1. I couldn’t even finish the video of George Floyd dying actually being killed!! I just hope he’s looking down and knows that what he went through is going to change the way that things are handled in situations like his. His death is going to demand respect and equality and change the world in ways that he never knew he could. RIP George Floyd 💔.

    1. Pause the video when he’s on the stretcher, no legs, you been tricked because you’re stupid.

  2. Thank you brotha, for remembering to mention those white folks, that like my brown brothas and sistas, dont get no love from the police.
    We love in those neighborhoods too, and get treated the same. It’s a damned shame all the way round.
    We need to remember our humanity, period!

    1. @hugh jorgan they weren’t killed or attacked by the people who were law enforcement, can you see the difference?

    2. @Fred …I’m looking at the big picture, particularly the hypocrisy from CNN and their on-air actors, especially Lemon

  3. I have never in my life seen so many witnesses in a court case crying on the stand. THAT speaks volumes…

    1. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes I mean, I wouldn’t cry like Don did, but I could understand an event like that bringing him to tears. But I do agree that, maybe seemingly, a lot of dems are soft af. I’m at the center and a little left leaning but damn, most of the positions I hear them take are extremely soft and sensitive. And I sure do have issues with some rhetoric from the right, but the response to it is weak af most of the time.

    2. 1. The world cried for George Floyd when they came out and protested. Thats all the testimony needed. 2. Don Lemon cried because he realized a man great as Dr. West used his words from the letter to his nephew as closing words to address the issue at hand.

    3. fitting that the academy awards are almost here- Pity this wuss lemonhead and the witnesses in court were not nominated for best drama actor/actress. If you want to see injustices and sadness look at poverty all over the world that affects children. Look at the wars in Syria and Middle East where people have no rights and are taken advantage of.

  4. We must love ourselves enough to defend our shelves first, and love anyone else second !!

    1. @Roger Ward Those 73 million who voted for trump , are the rejected God shall remove form the human society !!

    1. @Linda Lewis bad or good is your own content of character… if having a good content of character, no one will look down on you

    2. @Jastin Trudeau The Jews in biblical times also had brown skin, idk what kind of ravings of a madman you’re going through…

    3. @Jastin Trudeau I’m not sure if you’re trying to imply that Jesus being a Jew would look substantially different than a lighter skinned black person, but you’re incorrect. Especially when everyone baked in the hot sun all day lol. Tell me another joke haha

    4. @Jastin Trudeau Wait don’t bother with another joke, I’ll go back and read all your comments for a good laugh.

    5. @Dana Dudley There are still jews around you know, what color are they?? See, fairly easy to solve this riddle if you got any damn sense! Ain’t it?? Libtards🙄

  5. The world ain’t right. And we have to acknowledge that it’s broken, or else it’s never going to get fixed.

    1. First slave owner in the USA was a black person name Anthony Johnson. Don Lemon put his hands down his pants and shoved his hands in a guys face. tell us Don how much money did you pay him.

    2. Of course the world is broken. There are still too many people living in slavery on this earth for anyone to say its not broken

    3. Of course the world is broken. There are still too many people living in slavery on this earth for anyone to say its not broken

    4. And many think government can/will fix it……..wrong, govt never has or will fix anything, we never learn from history. Looks good at first, then turns to tyranny, every time…..not one exception in ALL history.

    5. @Joboygbp Edwards I don’t think he was suffocated. There is no bruising on the outside or the INSIDE of his neck. He had severe heart disease with one artery 90% blocked and two others 70% blocked. This man was was going to die sooner rather than later. He swallowed more than one pill to hide from cops, something he normally would not have done. I think he was overdosing while on the ground when he said my stomach hurts. He had the same complaint when he overdosed before and went to the ER for stomach pains. They saved him. The video is horrific. The police should have turned him over and un cuffed him and did compression, which I doubt would have saved him. Fentanyl is lethal, period. If he died from fentanyl, he killed himself. That is not going to be believed by anyone who hates Charvin.

  6. Dr Cornel West is TRULY one of a kind. I consider myself to be lucky at the same time as such a brilliant man

    1. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 “unlike you liberals, I don’t feel emotions! I’m a machine, not human! And I’m proud of that!”

      Okay buddy. You do you I guess. But quit telling normal human beings how to act.

    2. Same here, it hurts too bad😢.
      Will my always have to deal with crap like this?!
      Every since 1619, we’ve been dealing with this depravity!😢

    1. “If you are dumb enough to vote Democratic then you’re not only a chump but you’re a traitor to your race.” Malcolm x, 1964

    2. @hugh jorgan so you are saying that al those guns people collect are for show… I thought it was for self-defense.

    3. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 that was before the GOP turn into the GQP… transformed from the party of the common folk into the party of the rich folk.

    4. @Brian Rosado …Read my other comment above. I’m talking about the context of Malcolm X’s ‘self defense’ quote.
      It’s not what you think.

  7. Chauvins knee was still on George Floyd’s even when the paramedics arrived and George had stopped moving- The paramedics had to make Chauvin get off of Georges neck. Don’t tell me that Chauvin didn’t kill that man.

    1. @Linda Spraggins kkk pods? Please give me the names of at least a dozen present kkk members. Shouldn’t be very difficult to find. I’ll wait…

    2. @Linda Spraggins accusing police departments of recruiting officers from the kkk??? And you’re telling me I have to believe you because you said so and to do my own research? No. You need to have your facts straight and evidence to back up your claim. It’s a good thing you’re not a prosecutor in the Floyd case.

