1. I tried to write a short comment about the Problems in America that need to be solved in regards to police reform. I stopped at three paragraphs.

    1. @Pe S It sounded like he turned around and went at the officer, but we don’t get to see the full video, as usual.

    2. ​@Josephus S “Went at the officer”.. He was in a cell with nowhere to run, on the floor and handcuffed behind his back, you halfwit. Or do you think he was trying to scream the officer to death? Attempt a lethal bum rush from a sitting position, perhaps? -_-

    3. @Pe S if these people didn’t resist, they would still be alive today. Go be dumb somewhere else.

    4. @Adam Snider so resist and die, yah i don’t think that’s how it works because there’s a whole justice system

  2. The last section of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment? “EQUAL protection under the laws”.
    It denies ANY kind of Immunity, even if they’re Police.

    1. @John Smith have never needed my daddy’s a Dr.

    2. @Portia Mccoy laquanda, we both b knowin u daddy aint no doctor…jus cuz he makes u call him dat as he get up in dos guts don’t makes it tru.

    1. @John Dang why is it our white moms take drugs and our white dads leave us 😥 I dont understand and it hurts so bad. Thank GOD a black fam adopted me…..Where would I be today, Thanks mom and dad
      🖤 Love

    2. @Portia Mccoy I wish this was a better statistic. But young black men with out a dad growing up is 8 out 10.

    1. @Portia Mccoy you must think your cleaver lol educate yourself these thugs brought these outcomes on them selves not white people

    2. @preston armer clown boy how old are you twelve and still in the 3rd grade? opening your mouth is not recommended with your lack of education

  3. These people won’t be happy until everyone is free to commit crimes with no punishment.

    1. These people? Clearly we are just supposed to take the licks. This was a mentally disabled man. Cops should never have been anywhere near him. The cops tortured that man to death and people like you justify it.

  4. These cops have families too! All imma say is its now time for us blacks to stand by an eye for an eye! Period

  5. That Brittany lady is a fool. Police were created to punish blacks?? Oh Lord. And they are all shaking their heads.

    1. Learn your history. The American police evolved from the slave patrols. They have never existed to protect Black people. The role of the slave patrols was to return escaped slaves to their owners and enforce WS. They are still fulfilling that role.

      The point is a system that was set up to subjugate and brutalize Black people and PoC cannot be expected to police those groups without reform. That reform has never happened since the inception of policing in America and we see the results of that failure regularly.

  6. He’s in a metal health facility my lord. He was on the floor down already. That’s traumatic even if he lived through it. That’s why those people don’t wanna go to get mental help. Blacks don’t get help.

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