1. That guy, who says that nobody believed that the Oligarchs didn’t have influence on Putin must be utterly naïve about how authoritarian and totalitarian regimes work. Dictatorships are not democracies. There are no feedback mechanisms typical for democracy. Dictatorships only have alone-way (top-down) information flow.

    1. @Scorpitarios I think *_you_* are the naive one, thinking that a dictator can rule alone and doesn’t need to buy some way or another the elite class and the military.

    2. I think you have a naive on how life in general works. Behind every dictator are rich powerful people who gain from them being in power.

  2. There are an estimated 20,000 foreign fighters in Ukraine and growing by the day. Most are former soldiers from European and US/Canadian armies. I almost felt sorry for the Russian troops as much as I did the Ukrainian people at the start if the war. They have no idea what they were being sent into by their mafia masters. But after the liberation of Bucha and those terrible scenes of slaughtered civilians, that has changed.

  3. Pr exercise or not,you couldn’t buy a better reason for continuing seizure of assets, finally a pr exercise that makes sense.

  4. He doesn’t want to be vulnerable but he doesn’t care what he does to other children and other families what a creep him and his daughters are creeps

    1. One of his (believed to be 4) illegitimate children, a daughter he has with a former cleaning woman, is said to live in a vast condo in Moscow that is worth around 100 m dollars

  5. Are we all just going to pretend we didn’t just hear a man say she “Tried to pursue a career in acrobatic rock and roll” as if we know WTF that is? Also, realize this explanation was given as evidence to the “normal” lives they live.

  6. Asking a sociopath if he plays with his grandchildren it’s like asking a great white shark if it plays with Fish.

    1. You’d be surprised how many psychopaths, even those who’ve murdered live a double life! The 🧠 and the personality is quite interesting

    2. It’s weird. Id do anything to see my grandson. Haven’t been aloud to meet him due to my son’s father😓

  7. So ironic he is trying to keep his family safe from the destruction he caused what about the families you murdered

  8. They have to sanction all the russian security services, they are the ones who keep Putin in power. Then the whole of the russian Parliament. The oligarchs only come third in terms of being influential, although they are the people looking after Putin’s wealth so this hurts Putin personally . All people sanctioned must include their whole families as well, because these people are very clever at using their families to avoid sanctions.


      For his personal safety, Putin is always surrounded by highly-trained bodyguards and heavily armed personnel. Even his own driver have to undergo rigid training on martial arts to protect him for ten years. These drivers are trained commandos capable of firing and reversing the car multaneously. Ahead of his foreign trips, his security staff, drivers of Presidential limousin car are flown in advance in a separate aircraft for safety purposes.

      During his road trips, Putin is always escorted by an armend motorcade. This motorcade include BMW 5 series, Mercedes G, S Class and Chevrolet support vehicles.

      For commuting from his home to the KREMLIN OFFICE, Putin uses two MIS helicopters. These helicopters have been modified for his comfort and above all safety.
      Presidential seats, communication systems and LCD screens have been installed inside the MIS helicopters. Moreover, these helicopters also have a mini-kitchen with refrigirators.

      Regarding his daily life-style, Putin’s suits, shoes and neck ties are worth tens of thousands of dollars. His single suit alone would cost around $5,000 to $ 10,000.

      Vladimir Putin also possessed an array of expensive watch collection worth $ 891,500.

      Moreover, reports have also revealed that Putin has stock worth a billon.


  9. Putin: “My daughter is not a political figure”

    Putin’s daughter: “PaPa! What should I say at the St. Petersburg economic forum?”

    1. @Fresh Character Hey, at least these are targeted actions, I doubt that Ukranian kids hit by cluster bombs had much to say about politics before Putin’s army ended their lives

  10. Why does these particular sanctions just coming out now ?!! 🤨 are you telling me that they didn’t know who his daughters were before now ?!!

    1. We’ve known who his children are since they were babies. But going after family is a strong arm move to force him to concede.

      It won’t work.

    2. @Dr. Florida Man; PhD it’s premature to suggest that it won’t work on him and even if it did we might never know but I’d take my chances with every option I have if I was the one imposing these sanctions, we don’t know he might have a soft spot for his daughters and yields! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    3. Escalating sanctions, in view of Poo-tins unwillingness to negotiate in good faith and compelling evidence of Orcs’ war crimes

  11. If my daughter was trying to pursue a career in “acrobatic rock and roll”, that’s reason enough to keep her secret. I mean WTF is that?

    1. It’s mainly scantily-clad lasses swinging on trapezes while miming to Queen, Bruce Springsteen and Van Halen fondling inflatable electric guitars.

  12. A lot of focus is on yachts and villas right now.
    But little about paintings, pricy wine etc. stored in “freeports“ (e.g. in Switzerland or in Germany) and many likely owned by Russian billionares to avoid taxes/launder money.

    I wonder if those are also affected by sanctions.

  13. You can also be 100% sure that if he had sons they wouldn’t have been sent out on the ‘special military genocide’.

    1. @herzkine whatever that garbled mess you just tried saying is supposed to mean but I’m not interested in anyone’s opinion

  14. This is like going after the mafia…..very strange. Thank goodness Rudy isnt heading the task force on this one.

    1. @Spearhand oh a troll…… great, you do realize it’s a joke right, I also dont clean animals.

  15. “He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; for they are impediments to great enterprises, either of virtue or mischief.”
    Sir Francis Bacon

  16. 4:10 “I’d like to see a vocal community of oligarchs to try make Mr. Putin understand”. LOL, Sounds like a Monty Python skit.

  17. I pray that The World and God show Putin, his family, and Russia the same kindness and hospitality they have shown the innocent people of Ukraine. ❤️🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️ Glory to Heroes 🇺🇦❤️

  18. Suspicion and secrecy are part of who he is. Money spread and hidden among family is normal. He keeps control and has everybody under his thumb.

  19. I used to ask my great grandfather how he grew up in World War II knowing all the atrocities that were going on in Germany he simply said well we kind of knew about them but there wasn’t much we could do so we just sort of ignored it. I feel as though we are doing nothing but completely relieving what he was described we were watching genocide and doing nothing and one day it will be our turn too let’s hope someone comes to rescue us

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