Amy Klobuchar: I'm A Proven Progressive | MSNBC 1

Amy Klobuchar: I’m A Proven Progressive | MSNBC


When asked by Hardball’s Chris Matthews where she stands between the left and the center left of the Democratic Party, Senator and Presidential Candidate Amy Klobuchar says she considers herself a proven progressive “because I’ve gotten things done.”
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Amy Klobuchar: I'm A Proven Progressive | MSNBC


  1. She so ripped off Warrens look, how dare she!
    JK, but we should just release the nano machines that turns us all super human and make healthcare irreverent all together…
    Except, the voice inside my head that tell me to put grass in my pockets, also says we should keep mental health professionals around.

    1. @Cool Hand Mark coming from a black man who’s a lefty, Obama and Biden were and are corporate pawns.

  2. GTFO!!! Get outta the race CloutBootJar!!! She sounds like she is literally whining!! She keeps using Republican talking points! She is a Republican-Lite not a Democrat, yes half of America will loose their insurance but will gain full coverage which means Coverage on Medical, Dental and Vision… yes taxes will go up but you won’t pay out of pocket Co-Pay and deductibles or medications on top of what you pay for healthcare monthly…. why do these Corporate Democrats keep going against what the people want? Hmmm ohh i see Corporate money buys what way you vote and what way you think.

  3. Klobuchar is a proven progressive. haha Funniest joke I’ve heard all night. I wonder if her poor staffers agree with her.

    1. If a candidate could win the presidency by hurling binders at the opponents and constituents, Klobuchar would be the woman for the job.

      Sadly for her, that’s not the parallel universe we live in.

    2. Have you looked at the bills she has gotten passed? Obviously not, if you are questioning her progressive bonafides.

  4. People don’t care about their insurance company, they care about their doctor. As long as the bill gets paid why would they care who pays it.

  5. So … “we emphatically promise cheaper health care to win votes, but if, once in office, we find that it means more taxes for the rich and less profit for health insurance corporations, we will say ‘oh well’ and leave it as it stands” …

  6. Klobuchar is very much like a “Murphy Brown” or a “Anna Wintour.” To argue on every minuscule detail is discriminatory because that is being petty. Klobuchar claims she gets things done. Anna Wintour is tough and gets things done. What’s not to like about that? Klobuchar was frank on taxes. Love it. Go Amy Klobuchar! I don’t agree on Klobuchar that China is a threat. Putin Russia is the threat. A way to a man’s heart is his stomach. A way to China is with money and trade. To build wealth grabs China’s attention. Hello, Daiso and 99 cents store?! Hello?! That’s not a threat, that’s making an economic trade deal. Whereas with Putin Russia, money is covered with blood. Putin Russia is about power. No 99 cents store is worth the blood money.

  7. Super hopeful to look through the comments and to see that people recognize Amy K is anything but progressive, Keep fighting for change progressive nation!

  8. In England, when I used to live there, the medicine was “free”, but you could only choose a doctor who lived in your District. Makes sense in some ways, but if you wanted a really excellent doc. who lived outside, you were out of luck. In Canada you can choose any doctor you want. For free. In the US you can just . . . die.

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