Analyst says Wagner group leader is acting as Russia’s ‘shadow defense minister’


  1. According to the head of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin, the city has been cleared of Ukrainian fascists. The civilian population has been completely withdrawn. There is no need for any humanitarian corridors. All Ukrainian fascists and mercenaries from Europe who joined them and did not want to surrender were destroyed. Europe, which supported the Ukrainian fascists and, together with the United States, provoked the conflict in Ukraine, continues to supply Zelensky weapons to the Nazi-fascist regime. Russia continues to cleanse Ukraine of fascists and Nazis. The Special Military Operation is entering a new phase. Fascism will be crushed.
    Annalena Burbock recently visited Kharkiv. Oddly enough, the “Green Party” in Germany positioned itself as a party outside the war. Some time ago, Annalena said that she was not interested in the opinion of voters and she would support the Ukrainian fascists. From that moment on, the “Green Party” became the “Brown Party”.

  2. US bombed Japan with the first ever nuclear bombs despite Japan is far away from US and it was not engaging with direct war against US. If NATO makes a direct confrontation with Russia using Ukraine, there will be no hesitation or reservation at all but Russia will use all her nuclear weapons against the enemy. England and Poland will be the second and third targets after Ukraine and then the rest. Russia has 7000 nuclear weapons and the number is growing,

  3. We spend a couple dollars on defense. .if not use it now then what was the point..when if not now.. Ukraine is fighting for the world.

    1. Ukraine is fighting for Ukraine.
      Nato after seeing Russia’s military performance can relax about Russia ever attacking.

    2. @A.R Ahmed I recommend a switch to decaf, and getting an adult to help you with the big words.
      (Be careful what you fish for.)
      *_”You never know what you’ll catch.”_*
      ~~ Cheap Trick

  4. When this is all over , this guy is going to jail for a long time….. Global public enemy number two…

  5. Prigozhin is getting a lot of press and clearly making a bid for a spot at the top table in Russia, but he’s playing a dangerous game criticising the top military generals, he and Kadyrov could well end up dying in some tragic helicopter accident some day in the future (it was old way of getting rid of those who challenged someone more important before they all started falling out of windows)

    1. That could go the other way too. If putrid goes down for any reason, then his dogs will fight amongst themselves for supremacy.

    2. Negative. They are not criticizing Putin. Putin is a czar. Both him and Kadyrov only have love praises for Putin. They taking shots at his generals. They are competing to take their spots

    3. Nah not at all. Priggy has got all of the money instead of the Russian Generals now. And instead of the Russian Army itself. And he has All the Controls of Putey’s top Wagner militia regimes. that probably outsize anything that Putin has. And if Putin were to let Go of the Wagner contribution to things then he Would not be Able to steal Any more Gold from Africa, and he Would loose Control in Syria. Priggy has Got it All sown up to take Putey Krem Over. But its a really sad state 4 Russia.

    4. Prighozin is a political insider. The generals are military career men.

      It only seems logical that if Putin has the power to choose a successor it would be an oligarch, not a general. For so many reasons.

      Don’t forget, though. As rigged and corrupt as it is, it is still technically a democracy in which the next president will be elected by a majority or a plurality of voters. The generals would need to stage a coup and overthrow the rightful elected government. That has repercussions beyond russia, because they possess nukes and the international community generally frowns upon governments formed by coups.

  6. Question is where do this Wagner group get their munitions? A clear indication of more complicated coordinations of Russian war efforts. Intelligence is crucial and NATO clandestine operatives could be assisting on finding these, Wagner, and Russians weaknesses.

    1. The oligarchs became oligarchs by getting lucrative military contracts which they cheated, shortchanged and failed to deliver on. They kept more of the money spent on military hardware for themselves and left the military with broken, substandard or faulty gear. That’s how they can all afford to own dozens of yachts and hire their own private militaries which can afford to buy real western military kit.

    2. By d logic, Wagner is same for Putin as NATO+ other western countries sympathizer fighting for proxy war in Ukraine.

    3. @Wht Rcsta Its been 11 months.
      Russia’s military is what it is.
      I’m amazed China and Japan are not taking their stolen lands back from WW2 by now.

    4. @Simon Cook “To stamped on Russia”? You can to stamped on your wife. Mr. Sam, today Russia is stopping your long arms on its borders.

  7. It’s called contracting out your dirty work. When you hire a contractor, you get the job done without getting your hands dirty. That’s Vladimir Putin in a nutshell.

    1. Poor Vladimer. He was such a shy boy, until he finally came out of his nutshell. Now about his Napoleonic complex…..

    2. *_”Trump wanted to get a Golden Retriever, until he found out it was a type of dog, but his BFF Putin told Trump he should get some dogs, because you don’t have to pay to watch them pee.”_*
      ~~ Hopalong Wienerdog

  8. On paper Wagner is a PMC, in reality it’s base and logistics are all MOD RF. Its main base & range is shared with the 10th Spetsnaz of the GRU. Putin creates competition between his subordinates so he can always point the finger at someone who does something wrong, but if something is done right he can claim credit. The competitive nature has become insulting, Wagner and the MOD RF are at odds with one another. Prigozhin went as far as verbally attacking LT Gen Lapin with the aid of Kadyrov, recently he used the same rhetoric against the Chief of General Staff Gerasimov. Wagner is fully funded by the MOD, it is not a PMC. It always did what the Kremlin asked it to do, whether it be in Syria or in Africa & now in Ukraine.

  9. Ngl Homeland season 9 has a story line that can’t miss. But in all seriousness I hope the people who never signed up for this on both sides can find a way to end this

  10. Thank you Russia, Thank you Mr Putin, Thank you Wagner Group, Thank you General Surivikin …… for the lovely blackout, make it lasts forever & ever 🇷🇺🇷🇺👍👍❤️❤️

  11. That good news for Ukraine when a person with zero military knowledge is head of the Russian military.
    He will be a brilliant commander like Hitler and Putin so far.
    Just don’t but a person in charge who graduated top in their class in one of Russia’s military academies.

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