An exclusive look into how Space Force is defending America 1

An exclusive look into how Space Force is defending America


Russia, China and other adversaries are launching attacks designed to damage or destroy US satellites and interfere with that critical infrastructure. CNN's Jim Sciutto gets an exclusive look into how Space Force is fighting every day to defend against these technologies.

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    1. No you have to take it seriously now it’s under the Biden Administration, it was only a joke under the Trump Administration.

    2. @UCFEPtqRSp9GYPzKH_Gpi6NA Still a national embarrassment? Not according to your Democrat president and CNN.

    1. @Teutonic Nordwind Most Americans probably live in caves still so far behind. China did build a wall a long time ago. US is still trying to achieve that. Start to learn Chinese would be your best option.

  1. A Missile system? Let me get this straight, we have an entire new branch of the military called “space force” that detects missiles that are launched from this planet. 😂🤣

    1. @Joey S. We need a new medical, water, electric and land movement infrastructure! Not a duplicate Navy/Air Force.

    2. @Bronte Segard it’s not a duplicate if all the responsibility gets transferred to them tho that’s the hole point

  2. I don’t know, I can’t trust a system like this until it’s been fully audited by the Cyber Ninjas.

    1. Why are they “ninjas” anyway? They aren’t supposed to be the ones sneaking around. The criminal hackers are.

    1. We (the USAF) were but then Dementia Donny wanted his baba and needed to have his shiny new Space Force just to make a name for himself.

  3. Please tell me you did not just inform Marjorie Taylor Greene that space lasers are a real thing. Really guys.

  4. Um — who was operating these systems before the name change? Surely that system is very pre-trump.

    1. Air Force but ssshhhh don’t tell Trump, he thinks he created these systems and tactics just like the new invisible fighter jets.

    2. NORAAD in Colorado was doing the same thing.They track everything within earth’s orbit.Aslo the Air force had a space command to monitor satellites.It’s just like the “homeland security office.”A way to avoid accountability by creating another beaurocracy.

    1. @Arcturion Blade space force litterly already existed under the airforce but their funding was being taken by ad for other projects that’s why it’s a separate branch now

    2. @Arcturion Blade It’s the same as the Air Force’s “Space Command” was. Actually it IS Space Command with a new name. . What makes it a Joke? other than the name

  5. As silly as this thing sounds, there is some merit to it. The Air Force was given budget but always diverted it.

  6. This whole segment is 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

    I like how they try to remain serious and not break out laughing.

  7. I always lol at “space force.” It sounds like something a child would come up with. Oh wait….

  8. I’m speechless seeing having my first payout been scammed countless times, God bless you and your team Intellectweb

  9. This is a joke, right? Haven’t we been doing this for years before “space frickin’ force”?

    1. Yeah, we’ve been doing this for years. The Air Force handled it. All Trump admin did was what he always does, slaps his brand on something else someone built and take credit for it.

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