Anderson Cooper asks Bill Gates if he'd eat inside a restaurant 1 year from now 1

Anderson Cooper asks Bill Gates if he’d eat inside a restaurant 1 year from now


As more and more Americans receive the Covid-19 vaccine, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asks Bill Gates if, one year from now, he would be willing to sit inside at a restaurant or resume shaking hands with people.


    1. @Cait C Truth! Most media uses the Monarch Program.
      It brainwashes the masses into submission.
      Freedom is fragile.
      It’s a tragedy. The CIA started this.
      People are still taking the ‘Programmers” to court.

    2. I laugh out off pity! What has the same glasses got to do with anything?!

    3. @Brooke Baldvag Everyone must be liked by you. Otherwise they (non gentile) are under investigation for fondling young boys.

    4. @Brooke Baldvag Aww, did you come to a random comment just to say something unrelated to the video? Who’s a good MAGAt girl!? I bet you are!

      Now go lie down

    1. @hello there Yeah thats fair but I’d say we’ve dont an amazing job keeping those diseases nearly irradiated. Now the fight is with our misinformed public.

    2. @Endless Energy 420 Individual doctors and nurses can and do care. But yes, hospitals are a business like any other. Just like the chemists and bioengineers that design cancer treatments care but the companies they work for just want money.

  1. The building trust comment was spot on in trying to increase the vaccination rates in African American communities. The Tuskegee syphillis experiments (to an extent even cases like Henrietta Lacks) are relatively recent. The distrust is reasonable so there needs to be trust guiding.

    1. @eruis 313 watch grayzone. Com on him. Then come back and tell us that. Herd immunity was told to us not to do. Why is a non College educated non medical person. So into us doing something we lost our jobs . Our sm. Businesses over.?? Or did we loose our common sense. Because he has investment in the vaccines . He is ending all farming all private property owner ship.. servaillence state.

    1. @The Unspoken are you seriously buying this? The virus is a hoax. They will chip you soon and you’ll become their slave. The media is false

  2. Y’all should’ve not tried to predict a pandemic. It comes down to these sick people no wanting to take a loss on an investment and having their hands tied with a unworkable president.

  3. “Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and indifference toward the wicked.”

    ~ Patanjali

    P.S. How do we determine when someone is wicked? We can start with investments in profits over people, philanthropy for the purpose of profits, and the profitable reduction in “manpower.” “We should be going after people of color…….” Context is important but wordplay should not be ignored.

    Unfortunately, the wicked cannot presently be ignored.

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD They are revealed but they are many. However, we are vast. If we were less distracted and would only quickly use our power in the right way, the world would be different. If the world was a chess board, it would show the predators and their pawns clearly.

      We are but here for a time. We must decide which side we are on. Is it money at all costs? Is it AI technology over true technology? We get to decide. My choice was made the moment I realized where I am, at a whopping 6 years of age.

      If you want to know who some of the main players are start examining the big Cs: collaborations, corporations, and complicity.

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD You just proved his statement wonderfully. Its as if the conservative half of your country is literally brain-dead with the maturity of six year olds. Donald Trump was the perfect avatar for you indeed.

  4. Anderson Cooper, the guy that when Joe Biden said “black and brown people are too stupid to use the Internet” just looked at him and shook his head yes and agreed. Cooper is just a fluffer for the DNC.

    1. Sofa so bad King Rad………i just fact checked what YOU posted and guess what it,s total bullshit but i would expect nothing less from people like YOU

    2. @ronald burns Looks like your “fact checker” is a little limp. Perhaps Anderson Cooper can “pump you up”. If Trump would have said that he would be tried for his third faild impeachment. Since a democrat said it, it is now a fact that minoriteis are too stupid to use the internet. Why are you people so bent on degrading black and brown people? OBTW blacks are also smart enough to drive cars too so they can show an ID to vote just like every other race on the planet.

  5. The world has to come together. There is NO room left for wars, for racism, for ignoring the environmental destruction, for so many.more parts of this complex issues that concern our planets survival.

  6. I think Bill needs a hearing aid. His head is always turned really far to the right while looking in the camera. It’s not the way most people give an interview.

  7. A few days ago, I said to a buddy of mine “remember in the old days when you could walk into a grocery store without disinfecting your hands at the entrance? And he said, that was only a year ago. And I said, yeah, in the old days. Some things should not change back to how they were.

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