1. Lol, How many “conspiracy theories” have come to be fact in the last 2 years?There wouldn’t be conspiracy theories if the media asked real questions and did actual journalism.

    1. @M Magnificat I appreciate your educated response on what drives the conspiracy theories. I am not an American but I can assure you other countries have either buried or destroyed documents for the purpose of not making it public knowledge. Was it the right thing to do depends. There would be many examples of classified documents that should never be unclassified. Military is the first that comes to mind. The SR71 Black Bird alone would have enough documents to fill acres of buildings. Nixon had mentioned after Watergate that allowing himself to hate was his nemesis. Because when you fill yourself with hate you become paranoid. Paranoia with the help of the internet can turn someone into a hard core conspiracy theorists that truly believes everything is a conspiracy. I represented myself years ago as a self represented litigant and won. The trick was to look at the issue like a third person would. This removes emotion from the equation and only leaves facts.

    2. If you listened to cnn you would assume most Americans unconditionally support schools helping transition your 10 year old into the opposite sex behind your back. The msm is nothing but subversives.

  2. I’ve noticed that media plateforms are designed so that if you watch, look at or like pretty much anything, the next thing you know you’re flooded with the same or similiar types of themes. Going down the rabbit hole is just too easy and getting lost or stuck in a web of false, misleading, hateful or a little bit of truth mixed in with a great big lie can happen quickly. Especially if it reinforces your world view. Yes, family and friends have been alienated on both sides. Once that isolation begins or is so complete, some will stand that ground to their dying breath before admitting that they were wrong, sometimes about anything. Pride or insecurity runs deep. Those who stand on the plateform of righteous indignation or holier-than-thou ism, have not only an innate sense of justification for their cause at whatever the cost. But are also encouraged from the pulpit to do so. Yet when situations like the Jan 6 insurrection and what is being discussed here, a blind eye is turned, a justification accepted or a conspiracy theory is the bandaid needed to continue the course. Even when we all see the dangerous path we’re on.

    1. @Rodney Short Nice strategic omission of the actual key facts relating to his mental instability and obsession with the Big Lie, Trumpism, and QAnon + side of anti-Semitism for good measure.

      Plus, citations of long-debunked fake news.

      Who you frickin trying to kid here, MAGAboy? You don’t really think its ‘unacceptable.’

    2. @kweassa if I can speak for R.A. I think he ment to say he does still pay attention to CNN (in contempt). I assume he gets other info out of the hive mind and weights the info. I think you’ll find this is becoming another subway sandwich in a polar vortex if you know what I mean.

  3. If voting is not the answer, what exactly are you calling for? When you don’t like what your elected officials are doing, you vote them out. That is how a democracy works.

    1. Not when your a Saul Alinsky worshiping American hating Dem. If you can’t win at the ballot box you go to court or steal the election.

    2. @Obverse Singularity
      The corporate beast system and all of lucifers kids prove Christ is real instantly proving you’re a dimestore sellout
      In your case
      Jo great great great great great grandmamma was swinging from a vine in the jungle when she got porked by an ape
      Thats why you hang upside down off the ceiling fan when you scratch the pimples on yourayenus

    3. @Gangster 404 bro. Read the constitution..
      It’s called check and balance.
      When George Bush and Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote the supreme courts decided the election…
      You completely trd muppet

    4. @Cesspool Junkie I’m going to use that last comment as lyrics in song..
      If it’s a hit, I’ll pay you to go on your and rant your crazy for my profit..

  4. Yes, of course not. Remember: “never let a crisis go to waste.” May Mr Pelosi have a speedy recovery. God bless him and his family.

    1. @Zennbubba It is now accepted that what are (inaccurately) called ”conservatives” today are the most gullible group this nation has ever produced. They will believe anything – proof is not required. All they need is one whispered bit of gossip and they repeat it as if it’s the Sermon on the mount.

      In fact there is no bullsh1t story too far out for them to believe. Just look -Quackanon, birtherism, pizzagate, cemtrails, stolen elections. Of course networks like Fox LOVE this audience. Why? If you can be talked into wack job conspiracies, you can be talked into buying cr@p advertised on Fox commercials

    1. Rick Scott thinks the attack on Pelosi’s husband is “disgusting” because it was against the family of a Congressman. Yet his party excuses these attacks made by his party’s zealots against the American people.

      Donnie’s DARK MAGA Death Toll:
      22 dead & 24 wounded – Patrick Crusius – MAGA El Paso, TX Walmart shooter.
      17 dead – Nikolas Cruz – MAGA Parkland, FL school shooter.
      11 dead – Robert Bowers – MAGA Pittsburgh, PA synagogue shooter.
      10 dead – Payton S. Gendron – MAGA Buffalo, NY grocery store shooter.
      10 dead – Dimitrios Pagourtzis – MAGA Santa Fe, TX school shooter.
      9 dead – Dylann Roof – MAGA Charleston, SC church shooter.
      7 dead & 24 wounded – MAGA Robert E. Crimo III, Chicago 4th of July shooter.
      6 dead – Alex Bissonnette – MAGA Quebec Mosque shooter.
      3 dead & 16 wounded – Santino William Legan – MAGA Gilroy festival shooter.
      1 dead & many injured – Alex Fields – MAGA vehicular homicide Charlottesville, NC.
      1 dead & 3 wounded – John Earnest – MAGA synagogue shooter.

