Anderson Cooper calls BS on Barr’s defense of Trump’s photo-op

Attorney General Bill Barr says that forcibly dispersing a crowd of protesters near the White House had nothing to do with President Donald Trump photo-op in front of St. John's Episcopal Church. CNN's Anderson Cooper says the timeline of events shows otherwise.

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    1. LMAO look at all these complete morons. Trump has only gained votes these last 3 1/2 years because he is all about America 1st, and Law & Order. Let these scumbags loot and burn building down, they have to live in those communities. God Bless America and OUR President.

  1. At 0:50 you can see him say “let’s move them back” and he motions to indicate it as well.

    1. If you control theyou can control the world if you you know what I mean in the media is all intertwine with all these globalists…

    2. Lol nice try. He literally was discussing something and that’s just a normal conversation hand movement

  2. Barr sounds just like Goebbels making his final speeches over the radio as the troops surrounded Berlin….

    1. Thank Heavens we have the CIA Mockingbird, Anderson Cooper, to set our minds right. Thank you Littlle Gloria for giving us Andy!

    2. AG Bill Barr was hit in the face with a projectile so he gave the order to clear the area. They conveniently leave this fact out though. Tyranny would be if he had declared martial law and sent in troops immediately, not allowed protests, and forced people to stay home until it all boiled over. You don’t know what a ‘cruel and oppressive government’ is. Trump hasn’t tried to take any of your rights away during his presidency. Your argument is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. does the police chief have a backbone, why did he taKe the direction of Barr when he knew it was a peaceful protest.

    1. BigD i don’t think anyone died in the DC protests. You’re also missing the entire point of the protests. In the words Foghorn Leghorn, it went over ya head son.

    2. Dezz Davis
      Barr was following the idiot that occupies our once glorious white house. All instructions/directions emanate from that fool.

    3. there are 4 forces acting as police in dc right now. The metro pd (dc police force), secret service (federal police), dc park police (federal police), and the military (troops and national guard). All the officers in front of the white house are secret service or park police and they take orders directly from the federal government, meaning ag Barr is their boss. metro pd was not there and did not even find out about the attack on peaceful protestors until after it happened, and the military said no national guard or troops were involved in the shooting of tear gas or rubber bullets. All the wrongdoing was done by the forces that take orders from Barr and the trump white house.

    1. Yellow-bellied bunker boy was going to go out to address the crowds but his bone spurs were acting up again.

    2. Bill Barr was hit in the face with a projectile and that’s why he gave the order to clear the area. Oh well, more blind people who won’t bother to look up the whole story because what CNN says fits their opinion.

  4. “Thugs “, he is judging people by his own standard. Thug in Chief. God Save America.

    1. Stirring up race relations is what the left leaning media does best. GF’s murder was definitely wrong, but the Washington Post & FBI statistics tell the tale. There is no “systemic racism” problem. There are bad cops, but are the exception. The stats are the FACTS. Liberals play off emotion. Say that 10x’s. Americans need to wake up. Our country depends on it. We are more alike than different, the left leaning media wants us to focus on the differences…

    2. @Mickey Doolittle Men, you’re so deranged and racist that you have the courage only morons can have of saying “There is no “systemic racism” problem”. And you also said the bad cops are the exceptions… Oh, so many exceptions! Only in the USA, not on any other decent country in the world. How stupid and racist can you be? Well, like the majority of racists you don’t know you are.

    3. Crossfire Hurricane Docs prove the DOJ has no justifiable reason to investigate Candidate Trump or his team. So when President Trump said early on that they were spying on him, he was exactly right! How did President Trump know? Because he’s a Stable Genius, you unpatriotic brainwashed Libtards! Duh!
      Go Trump! The Chosen One! 2020 Landsl,….. AVALAAAAAAANCHE!

    4. Liberals are so soft and dumb. Your democratic mayors and governors have turned our major inner cities into slums. We will not be voting blue any longer. Candace Owens said it best, “Democrats build oppression, then cry foul when it explodes” Join Team Trump and become a part of a winning team that doesn’t care about the color of your skin.

  5. General Honore calls it like he sees it, love to see him, he’s smart and no nonsense, can we get him to help us clear out the troops from DC?
    PS. Who’s paying to bring troops from Texas? The taxpayer I’ll bet

  6. This is always Trump’s MO: “We didn’t do anything.” then, “We did it, but it wasn’t so bad.” then “Screw you, we’ll do as we please.” Seems like they’re operating as usual.

    1. Well said. He’s evil, people need to wake up and stop admiring him. He is the biggest liar and are destroying America democracy. All the best come on the election.

    1. @Jus4theHELLofit who’s the imbecile!? You are. You watch Trump lie every f****** day, on video and you admire that?!

  7. The most laughable part is that they all thought that the photo-op would be a slam dunk.

    1. That was Ivanka Barbie’s idea. She carried that Bible in her little white purse. Good call, bimbo!

    2. It was a slam dunk for the Democrats,as it gives them a benchmark moment to use against Trump showing his total disregard for America and it’s constitution.If Trump had actually said something profound in front of the church,he might have gotten away with it but he stood there like the dolt he is and just looked annoyed.

    3. You think that they thought the photo-op would be aa slam dunk I’m confused as to why everybody thinks that this was going to be some major thing I don’t get it I mean please enlighten meI’m not trying to be rude whatsoever to anyone I want to be I want to see what your position is what what what do you thinking that his photo-op or what what what do you think he was trying to accomplish here

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