1. @Jillionairess William Is gay. Nothing wrong with that. If He came out he would be Happy. Stay safe and keep punching Jill.

  1. Are you telling me that walker could win even tho he is the worst candidate for that seat. Come on ga honest to God you can do better than than that. Mitch McConnell will have to appointment a babysitter while walker is in Washington. Just to make sure he stays on the straight and narrow. And God help him if it is greene. Who is a nut case.

  2. To be honest, your analysis is the understatement of the century. I never caught him saying that made some kind of sense, if I can even understand what he is saying without subtitles. And what does that say about his voters?

  3. But this is the problem with American politics: “How good a candidate is he/she?”
    As opposed to asking how qualified people are to hold public office. Especially Senate and White House.
    Walker is clearly unqualified for any position with responsibility!

    1. Qualifications are important. All he has to do is show up and vote. It is not that complicated. What he is voting for and against is what is more important. (Platform)

  4. I was unaware this was worthy of analytics…there was never a shadow of a doubt. The sun has ALWAYS been out.

  5. Walker is running in Georgia so it doesn’t matter what idiocy he expresses many voters will still back him.

  6. “This here abortion thing is a lie.” Although his ex-wife/girlfriend & son the opposite? And there are numerous other lies he’s been caught in. I could care less if the woman had an abortion, but I do care about him being a hypocrite! The debate will show his ineptitude, but doubtful if the MAGA will see it differently. They want to be represented by a person who cannot think for himself.

  7. Don’t take much stock in the opinions of people that have no problem with John Fetterman but do with Hershel Walker.

  8. I’ve been thinking back through my 44 years of voting to see if I can remember a weaker candidate, but I have had no luck.

    1. I’ll answer that for you, Kamala Harris in the democratic primary. Without a shadow of a doubt a weaker candidate.

    2. If you’ve been voting for 44 years and haven’t found a weaker candidate, you have most definitely voted for the wrong candidates for 44 years 😂

  9. “Not a good candidate” is probably the most generous thing you can say about Walker, lol. In his case, it’s actually a compliment.

    1. “So I’ve been telling this little story about this bull out in the field with six cows. And three of ’em are pregnant. So you know you got something going on.

      “But all he cared about is kep’ his nose against the fence looking at three of them cows that belong to him. Now all he had to do was eat grass. But “no, no, no,” he thought something was better somewhere else.

      “So he decided “I want to get over there.” So one day he measured that fence up. And he said, “I think I can jump this.” So that day came where he got back. And he got back, and as he took off running, he dove over that fence. And his belly got cut up under the bottom. But as he made it on the other side he shook it off. And got so excited about it. And he ran to the top of that hill. But when he got up there he realized they were bulls too.

      — Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, Carrolton, Georgia rally, October 11, 2022

  10. Thanks, Chris! I pray his past costs him the election.
    I’ve been composing a ditty “Walker’s Way” and am—with proper attribution—referencing your content with:
    “I wanna dine out on my accomplishments…”
    Oh I like that line!

  11. The rightwing press is questioning John Fetterman’s fitness to serve following his stroke, despite the fact that he is functioning almost perfectly well at present other than having a slight speech difficulty. Why are Republicans not questioning Herschel Walker’s fitness to serve? In his autobiography, he states that he has dissociative personality disorder (previously called multiple personality disorder). This raises the question about whether Walker is intentionally lying or whether one of his alter personalities committed the acts that he denies doing. Was he lying in his book? Is he lying now? High functioning Republicans are clearly lying when they pretend that he is fit to serve. They want a pawn in the senate to do their bidding. Period. End of story.

  12. Herschel Walker is the best candidate that Georgia MAGA Republicans can put forward.
    The MAGA Republicans want a Senate vote that they can control.
    In Walker, they have a perfect candidate.
    Look for Brett Favre to run for national office out of Mississippi soon!!!

  13. If Walker wins then there is no qualifications required for an elected office anymore.
    Can you imagine hearing him explaining the surgery his about to perform on your elderly sick father?
    Assuming you still love your father and hope he survives the operation with a successful outcome…

  14. You gotta give it to GOP voters. They consistently want liars to represent them, e.g. Liar Trump and Liar Walker…etc.

  15. How any sane person can look at Hershel Walker and then look at Raphael Warnock, and decide, “Hey! I think Walker will make a better Senator!”, is beyond me. If Walker somehow manages to win this race, he’ll have cemented every joke about people in the South being ‘slow’, for decades!

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