    2. @Real Aiglon Wrong answer. No one should ever tell you who to vote for. Candidates should tell you who they are and what they stand for. When candidates start telling you to vote for them because the other guy/gal is way worse, there’s a problem.

      And journalists are all biased these days, both sides. And it is NOT their job to tell you who to vote for, and when they do, turn them off. Learn to research candidates on your own, understand why you would or would not vote for someone. To me, it boils down to a couple of major issues; do you feel government can run your life better than you can? If yes, then Democrats believe that as well, so be ready for larger government which casts more of our money to do it. If you believe government should be smaller, less regulations and focus on our safety and security, then Republicans (usually) believe that as well. But I will say that both parties are reckless in spending our money and taking care of their friends and donors.

      Think for yourself and vote for what you think will improve our lives, don’t vote for the ‘least worst’.

    3. @Liberals haveitallbackwards – The GOP is a party of one. The cornerstone of Trumpism is the belief that Trump is an everyman, outsider, underdog, and a reform candidate when in reality he’s none of those. You can’t inherit 400 million from your parent’s estate and still claim to be an underdog, outsider, or a regular working-class Joe.

      Trump has gotten by to this point because his vulgarity, ignorance, lack of class, and bigotry are seen by his supporters as being genuine, folksy or that somehow these attributes are some PERVERTED form of values instead of vices! Trump appeals to his followers by saying they are the victims of a liberal conspiracy and he panders to their insecurities, ignorance, superstition, irresponsibility, bigotry, egotism, and feelings of being powerless.

      This conspiracy theory reasons that Occam’s razor couldn’t possibly be true because it’s too simple. Instead, a person’s failures are the result of jealousy, envy, coveting, or hatred and that person is the victim of some huge conspiracy beyond their control. These are the self-indulgent patterns of thinking to defend a person’s ego by portraying themselves as victims of forces beyond their control. They reason their feelings of victimhood absolve them or any responsibility for their fate and give them justification to discard our social mores and emote without consequence because they are somehow defending themselves or evening the score by linking unrelated events.

      This type of reasoning is at the core of Trumpism and is nothing more than social, cultural, and political revanchism which seeks to rewrite history to return to a magical fictional period of time and give a central role to a demagogue who played no part in defining the present. However, this preoccupation with “getting even” for the past is no way to prepare for the future. Trump’s failures, mistakes, and misdeeds are NOT the fault of another race, sex, ethnic group, religion, or economic class. Donald Trump is NOT a lifelong victim and all of his misdeeds are NOT justified or done to counter his enemies’ wrongdoings.

      Trump has lived a life of unaccountability, irresponsibility, privilege, and excess. He’s been surrounded by sycophants all his life that have insulated him from the effects of his words and actions. He is not a genius or the product of hard work instead he’s a charlatan and a grifter. Since nobody has ever challenged his words or actions they are fundamentally divorced from reality and he believes the world yields to his will alone.

      EVERY autocracy and dictatorship reduces the country and its population to one individual and their family and that’s EXACTLY what’s going on with Trump and it’s called a Cult Of Personality. Trump is not the USA and the USA is not Trump. The USA existed before TRUMP was born and will be around long after he’s gone.

      The people of the USA do not exist to serve the Trump family. Trump’s inability to separate HIS interests from that of the USA is the product of malignant narcissism and megalomania. Because HIS family’s interests are NOT the same as those of the American People. It’s NOT patriotic to unconditionally support Trump, it’s IDOLATRY.

      It’s NOT unpatriotic, treason, disloyal, or un-American to hate what Trump stands for. To hate what Trump stands for DOESN’T mean someone is Anti-capitalist, Socialist, Communist, Jihadist, Globalist, or whatever other prepackaged hysteria that Faux News is selling. Instead Faux News rhetoric is a cynical whitewash meant to hide his MANY failings as a human being from the American People. It’s your choice if you follow Trump into dictatorship, slavery, civil war, and genocide. Because it won’t be for your benefit it will be for his.

  5. Liars secretly hoard hatred;
    fools openly spread slander.
    The more talk, the less truth;
    the wise measure their words.
    The speech of a good person is worth waiting for;
    the blabber of the wicked is worthless.
    The talk of a good person is rich fare for many,
    but chatterboxes die of an empty heart.

