Analyst says this is the single most important moment from Trump town hall

Former President Donald Trump addressed questions from New Hampshire Republican and undeclared voters during a CNN town hall, moderated by Kaitlan Collins. With his sights set on the 2024 GOP presidential primary, here are key moments from the event, and legal analyst Elie Honig reacting to one in particular that he says stands out. #CNN #News


  1. Twenty minutes before the town hall was to end, the CNN host must have gotten a message in her earpiece like, ” OMG we’re in trouble, end this now!!!!!”

    1. Alternatively, “OK, Jack says he’s got everything he needs now, you can cut this garbage as soon as…” 😼

  2. Not only all that, but he also said he talked to putin a lot about him invading Ukraine. Trump knew putin was going to invade Ukraine. What were the details of those conversations? Were those the conversations he didn’t allow American interpreters into?

    1. @Emma P   4:45, he said it right there. “He would have never gone in if i was president, we used to talk about it. “

  3. You guys need to hire the team from Pod Save America to write the questions or moderate the next town hall! Why did you pack the room with his supporters? Shameful production and execution! This seems like a ploy to gain Fox viewers!

  4. I hope CNN plans on giving all candidates a free one hour campaign ad with a friendly audience.

    1. You think CNN chose a republican audience? Are you high? It’s a bunch of regular people. Trump is just hilarious 😂 they should do more town halls though.

    2. ​​@Kyle Kyleep, ” trump is hilarious ” “regular “,sane and decent people laugh at jokes directed at a 79 years old woman who was sexualy assaulted by trump when she was younger. Common man, you know those people laughing in the crowd were trumpers. Who else will laugh at trump’s ” jokes”?

    3. @Kyle Kyle They chose the venue which is in a rural district, so the answer to your question is obvious.


      Perhaps I should enlighten you to a basic tenet of American politics that even people that live in other countries have understood for years……

      Rural distrcit = republican.
      Urban distrcit = democrat.

      It’s not an absolute rule of thumb, but it’s good enough to determine the electoral map of almost every state in the US whether they are typically red or blue.

      Even California has a huge republican voter population because it has a huge amount of rural area beyond the well known cities and Silicon Valley.

  5. Why won’t CNN just post the entire town hall and let people watch it and decide what they think for themselves? Instead we just get talking heads taking clips and putting their spin on it…CNN, POST THE TOWN HALL IN ITS ENTIRETY!

    1. @cmount7655 there are a couple 30 second adds, , but that should be the full video, in its entirety

  6. I want to see the same set up for Joe. Let’s see if Joe can talk off script for that long. I also can’t wait for debates. Rest in Peace Jerry Springer. Jerry should be the debate moderator as this whole thing is a clown show.

  7. A phone call is never perfect unless you both say ‘I love you’ before hanging up. 😉

  8. It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled. To fool them goes to their intelligence, to convince them goes to their pride. Clearly they have more pride than intelligence.

  9. How can the US say that the SCOTUS is independent when the EXEC branch selects who they want to drive their agenda? Have SCOTUS elected and institute term limits so that the court can evolve with the people instead of with the parties.

  10. Rapists often don’t know their victims. That you don’t know her doesn’t carry any water in your defense.

    1. He did know her. There are photos. For him to say he’s never heard of her and this was one big lie, then why didn’t he proffer any defense?

  11. These people are just embarrassingly weird. How can they live with themselves.. they just lie fluidly.

  12. Every thing he said sound spot on! Especially about when asked who he wanted to win the Ikraine war…which was such a dumb loaded trap question from the moderator!

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