenly so enamored with the FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, etcetera?

      When we were young men, the radical mantra was “Question Authority!” I didn’t realize they were really saying “Question Authority until we’re the authority, then all questioning will be verboten on pain of being cancelled from society.”

      I guess the truth wasn’t as catchy a slogan for the sheep to chant.

    3. @patrick connor In your estimation Fox is biased propaganda, but MSNBC is fact-based reporting untainted by political biases. 😜😂

      You’re delusional is strong. You have no business presuming to remove the splitter from someone else’s eye, while a telephone pole sticks out of yours.

    4. @patrick connor Your right! The Europeans don’t use voter ID to block anyone from voting. They use it to verify you are a legal voter.

      The voter suppression narrative the Democrats have jumped on doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. If it’s as prevalent a problem as Democrats would like you to imagine it is, where are the disenfranchised voters? Notice that none of your favorite “news” mouthpieces for the Democratic Party have never interviewed anyone legally entitled to vote, who wanted to vote, but was denied the ability to do so.

  3. As if Newsmax could possibly have any less a reputation for truth. Gaetz would substantially lower a very low bar.

    1. Newsmax can never get sewed because their defense is: “it is completely evident than none should take us seriously”

  4. Another question: when did the investigation into Matt Gaetz begin? Under the djt administration by the BILL BARR DOJ in 2019.
    WHO refused to be in a room with Matt Gaetz? Who refused to attend meetings with Matt Gaetz? Who refused to be photographed with Matt Gaetz?
    The answer to all three of those questions is: BILL BARR WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU?

    1. OMG-I never knew that part about him being shunned by Barr…
      I guess that one person in that orbit had some remnant of a moral or scruple left

  5. Gaetz would fit in well at Newsmax. I doubt they’d let him do his show in an orange jumper, however.

  6. Because that’s what about innocent person does: quit your ” career” to do something entirely different when you are falsely accused. Right.

    1. I thought he was still dressing as the Easter Bunny and repeatedly feuding with dippin’ dots on Twitter and I’m disappointed to see he’s fallen to the level of Newsmax host.

    1. @William Bowers Why don’t you go wear skinny jeans, color your hair like a rainbow, kiss your boyfriends, loot and burn??? *LSR*

    2. @Grindcore Supremacist I sound like a white boy to you…😳 When you get through feeling on your sister… Think about it 🤭

    1. @Harold Moore oh good. When the CCP steals ur identity, then u’ll glow with self-pride. 🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Harold Moore Why? 😂😂😂😂
      U r obviously still living n ur parents basement snorting ur brains out.

    1. I guess it’s funny to all of us but I do hope his victims don’t end-up with lifelong psychological trauma.

  7. He even looks toxic … I feel sad for the women he was involved with , that poison never goes away…

    1. Do you think MSNBC was going to find the most flattering pictures for this story? No, lol.

    2. @Andrew Creech it’s not just about the picture , it’s about the sense of well yuckies that comes from a predictor that maybe only someone who’s been preyed apron can see…

  8. Funny, he’s going cross country collecting money from donors even when he’s looking for new work. Another Republican collecting money to pay their lawyers.

    1. He better not get “accidently” burn and only have a fifty-cent piece in his pocket,asking you too choose heads or tails, 🤣.

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