    1. And nobody cares as uncle joes new graphene oxide chemtrail soup covers the sky.
      Time to die, sunshine
      All democrats serve the Antichrist
      After record breaking democratic election fraud you now have assorted genocide programs taking u to the grave

  6. That is in the realm of today’s persuasive tech. While information is getting faster to obtain and disseminate, distorting it and subliminally targeting the vulnerable is equally efficient.

    1. Police broke the glass door in… there was a 3rd person in the house.. Pelosi was drunk (again) . They were in their tight t whities…. it was 230am… two of the web sights that were connected to the attacker were created AFTER the event and are now taken down. The attacker was known to be gay…. rumors of Mr. P being gay have floated around SF for yrs and he had a young man in the car with him when he crashed and got the DUI. You will not see any of this touched with a 10 ft poll on mainstream media. But it is out there if you care to look. PS even the police are covering for him.

    2. Don’t blame the tech. Blame those who aren’t mentally ill for using mass media to convince the ignorant and delusional of lies for power and profit.

    3. @DRKrust492 You mean the likes of Elon and Mark. Well, U am expecting Elon to root for Trump. Trump is gullible and Elon has lots of projects that need State funding. Trump loves to move around geniuses like Elon. He thinks it will rub off on him. Mark can well afford the fines. He makes $8Bn less $3Bn fines still is a good number.

  7. American politic these days, has shown us that America has a mental health problem on a larger scale.

    1. True… Just look at who works at CNN, the Bidens, Obama’s, and the crazy Clintons. They all need help but maybe after this election they will get some.

    2. Sad. Spiritually, I am a product of American Missionaries efforts to turn Filipinos into Christians. I was a Catholic until I was taught to read the Bible.

  8. Two boys in their undies what possibly could go wrong?!?!? And why wasn’t I invited🎉🎉🎉 to the party?!?!?

    1. Police broke the glass door in… there was a 3rd person in the house.. Pelosi was drunk (again) . They were in their tight t whities…. it was 230am… two of the web sights that were connected to the attacker were created AFTER the event and are now taken down. The attacker was known to be gay…. rumors of Mr. P being gay have floated around SF for yrs and he had a young man in the car with him when he crashed and got the DUI. You will not see any of this touched with a 10 ft poll on mainstream media. But it is out there if you care to look. PS even the police are covering for him.

    2. The only people who believe that it was a MAGA Republican and not Paul Pelosi’s male lover in his underwear who hit him with a hammer… are the ones still wearing masks alone in their cars

    1. @Boon Teenth Nancy wasn’t even in the same state to bring anyone back from a bar!! GEES idiotsy!! Condemn the attacker!! Not the victim Paul Polosi!!

  9. So tired of all this violence being blamed on republicans. Summer of 2020 still sends chills down my spine. So many people were injured and killed. That was not GOP. Many dems called for people to take to the streets and fight, including VP Harris. It’s recorded. So please, give Americans a little credit for being informed

    1. Yes, another example of Democrats blaming Republicans of that which they themselves are guilty of. The attacker was a mentally ill illegal alien with a record of violent acts, but he lives in a sanctuary city that accepts this kind of violence against ordinary citizens. We can see the truth but the left always blames good people for their bad.

    2. You mean like the police station in Kenosha Wisconsin that was fired into and set ablaze? Oh wait, that was a white guy and a boogaloo boy I think or maybe a proud boy. Who the hell can tell the difference? Or maybe it was the federal officer that was shot to death in Oakland and the man who did it later killed a police officer when they came to arrest him. Oh wait, that was another white guy and another boogaloo boy or a proud boy or whatever the hell he was. And there were more than 14,000 arrests made during those protests. And don’t tell me you care about human life because you didn’t care about human life when Kyle Rittenhouse shot a man to death who had a plastic bag and then killed the guy with the skateboard who was trying to stop him. But he’s your hero.

    3. @Gregory Walker =🤡
      So all the violence during the BLM riots was done by secret MAGA white guys?

      Ok clown 🤡
      You chuggin that KoolAid

    4. But you clearly view the attack on the Capitol, the assaults on police officers and the attackers whose attire, statements and gear clearly showed an intent to capture and assault/kidnap/murder Democrats as fine since you make no mention of Ameeica’s first unsurrection as giving you chills. The BLM riots were not a threat to American democracy. The MAGAts and Trump showed they were on January 6th, 2021 and still are now.

  10. The attacker was a illegal immigrant from Canada with a long criminal record in a sanctuary city that protected him from being deported

  11. When you listen to this woman, mostly you’d think she’s not a conservative republican. Which I believe she’s been paid to be, on CNN.

  12. The chickens have come home to roost. Sen. Rand Paul’s response calls out Pelosi’s daughter who trashed Paul after he was attacked by a neighbor in 2017! “No one deserves to be assaulted,” Paul said on Twitter. *”Unlike Nancy Pelosi’s daughter who celebrated my assault, I condemn this attack and wish Mr. Pelosi a speedy recovery.”*

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