Anchor Cites Biggie Smalls In Report On Book 'Warning' Against Trump | MSNBC 1

Anchor Cites Biggie Smalls In Report On Book ‘Warning’ Against Trump | MSNBC


A new book, from an anonymous Trump critic who is an alleged senior official in the Trump administration, gives an inside look inside Trump’s problematic and chaotic White House. MSNBC’s Ari Melber compares the new book to Biggie Small’s infamous song ‘Warning,’ giving a heads up about a close acquaintance, who later turned on him. Aired on 11/8/19.
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Anchor Cites Biggie Smalls In Report On Book 'Warning' Against Trump | MSNBC


  1. Thank you Ari…for calling out this opportunist . Dont buy this book. History will tell the story in good time. The Truth doesn’t need a bookcover.

    1. Let’s all convene at 1600 PA Avenue on 4/2020! Have a Big People’s Campaign Rally! It’ll be a Blast! Trump’ll be getting ready to go help Putin do May Day if he still working!

    1. @Sean Shimamoto No, because he’s just comes out of nowhere with a biggie smalls verse. It’s so nerdy.

    2. Aramai Jonassi Hehe. He does it all the time. I have a feeling Ari outside of the news is a VERY DIFFERENT Ari. And I love nerdy guys too…they have a lot more personality and character than most “alpha” dudes.

    3. @Sean Shimamoto I love when he used to be able to put his guests on the spot and asks them to spit some verses and they would awkwardly freeze. Now they all go prepared.

  2. I’m waiting for the day when Ari leaves MSNBC to host his own Hip Hop History channel and film quote discussion show. I’ll be there for every episode.

    1. @Ray El Sorry, I was only teasing you. I did not mean it as an attack. I think yours was one of the funniest comments I’ve seen in a while.

    1. It would have been EPIC! We need more true artists out there with music that makes people think, makes you aware. Music that tells a story, and you can picture it in your mind and it gives you the feels. Music that brings us together…sigh.

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