Analysis: Yang’s Message Connecting With Men Who Feel Forgotten | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Yang is polling higher and has more doners than both Steyer and Klobuchar!! He should be on the stage tonight! He got robbed!

    1. @Annecy Dream It may have been just easier to change the rules to let him in this debate in the long run.. If he over performs, the DNC is alot trouble…..

    2. It’s probably already been covered by those above me; I’m just pasting my comment from another video incase it adds anything:

      Yang does poll consistently higher in many polls, but the DNC only considers very few to be ‘qualifying’,’ and they accepted qualifying polls between mid-Nov to last week, while Yang achieved all qualifying polls necessary this week. This is a presidential run… so much changes over that amount of time. If the DNC had rules that reflected reality as it progresses in real-time, Yang would be on that stage and Steyer & Klobuchar would be the ones in his position. Regardless, Yang’s support is the most resilient of them all — him not being on the stage won’t phase anyone.

    3. Carolyn Talbot Are you really defending the DNC? They choose the polls who pay them. Thats Corrupt. @mult336 its not about rules. Its about how they release less qualifying polls ever compare 4 years ago. Because of that. It made Andrew miss out the debate.

    4. @Sonia Do you know how they verify the credibility of pollsters, and why some have to be disqualified?
      Yang’s campaign is all about the math–he should do a better job of explaining how the DNC qualifies candidates for debates (which admittedly isn’t perfect, but with such a high number it’s as fair as possible.) We had so many at the first couple of debates, voters weren’t able to learn much of anything about any one of them. They allotted more time to the candidates whose campaign qualified them higher, to allow more to participate, and still were accused of bias.
      instead of letting his voters blame the DNC to galvanize them and keep enthusiasm high, Yang’s campaign should clear this up.
      We have enough problems with disinformation in this election as it is.

    5. @Glenn Carpenter Then why changed the debate thresholds when there is not much of the polling during the holidays? Yang was qualified using the old threshold.

    1. @bob jenkins apparently you dont recall St. Reagan and GOP threw the mentally ill on the street, and the biggest GOP financial fail in US history in 2008 that put millions in poverty… and the GOP failure to support programs that gets people off the streets when they were the majority and their absolute opposition to bipartisan or democratic solutions. Fake tax cuts, half the country at the poverty line, people working Mcjobs and living in their cars…. the GOP could care less

    1. Yes! Watch him on Joe Rogan, or any long-form interview of him. He’s phenomenal! If you believe in him at all, donate a few bucks to his campaign! Every new donor and every contribution is critically important right now as he got shafted out of the debate stage tonight and there is plenty of room in the Yanggang!

  2. Wow. MSNBC *finally* mentions Yang, gets his name right, and shows the CORRECT Asian American man.

    Someone must have hacked MSNBC for Yang to get fair coverage.


    1. Now that they blacked him out of 20+ of their graphics, called him a billionaire and given him the least coverage, they are happy to tell viewers “other candidates should listen to his message”. That reminds you how Asian-Americans are being treated in the US.

    2. Christine Stone I do see how that message could be interpreted, but I don’t think they actually said that. IMO the reporter was just pointing out that Andrew appeals to a group of voters that other Dems aren’t talking to. And these are individuals that likely voted for trump in the last election because they didn’t feel anyone else was concerned about their concerns.

    3. When we start talking like Trump supporters with the fash-adjacent “the media can’t be trusted,” and “the establishment conspiracy against [Bernie/Yang] is rigging the election” it feeds into a dangerous collective mindset.
      Last election, Wikileaks contributed to a sophisticated GOP disinformation campaign that succeeded in convincing disaffected Bernie supporters not to vote in the general. The result has been disastrous, I’m sure you’d agree. It wasn’t until recently that investigative journalists and whistleblowers from Cambridge Analytica revealed what happened with Bernie vs. Clinton as nothing remotely nefarious–Clinton’s campaign was far more organized, much better funded, and she had more experience and connections/endorsements. If you aren’t familiar with the reporting on this I’ll link it; I’m frustrated that it evidently wasn’t widely reported because a lot of Sanders’ voters still think he was the victim of an organized effort to illegally shut him out. They’re threatening to again boycott the general if he doesn’t win, which is just insane.

