Analyzing Pulmonologist’s Testimony On How George Floyd Was Trying To Breath | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Now that was what you call a Complete Explanation of the Physics of Life.
    That guy is a End Stage VA hospital clinician.
    It was Brilliant.

    1. @K MT I bet there’s a Plea Deal for 3rd degree being presented as we type.
      That was just OutStanding.

    2. The best witness that has taken to the stand. The Dr, explained everything very clearly, by taking us through each stage, he made it easy to understand

    3. not sure if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPwn. Just google for it enjoy!

    1. @Mac Mcleod the courts won’t decide based on which news channel has what opinion on the matter

    2. @Deepak D’Souza I agree but the public will. And I thought CBS was pretty appalling.
      But perhaps I just don’t like their version of reality. I have a sense of dread that Chopin is going to get off because one racist or rapidly Pro police juror who doesn’t care about the evidence managed to sneak on the jury.

  2. How about demonstrating on one of the juror and the defense team what it feels like to have someone on your neck and back for 9:29. 😐 Just a simple demonstration will do.

  3. I watched this doctor’s interrogation. Tears welled in my eyes, absolutely unbelievable, breathtaking. America, be ashamed of sitting a cold-blooded killer and psychopath Chauvin in an ironed suit and allowing him to sit there and take notes as if nothing had happened. This doctor explained absolutely everything and clearly. It was the best in the whole process so far.

    1. I am never ashamed at law enforcement! If I cannot put on the uniform, I have no right to dictate the procedures they do to arrest non-compliant criminals.

  4. His testimony was breathtaking. Mr. George Floyd deserves justice. His death was cruel. I appreciate the way Dr. Tobin spoke with authority then he backed it up with facts. Hard to watch but so necessary.

    1. @JoLayne Skoglund – does Milk Cow expect all expert witnesses to have actually been at the scene? That’s not how the whole *expert witness* thing works @Milk Cow.

    2. @MilkCow I hope you maintain the same standards for Chauvin’s defence witness. By your logic a coroner can never be called for witness unless he/she was present at the scene. You will note have to let thousands of convicts go.

    1. @Fizzgig jones what about the KKK which lynched innocent black people? Yeah, let’s play whatabout-whatabout.

  5. People trying to say he was ODing on opioids are not very clever. How can someone slipping in to a opioid induced coma be trying to break free at the as time he is passing out?

    1. @keylimepie1234 Stomach doesn’t go directly in to blood stream that is intestines that not how digestion works. Stomachs job is break things down so intestines can absorb it

    2. @keylimepie1234 No people don’t know LOL a lot don’t understand how digestion works

    3. @keylimepie1234 there is a simple reason why the alleged overdose of drugs will not have killed him. 4 well trained policemen were needed to restrain him. You can’t have so much energy when you are dying, and all for 9 minutes. If the defence does prove it, then they will have to explain why they used excessive force; and why did they call the ambulance without mentioning it was an emergency. Either way it’s lose- lose scenario for the defence

  6. This is why expert witnesses are so important. I really hope the people who took the video (especially the teenage girl) get rewarded generously.

  7. Take your hand and put your thumb where the Adam’s Apple would be and your 4 fingers on the back of your neck. Then squeeze lightly as if you’re buying produce at the market. See how little pressure is needed to cause discomfort in breathing.
    Now imagine an 180 pound adult with his knee where your hand is.
    Good luck, Defense! 😅😂🤣

  8. This hearing is very educational!! No one is a expert in everything. We all can sure learn!
    This man died for 20 bucks!

    1. Did they even prove the bill was a counterfeit? Because if that bill was real, he was murdered for no reason

    2. @Mickelle Morgan Also important: Did he know it was counterfeit?
      I am quite sure that there are a lot of counterfeit bills that I would not recognize as counterfeit. Especially because normally you do not check all your bills if they could be counterfeit.

    3. @Mickelle Morgan Real OR counterfeit bill, Mr. Floyd was murdered. The reason was Chauvin’s knee cutting off blood supply = oxygen.

  9. ERIC Nelson CAN’T led this WITNESS like he did the other witnesses. BECAUSE this WITNESS is to savvy for him. HE COULDN’T turn him INTO his yes , MAN.

  10. I think Chauvin is culpable but I wonder why the defence did not ask about Floyd saying he could not breathe while in the back of the car? Seems like that would have been a good defence angle to explore.

  11. Dr. Tobin– “That’s the moment the light went out of his eyes,” juxtaposed with the corresponding footage of George. Good Lord… Just breathtaking and heartbreaking, all at once.

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