An Iceberg about size of L.A. has broken off from Antarctica 1

An Iceberg about size of L.A. has broken off from Antarctica


An iceberg approximately 1,270 sq. km has broken off from Antarctica, according to the British Antarctic Survey.

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    1. Even if the whole world changed to green energy overnight, the impacts of climate change will still occur. Climate scientists have been warning about “runaway climate change” for decades. We’re at point now that even our best efforts to mitigate climate change will not be enough to avoid the worst impacts of climate change such as rising seas, extreme weather patterns, stronger hurricanes/tropical storm systems etc.

  1. With every passing day, this world becomes more doomed and it would seem like a lot of governments could NOT care any less either way.

    1. @Robert Williamson You dont have to speak out. Just publish an scientific paper on a respectable peer reviewed journal and your science will speak for itself. This is how science works.

  2. Whatever…. There was one that broke off last year 2020 or late 2019… then we never heard about it again. Out of sight, out of mind apparently.

  3. Ha, ha, ha…..all excited about something that has been going on for at least hundred of millions of years.

    1. Never in the history of the planet, with the exception of cataclysmic events, has the temperature on the planet changed anywhere near this fast.

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