1. She’s just scared and would rather stay in denial.She derives from a group of people who thrive on denial and delusion and passed it down like a legacy.

    1. @Steve Durham Since 2015 it has been operational at The university of Alaska at Fairbanks.

    2. @Pecquet-DuBaLaix you have a problem with studying the ionosphere? Don’t you like learning?

    1. It’s hard to go against the grain. I new this already 60 years ago. But when people are in denial, there’s no arguing. There’s only one thing left and that is to let it hit the wall.

  2. 1989, that was the year that scientists first testified before Congress about the global warming outlook for the human experience on earth.

  3. From an Aussie experienced in heat waves, check on your oldies and vulnerable others who live alone. Incredibly high risk time, more so when people are unfamiliar with very hot weather.

    ETA: Check on animals too. They are just as vulnerable to heat. Fresh water and shade are essential. Remember – if the ground is too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for theirs! – Thanks to commenters below for this reminder.

    1. Hello from North Carolina, USA! I’m lucky to have some friends from Australia and I have a deep affection and appreciation for your beautiful country and wonderful people. As a history buff I always like to give Australia their due credit and thanks for their achievements and participation in the World Wars, they couldn’t have been won without you guys. Not all Americans think we won those wars singlehandedly, you lot deserve way more acknowledgment than you get. So from one grateful American, cheers mate πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

    2. @Ty do you even realize how many children and women were raped forced to settle in Australia for minor crimes from a lot of other countries during the travels of the penal colonies. Let alone the men also criminally charged mostly from the UK for various crimes back in those times also. The women and children of the time had to serve sexually for not only the crews but international forced into prostitution a long the way. I am not for criminal activity for any rate no matter a persons sex and Australians truly had a rough start, women and children more so then the men however the penal colonies had to band together to create the new country in which included many men in actual trades of work at the time and that they were dumped on to fend for themselves so what you are saying is truth and factual but unlike other countries who had to fight in wars to defend their homeland, the penal colonies has to fight to survive without anything else and not against other nations back then so of course many of the things you mentioned did indeed take place but we can see a repeat in the history of what you are saying with what Russia is doing to children and women of the Ukraine all while innocent civilian men are being slaughtered in murders now by the Russian forces who are also stealing much of the Ukrainian supplies to live including much of the food that is slowly starting to re emerge in agreements.

      Many countries have battled for the same things over the decades and centuries. And even the American Indians raped and killed children, women and men who were trying to settle in the free world of the original colonists.

    3. Jack, thank you for your consideration and concern – as an older, disabled and single woman, it is a worry for me that if I were to be laid out by heat that we in the UK have never experienced, it might be a while before anyone noticed. I rarely go out any more, partly my health – cancer- and partly my loss of confidence from spending months in lockdown.
      My granddaughter has dual nationality, as my daughter married an Australian, and she lives near Perth. I expect that she manages the heat far better than I ever could but that doesn’t stop me worrying about her, and I hope that she has caring friends around her. My only experience of Australia was that the heat was different, crisp and much drier, unlike here, with high humidity, which is the exhausting part for many of us. Of course, I was only there for a few weeks, so had a very limited experience.
      You take care of you and your family! πŸ˜ƒ

  4. “What makes you fatalistic and such a harbinger of doom.”
    “I have a PhD. in Science.”

    1. @MaverickBlue I know people with enough diplomas to wallpaper a room but have the common sense of a flea. I know of others like George Washington with a third grade formal education who took it to the top. He had common sense and an IQ of 140. I believe in education. My 4 kids prove that 2 are doctors, one a cpa and my son got his engineering degree in the air force. It is what comes out of your brain that counts more than what goes into it and what you learn from life.

  5. In April, on “Good Morning Britain”, they had a protester talking about climate change, and another journalist talking about the inconvenience of the protests.

    1. @Chadillac bahahaha. You poor little thing! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. Funny,
      When my husband and I first moved to LA,CA with our kids in the mid 1990’s bill was the primetime sportscaster for KABC 7.

    1. For your address tomorrow mail mail address tomorrow πŸ“πŸ‘πŸ₯

    2. We know that Poseidon does not create waves in the ocean. We know that Zeus does not throw lightning when he was upset. Yet… So many people still believe that humans can control the weather and climate. Next they will want to try to find a virgin and sacrifice her in the volcano.

  6. That ignorant reporter should be fired! The meteorologist is the expert, and trying to warn the public of the dangers of this heat wave.

    1. I looked her up, her twitter feed is full of conspiracy nonsense. It’s wild she was even hired in the first place

    2. @Charles Satterthwaite IV GB News is the UK’s version of Fox News but with far worse production quality and laughable presenters. So bad that not one of them would be taken seriously on another channel here in the UK.

  7. “She can tell you about a plane crash with a twinkle in her eye.” Don Henley. “Good morning sunshine!!!” Robin Meade … News has been an entertainment business since cable news … “No more than 3 to 4 minutes per ANY story in large part with a few exceptions…. and people wonder why attention spans and a deeper understanding of events is so limited. But hey …. we have ET TONIGHT and Kardashianism …

  8. It could be just my age as I’m getting older. But even on a relatively mild day, the sun feels more intense to me than it used to.

    1. When it’s 115 in the sun and humidity is above 80% I can’t be out there, My ac can’t keep up with it and this is no joke. Used to say it feels like we are 6″ from the sun but I now think we are. I haven’t been outside in 2wks cause it’s so hot

  9. All I can say is “water is life.” If all these clearly observable changes to our climate environment doesn’t change people’s mindset, then we are doomed. Earth will be fine…

    1. @searchengine27 That’s my point! Earth will become another dead rock in the universe and it will be fine. 😏

  10. Living in northern Arizona and California prior, I can say that this drought is no joke! Strange days ahead.

  11. As a Brit, I’ve never even heard of GB News, let alone watched it. A quick search shows it’s a right-wing small outfit, started Summer 2021. Having seen that clip, I feel confident they’re not my cup of tea…

  12. When I watched that movie… the comedy was lost on me because it was so true to how reality is today.

    1. So it’s genre is a bit mislabeled then, and needs to be classified as _”Satirical Docudrama”?_ πŸ₯΄

      Joking aside… Personally, when the comedy is like you describe, I rather it be a Stand-Up routine by someone. I find it hilarious when a single person is pointing out and making fun of the things that are frustrating in our lives.
      However, turning it into a scripted comedy, I find it hard to enjoy (again, personally). As an example, and I know this is quite blasphemous to some, I can’t stand The Office (US), solely because it’s so cringeworthy and relatable. It gets turned into something not enjoyable, _as a whole_ at least… Clips of segments, some betting taken out of context slightly, I DO find humorous.
      “Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galactica.” deserves a chortle, albeit requires some insight into the characters to appreciate (often enough, the TV being on in the background would be on a channel that reruns aired on; thus, I picked up some details heh)

      Same goes for Seinfeld. I _can’t stand_ the show and only enjoy Kramer’s antics!
      **_locks himself in a safe-room to ride out the downvotes_**

  13. ” I want people to be happy about the weather!!!??”
    What an absolutely ignorant thing to say when the meteorologist is trying to warn persons and help SAVE LIVES!

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