1. Well in this situation how many of those politicians on both sides have gotten caught up in a sexual misconduct case some of them with even with minors so it’s a weird that he’s asking those questions for a politician🤔

    1. @EVERREADY TO PLAY wtf are U talking about? It’s a democratic thing to molest. No republican judges are for lightened sentences. Theres like a handful of dem judges that are. A real winner u must b trying to defend anything for child molesters.

    2. @AfroSamurai215 when you have some evidence on gaetz we will believe you. Anonymous sources are also know as lies. Why are you defending child rapists with deflection?

  2. Its just funny how she always points out that Congress has a lot of thing to do with lawmaking, uh uh uh, does Hawley know that he is supposed to make laws and not join insurrections?

    1. @Elizabeth Stanley That was more of an accusation than an opinion. It’s OK. Such goes internet forums. Just don’t expect someone to not respond to something like that. I have not quoted any news media here. I happen to be a junkie of what goes on in our country politically and extensively pay attention, read and do my research from all sides. I intentionally watch C-Span with no commentary. So….

    2. @Steecie I’m a news junkie as well. I have no problem you voicing your opinion as I’m very tolerant.

  3. Perhaps she should rule on the Matt Gaetz case and let me hear from the Republican party after that ruling.

    1. @Joe Dye Only a racist would be putting out false and misleading information destroy a person of color.

    1. @Jamtommy Ok genius. Let us know when you also complete Harvard Law and an appellate judge seat and we can talk about your nomination. Mmmkay?!

  4. Hawley, Cruz, Cotton together aren’t more qualified than justice Brown. The line of questions were embarrassing from U.S. Senator’s

    1. @Tj Widener whataboutwhataboutwhataboutwhataboutwhatabout WHAAA WWWWWHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Keep crying, boris. Hope you don’t choke on your borsch.

    2. Why do we permit them crooks to ask questions to a New judge of the supreme court ? I would of thought that they would select people that are “just” and have fair questions to the nominee…

  5. All this grandstanding person did was flip, flop, and flap his lips 💋 😳 he was trying to make himself look good for his daddy 45 in which he failed miserabley. Judge Katani Jackson took him to kindergarten with her response.

    1. @goowoomoo

      Meriam Webster. Lol give me a break.

      No. Change comes anyway. America isn’t interested in socialism the progressives are why democrats are leaving the party. They’re nuts.

    2. @TuckFrump

      Anyone can be accused. Someone accused should be investigated. So far that investigation has drawn nothing.

    3. @Gerald

      I bet it’ll happen now since the far left has become “progressively” perverted.

      There are guidelines. She consistently went BELOW the guidelines and recommendations, so..

    1. Maybe take a look at hunters laptop and Ashley’s diary. Ask yourself why would a kiddie sniffer nominate a pro pedo justice. Ask yourself why you are defending her. CNN fired a pradophile producer that brainwashed you pedo sympathizers

    2. I have respect for this woman whether you agree with her or not she sticks with her convictions. When she rules on a case I am going to be a complete monster. I am respecting her here.

  6. Wow… That look on his face when she said “18 year old”. He was like “oh… Didn’t know that” and “I wonder if the kid was white?”

    1. Does it matter? Looking at who is the current president, dems are weak on racism. Joe’s 94′ crime bill is basically responsible for why BLM protests.

    1. @Mary Lamb The entire right is a culture of trolling. You constantly scream into every mic you get in front of you. More right wing misinformation was spread on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media sites than virtually else. Just because you’re too stupid to understand what Free Speech in the constitution actually means is just another reason you should think a little before you write things that embarrass you.

    2. @John Dough Faculty? It’s not a University John. You know that place you didn’t attend. Just looking at the spelling and the grammar and the sad pathetic idea that the sentence is trying desperately to communicate. Trump loves the uneducated. He didn’t finish the sentence…He loves the uneducated because they’re easy to feed lies to. They’re easy to grift. Have you donated to his latest one? The plane? Trumpy needs a new plane. Go get him one John while the adults are talking.

    3. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is just another Kamala Harris in office and she wants to push the New World Order agenda

    1. You clowns are still talking about Jan 6th???? Go out and get a job. You will need it with all the inflation and high gas prices.

    2. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is just another Kamala Harris in office. Thanks again Biden for screwing the American people over.

    3. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is just another Kamala Harris in office and she wants to push the New World Order agenda

  7. Let’s grill Hawley for everything he has said and done. He will be barred from holding public office, arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

  8. I absolutely love how often Judge Jackson refers to “required by Congress”. What a beautifully subtle and appropriate response to these questions. Hawley, Cruz, Graham, Blackburn et al are grasping at straws due to desperation that Judge Jackson is an actual JUDGE, unlike any of TFG’s appointees.

    1. @Debbie de Zwaan fantastic response Debbie….a lot going on inside jasielhole’s “heard” lol. Sounds like orange man baby living rent free in his attic.

    2. @Truth Seeker I wouldn’t vote for her but if I asked you to define a woman give me a definition really fast don’t look it up either do your best

    3. Rose Connolly Judge Jackson is equally unqualified for this position. She’s only getting it because she is black……..just like Kamala did.

  9. That doesn’t sound like an apology to me. One can express regret for a situation without apologizing for it.

    1. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is just another Kamala Harris in office and she wants to push the New World Order agenda

  10. Someone should have taught this guy that regret that something happened is not an apology, even if the same word happens to be used in the communication of these two ideas. One would have thought that basic English comprehension would be a required skill for senators.

  11. Congress never addresses sex trafficking and child porn and the only time we’re hearing it now is when there’s a Supreme Court nominee very disgusting and sad this is what it takes to bring it up yet we know it’s Congress fault for not having the proper laws. Hawley has shown us who he was a long time ago.

  12. For my part, whenever someone goes into “help me understand” mode, especially someone such as Hawley, I know patronizing arrogance and condescension will almost invariably, and swiftly, follow. Hawley and his ill-k do NOT want help in understanding, they want a launching pad for their own talking points.

  13. Very few senators dare to admit publicly that they understand very little of their own work. Hawley does that here, respect for that! We also see how difficult it was for him, even when it is pronounced in a calm tone, to make the matter his own. We can also clearly see that this judge is used to explaining things to teenagers with little social development.

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