1. @Eran Puzirevsky you’re right. Not a negotiation and since the Palistinanians not consulted it’s not a plan either

  1. CANADA is genocidal toward First Nations in the same way this person claims ISREAL is inhumane toward Palestine. CANADA doesn’t consult either. Why is this person being interviewed when they say, “I haven’t read it” meaning the plan? As for criticizing TRUMP, maybe CANADA’S PRIME Minister “ACTRA day-Oh, fashionista, dancin fool” JUSTIN Trudeau can achieve a peace plan the Middle East will accept APART FROM migrating all their populations into CANADA by CANADA courier jet on standby. The Middle East has been in tribal and territorial wars for 2 centuries. Their citizens wouldn’t know how to talk peace if you put the words in their mouths. What they call peace talk is warren words.

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