An Emboldened Trump Is 'Unleashed And Furious' After Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

An Emboldened Trump Is ‘Unleashed And Furious’ After Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Ashley Parker reacts to the wild week we've seen from the president since he was acquitted in his Senate impeachment trial. Aired on 2/12/2020.
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An Emboldened Trump Is 'Unleashed And Furious' After Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Gregory McGrath They are not “news articles” and of course as anyone with even the least shred of intelligence understands that anyone working in their posts with the security clearance they need and have, are not in any way “criminal”. Shame that can’t be said of the President.

    2. @NoneOfYour Beeswax Are you seriously trying to say that our government and all it’s employees were clean before Nov. 8, 2016?…

    3. @Gregory McGrath It’s pretty obvious you never served our Country, and; have no intention of preserving our Republic. Go to Russia with your POTUS/Putin.

    1. @John Roberts funny because democrats have been using Ukraine as a profit bag by laundering money through Privat bank to finance a proxy war between Russia and Ukraine and get this. Privat is closely connected to Burisma. Democrats have using a war between Ukraine and Russia as the worlds biggest laundering operation. Bogus? Nah. Abuse of power?nah

    2. @Jonathan Fox look if youre going to accuse people of crimes you are going to need evidence, not hearsay or third party. Otherwise you will look like a liberal conspiracy theorist

  1. I want you all to listen to Brian Williams and then try to imitate his voice. It will be the funniest thing you ever try

    1. hannie montannie
      No, Trump supporters are celebrating because President Trump has been acquitted and you liberals are so mad and foaming at the mouth. Ha ha ha, #Trump2020

    2. @Wayne Drake like how democRATS fool minorities for their votes by promising to keep food assistance and housing available so minorities have no motivation to be home owners. To be the democRATS poster child every election or everytime a conservative tries to limit or set rules for the assistance programs they can use that and say see Republicans don’t care about minorities propaganda….

    1. @Gregg Noonberg wrong. Seeing corrections is for editors of newspapers and articles for magazines. The point is what matters and if you understand the word then overlook the spelling and respond accordingly because nobody is typing on a keyboard. It’s either swipe or little letters on your touch screen. Imbecile.

  2. It was not that long ago when Lying Brian was telling me about how he was in a helicopter riddled with bullet holes and taking fire…
    Then he was fired for Lying. on more than this one occasion. And then after they thought enough time went by, MSNBC hired this known Lier to tell you the News

    1. Gregg Noonberg and by the way that was all Biden references and if you didn’t get it you obviously haven’t been paying attention

    2. Gregg Noonberg that’s what you sheep don’t get facts never change unless you listen to abc nbc cbs cnn msdnc then the facts are whatever the Dnc say they are

    3. @Jack Crump
      Yeah, when you are involved with live fire and it sounds like hard rain, you will never forget it.
      This wasn’t the first time he was involved with
      ” Stolen Valor “.. and among other lies he told plus being Frisky at the office. MSNBC knows ALL about it and they rehired him anyway..

    1. One Tin Soldier still, I would think you would at least leave a comment that would be Anyways I truly appreciate you being respectful, I must say I was expecting disrespect..again, my bad..

    2. @Amy Fox  Amy Fox  I have no reason to not respect you. You have a point that you feel needs to made based on my original post. And I’m have an open mind to listen.

    3. One Tin Soldier wow..I’m friken impressed…that’s all I have to made my day..seriously..finally a normal conversation , opinions exchanged , no insults…love it..

    4. @Amy Fox Something funny before you go; Voting for a politician these day is like “Ask your Dr. which STD is right for you”

    1. greybob
      Yes, the swamp is getting drained. And it’s being replaced by a new swamp. If you think Trump cares about anyone other than himself, he’s got some steaks, a bankrupted airline and multiple bankrupted casinos to sell you.

  3. PANIC in Washington..

    Where do roaches go when you turn on the lights?

    Trump is about to move the fridge..

    This will be historic.

    1. @Timothy Wenners … 4.8 Trillion? Really? Thats ALMOST as much as Obams absconded and thieved away with and gave to our enemies and paid his ISIS/ISIL murdering mercenaries and bought off all the mortgages in Sandy Hook, CT on Christmas DAY Dec 25th, 2010, so no one involved would talk about the phony shooting scenario he set up via DHS …. AND its only ONE QUARTER of how far he pushed up the national debt in just 96 months of financial terrorism and treasury thieving … GFY

    1. MartinMiner that’s fake news also MSM is bad even Fox News unbiased media is dead even though Fox News is actually the least bias media at this point not accounting for political talk shows which actually acknowledges its conservative bias unlike CNN NBC MSNBS CBS NEW YORK TIMES WASHINGTON POST AND SO ON SO FORTH do your own research Alex Jones is a no body we keep him around for the memes he is a good whistleblower though exposed corruption in Washington for a long time Clinton Bush Obama

    2. @Covfefe you ever watch Network? A 1976 film starring Peter Finch.
      Great movie that has alot of truths regarding media


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