An Election and an Insurrection | Into America Podcast – Ep. 96 | MSNBC 1

An Election and an Insurrection | Into America Podcast – Ep. 96 | MSNBC


As mobs of Trump supporters stormed the Capital building on January 6th, Georgia made history by electing two Democratic Senators in a runoff election, securing Democratic control of Congress this year. This week on Into America, former Senate candidate Jaime Harrison joins Trymaine Lee to reflect on the significance of this moment and the path forward for democrats. Plus, they discuss the significance of Reverend Raphael Warnock’s win, as the second Black Senator in the South since Reconstruction and the first Black Senator from Georgia.

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An Election and an Insurrection | Into America Podcast – Ep. 96 | MSNBC


  1. I was watching my local news (Sinclair broadcasting) yesterday. They mentioned the coup, but they didn’t show any Trump flags, they didn’t mention Trump, and suggested that it was the left that invaded the Capitol building.

    That’s the kind of propaganda bullsh*t that they are showing on Sinclair broadcasting, Fox, and OAN all across the country.

    We need laws to stop the propaganda bullsh*t coming out of right-wing alt-right conservative news media.

    1. Capitol Police officer, Brian D. Sicknick was killed by pro-Trump terrorists. Those pro-Trump terrorists were following Trump’s orders.

      Trump should be removed from office and charged with murder and sedition immediately.

      Also, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and the six other Republican Senators, and the 140 Republican House members who went along with Trumps attempted coup should also be removed from office and charged for murder and sedition.

    2. @Greg M Not only that but all money needed to repair the damages inflicted upon the Capitol must not come from the taxpayers. They need to come from Fox News, The Trumps, Alex Jones, Cruz, Hawley, and everyone else who enabled the Trumpster Fire Administration.

    1. You are always classy no matter circumstance you’re in.

  2. Many fail to realize that “the riot” was actually an attempt to murder America’s elected officials in order to prevent a vote count.

    1. @Chris A I celebrate the victory of Biden, the victories in Georgia that dislodged the criminal Senate majority leader, and am absolutely HUNGRY for justice and accountability. See slick, if you ain’t processed it yet, the good guys won.

    2. @John Edwards Bud, you misunderstood me. I too welcomed the Democratic victories. But celebrating at a time when the Republic is on its knees isnt appropriate.

  3. A black preacher and a young Jewish guy. In a southern state. Georgia came through for us.
    I’m sorry Jamie lost. He’s a nice guy.

    1. Trying to wake you up is such a thrill. It’s like waking up a mad beast from its ponderous slumber.

  4. Can’t wait for Biden to knock Down those walls ! My people from all over the World soon you can come again bring your grandma, grandpa , sisters and brothers !We have everything you need here !! I’m so excited we’re gonna be able to help millions
    1 second ago

  5. This is how Putin runs Russia, Trump is a wannabe Putin but America is stronger than that! Stay strong America!

  6. Q: If he’s impeached or the 25th is invoked, will he still retain the pardon power?
    To clarify, if under the 25th, will he retain this power under the 21-day objection window. Or if impeached, will he have pardon power between the time the house finishes it’s vote, but before the Senate takes it up?
    In short, is it possible that either of these actions will revoke his pardon power before the 20th?

    1. I pray this insane man/family can NEVER be a figure for people again! Kick them out of this country!!!

    2. @Julie B Thanks, that actually helps. Where I’m going with this question is trying to figure out if it’s possible for these to prevent him from impeaching himself.

  7. In a few weeks this is over people will go back to their normal life’s! Now if you wanna come to USA you only have 4 years to make it . We don’t know what’s happening after 4 years from now ! Bring your entirely family! We’re here for you

  8. Aaand this 61 yr old white Grandma is very proud of everyone’s perseverance in all this!!! This is long long overdue & from one human to another “Great Job” I am so proud of all standing up for this.

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