      Our party is supposed to be about protecting vulnerable communities, and there are people who won’t be okay if Trump wins again. There are kids in cages, Roe v. Wade is under attack, and climate justice can’t wait four more years.
      I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m lecturing or attacking you, I have been guilty of that lately because I’m so frustrated (mainly with Bernie Bros.)
      I’m not voting Yang in the primary, but if he got the nom I’d support him all the way. Please vote blue, no matter who. Thanks✌🇺🇸

    4. Carolyn 🙂 I don’t take it as an attack and I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

      I agree with the sentiment that blasting a ‘the media can’t be trusted’ message is harmful. And while I agree with that sentiment, I still stand behind my original post. Because it’s true.
      -MSNBC has left him out of their reporting, while including other candidates that were polling lower.
      -They’ve gotten his name wrong.
      -And they’ve shown a picture of another Asian American man, in place of him.

      I personally believe that there is no opportunity to restore the public’s faith in the media *without* accountability to their reporting.

      Now, I will say, the satire I included wasn’t necessary lol.

      Thanks for a pleasant exchange. It’s refreshing to be able to chat with people you don’t fully agree with, in a kind and productive manner. 🙂

    1. He connects with all mothers and grandmothers who want a better future and change…Andrew Yang ~ Not left or Right but Forward…Yang 2020

    1. Because the topic of this discussion is why he is resonating with men. They could have another video where they talk why he is resonating with women

    2. she’s got a book to sell so it’s gotta go along those lines – signed disaffected female boomer. btw, this came off kinda cringy, like they are almost categorizing young men or men in general as living in mom’s basement type. Did anyone else sorta get those vibes?

  3. Yang will stay in the race because he has support and it’s growing, he’s not running for VP he’s running for president of the United States.

    1. @Kolton Nadermann Does it explain how Andrew Yang favorability and polling is rising faster than any other candidate?
      Does it mention that Rasmussen has Andrew Yang at 9% nationally?
      No, it’s MSNBC and thought Liz did a good job, Stephanie still disrespects Andrew and his supporters by even suggestion him as VP and by the slanderous, “if he’ll stay in the race” comment.

    2. Monmouth poll this week had Yang as highest net favorability gain OF ALL CANDIDATES from sept to jan. Yang had 30pt gain, sanders had 10. ALL OTHERS favorability DROPPED! Don Lemon shows a diff monmouth poll going back to may with Yang with a 38pt gain and a sanders et al drop.

      Emerson NM poll had yang at 10%

  4. Could we do a piece on why Andrew Yang is resonating with moms – especially moms who have disabled children- we have a Yang shaped hole in our heart as well and there are SO many women in the #yanggang – don’t leave us out!

    1. I got my mom behind Yang since he is the only candidate who can help are lives. My brother and I have a chronic Illness. Affects us both very differently and yang may not be directly talking about that. But his freedom dividend, and one out of 160 ish policies is about making more holistic medicines get covered under Insurance. He was mainly referring to acupuncture and massage etc. but that’s a good step forward for all the chronically Ill people in the world. That and also his American scorecard would help as feel valued

  5. Great to see a positive MSNBC story about Yang! He’s still in the race and deserves to be covered. I’ve been a proponent of universal basic income for years, and it’s awesome to see someone running for president on this platform, especially someone who is so smart, so likable, and has so many other good ideas. Thank you Stephanie! Yang 2020!!

  6. Yang is the only intelligent Democrat running for President. UBI would also help single mothers, and women in general. #Yang2020

    1. jcastaneda631 I love how they say it’s on us women to become single parents… hmmm as if divorce didn’t happen, death. It’s so easy to say “they did it to themselves”. Well, if that’s the case… it’s def not the kid’s fault. Why should he struggle? Oh wait… they need ppl in the military and in their prisons.

  7. Yes, it’s relevant that Yang is addressing the often unrecognized issues affecting men. However, if you dig deeper into his policies, it’s not just about men. It’s about Humanity. His message calls out the root of the problem which is that our economic systems are increasingly devaluing our human worth, and we have to re-work our socio-economic systems in ways that it works to improve our well-being.

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