  8. This made me cry. I have so much empathy.. so much sympathy for every single person of the black community. It Absolutely breaks my heart to see even one person assaulted, killed, discriminated, hated, bullied.. etc I don’t understand how anyone that has a heart in their chest can’t have some sympathy for them. I have never even seen the full George Floyd murder video. I cannot even watch it. I heard from the news and other sources that he cried out for his mom as he was being killed. THAT is something I just can’t take. I have tears in my eyes right now typing this.. he was just a man, who wanted his momma. Sadly, for the color of his skin, a man of a different color killed him. He didn’t see him as just a man.. like himself. He seen him as a threat and a problem because his skin color is different than his. I’ll never understand it. This just kills me inside. My husband is black, our son is mixed. I am TERRIFIED that something will happen to my son one day. What if it’s my son crying out for me one day while being victimized!? I can’t handle that thought. 😢😢😢 I am sorry to every single person of the black community. I’m sorry if you have ever been victimized in some way.. I’m sorry that your community has been victimized. I stand with you, I support you. I love you. 💔

    1. @Walt Likker so that justifies another murder? What a flawed sense of morality and you knw its flawed

    2. @Tommy Thompson nobody is victinising other races here who were suffering from police brutality….statistics have shown that the huge problem of police mishandling came from their culture of policing…!!!! hopefully, george floyd’s murder and many others, would bring about a new police structure and culture that is aligned with humanity – no matter the race….it just so happens, that statistics also showed that unarmed blacks were more victimised by this policing culture….!!!!! minimising that reality, is not right as is minimising the impacts on white victims and their families which isn’t the case here….!!!!

    3. @Tommy Thompson because white parents have taught their children respect for others and manners, and if their child is killed doing something stupid they recognize it as such. So theres nothing to say really .

    1. @Quin Wolff It touched my soul. I’m a white European woman. I’ll never forget watching George Floyd die. That was the day I knew for certain that America is totally broken. I was shouting at my screen. Mans inhumanity to man is real. I would like to see a boycott of the US as a tourist destination.

    2. @Elizabeth Grogan if America is so broken,why do so many people from all of the world want to emigrate here? You must they’re pretty stupid to want to move to such a terrible broken country.

    3. @Elizabeth Grogan
      Go watch the police brutality beating of Rodney King.
      All four of those police officers got off. That video took place when video was not as prevalent as it is today.
      That means police brutality has been happening the hole time, but it was not being filmed. By God’s grace in those days the Rodeny King video was captured.
      Please pray for us,

  9. Powerful words there. When all witnesses and bystanders saw the humanity and felt the empathy, except for Derek Chauvin, that in itself is damning proof.

  10. It was the nonchalant way the officer had his hand in his pocket while killing George Floyd that really got under my skin.

  11. I just sat in floods of tears, I’m not American but I’ve watched the trial daily & I feel heartbroken at every angle of George floyds death… What a powerful interview,

    1. K J I’ll treat your question as serious: for the last year I’ve heard little from people (white people to be honest) except for how George “deserved” to die. Oh they have _sooooooo_ many reasons…. all stupid ones.
      Maybe you’re lucky to have not experienced this and maybe you don’t see the comments here on YouTube talking about it (quite a lot get deleted quickly because they’re pretty sick) but that only makes you lucky. (Possibly sheltered.)
      I look like a bit of a stereotype so I guess white supremacists like to talk openly around me. I’m also aware of the saturated racism around me and their deep ignorance and petty fears.
      I let them talk though…. then compare notes with people who are _actually_ being oppressed. There’s no other way to change things than to compare notes and educate each other on the reality.
      I don’t know how you’ve managed to be sheltered from these people who claim George deserved to die but, at this point, I find it very weird that you haven’t seen it. Or… maybe you say the same things and don’t realise what you’re saying. (That’s very common.) Only listening to other people and their life experiences, some background info and empathy will cure that.
      Most white people won’t do that though because it hurts their feelings. (While telling everyone else to F their feelings.)
      They’re also incredible hypocrites. When you dig into their reasons for why George “deserved” to die, you actually find out that they’re no different….. except for skin tone… and the size/sense of entitlement.
      In short: a LOT of people claim he “deserved” to die. They also believe that genocide is a good idea.
      Scroll for a bit and you’ll probably find those sort of comments, especially on videos that have only just been uploaded.

    2. First slave owner in the USA was a black person name Anthony Johnson. Don Lemon put his hands down his pants and shoved his hands in a guys face. tell us Don how much money did you pay him.

    3. Wilfred brimley Diabeetus I know you can’t point out where I did that. 😂
      I would dare you to try but you sound way too emotional.

    1. Right he is NOT like this normally…you can see how much this got to him…can’t imagine what African Americnas have to go through…we need to do better

  12. Speak, Don. This situation was horrible, I can’t imagine watching someone screaming and dying in front of me. Justice is past overdue here.

  13. A terrified man crying out for his mama as he’s painfully and slowly suffocated is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen. To see a trial where people argue whether or not murdering him was an acceptable thing to do is too much to bear. God bless you for reporting on this and for giving Dr. Cornell West a platform to talk without restraint or hesitation.

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