1. People aren’t dying in the streets. Tik tok nurses aren’t overwhelmed. Supposedly overflowing hospitals sre empty. My wife’s grandmother supposedly died from covid1984. George floyd technically died the same way, according to how they count deaths.

    2. Elwood Hopkins CNN gets upset when Trump speaks facts. It goes against their narrative that everything he says is a lie. So they distort the truth on everything, and report on it for the entire day to prove he’s lying. It is like watching them rewrite their own book every day.

  1. He can’t even read like an educated person……maybe because he isn’t. I mean trump. Anderson reads very well

    1. _____ , the thing is that there is a pandemic right now. and golding instead of planning and working with others is very irresponsible

    2. Christian V, yes that makes sense because when people think a certain way about their country the want to destroy it, that makes perfect sense

    3. Yes, Anderson reads well from the teleprompter, but when he isn’t using it and asks questions of a guest, he’s a mess. It’s like night and day. Next time, check him out when he talks to a guest. He fumbles so much just trying to get the questions out, it’s very obvious.

    4. @91ardak how exactly is he moving this country towards dictatorship? 🤤 Have you seen anything Dems have done lately? Trying to erase history, banning, censoring, wanting to make everything mandatory, etc

  2. He can’t keep Obama’s name out of his mouth. He can’t help himself. That fact is very revealing.

    1. @s1svegeta The Obama Administration must be prosecuted for what they did or this country will never be united again.🇺🇸

    2. Perhaps cause his administration spied on him as a running candidate and abused the fisa court to do so.

    1. WHY DO WE FOCUS ON SMALL STUFF WHEN THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM IS FINDING A CURE > SINCE 2005 , IT HAS BEEN KNOW THAT CHLOROQUINE IS VERY EFFECTIVE AGAINST CORONA VIRUSES > HERE IS A SCIENTIFIC REPORT PUBLISHED IN 2005 ON THE SAME https://virologyj.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1743-422X-2-69 < THEY REASON THEY ARE PUSHING FOR VACCINE IS TO IMPLEMENT DIGITAL ID BASED ON INVISIBLE QUANTUM TATTOO INKhttps://www.scientificamerican.com/article/invisible-ink-could-reveal-whether-kids-have-been-vaccinated/ > THE VACCINES THEY WANT TO USE AGAINST COVID ALSO RELY ON THE FACT THAT YOUR GENES MUST BE EDITED AS EXPLAINED HERE https://www.idrc.ca/en/project/using-crisprcas9-gene-editing-increased-vaccine-yields-avian-cell-lines

    2. s 400, if it is so effective then tell us why it’s not being used as a cure, along with that our genes would not be modified. the immune system is made to create antibodies that are effective. and are you stupid enough to think they would put in a “ DIGITAL ID” that doesn’t even work

    1. @Trump is my President What you believe means nothing to me.
      Before the week is up, you just know trump is going to do something even more bizarre either in Portland, Michigan, Chicago, or somewhere else.
      BTW, you don’t need to get ready for Biden voting, he will.
      But it’s funny how trump calls mail in voting cheating, when he votes by mail.
      I have no idea what ANTIFA want nor do. If they attack you, good luck. I’m sure Barr will come and help, … next year. As for terrorists, they should be stopped. On the other hand, are you opposed to BLM protesters? Do you want to take away their rights? Sounds fascist to me if you do. Heil trump. Don’t forget your jackboots

    2. @Day Dreamer What you claim has no meaning to me. I hope Trump sends more men to deal with the BLM terrorists. If they attack me, I’ll just shoot them… Seems like whenever someone shoot them, they just scream and run away. I’m not letting them attack me.

    3. @Day Dreamer All the violence in Democrat cities will end when we defeat them, by whatever means are necessary…

    1. Then he made a video pretending to emerge from his basement for the first time eventhough it was well know he’d been out with his family. Yet these people still blindly believe anything these scumbags say. 🤤

  3. trump doesn’t have a soul and set our supplies over seas which he happily loves bragging about!

  4. We all knew about Trump’s Hitleresque impulses, but who ever even imagined he’d be reviving eugenics, to use against his own supporters?

    1. I’m pretty sure hitler wouldn’t send in the troops long after 7+ weeks of rioting…..LOL. Thanks for the big brain take though….You tried 😉

  5. The previous administration didn’t “deplete” tests. There were no tests for Covid19. Propaganda just like most wannabe dictators.

    1. @Tommy Devine maybe your not seeing the actual hemorrhoid of the Democratic Party. ???
      Perhaps you are one of those hemorrhoids full of puss

    2. @James Henry “puss” is a coloquial slang term for “vagina” or “cat” or “wimp”. I believe the term you were thinking of is “pus”. You know, the stuff your spewing from your mouth.

    3. His executive order eliminated monies for CDC on research for epidemics that President Obama had granted did the same with Global Warming assigned monies. Remember?????

    4. @Mandy not free any more, it is turning into Dictatorship. Nazis style Stalin style. Attack citizens,who pay taxes, their salaries, beat them damage their eyes no respect to.. Constitution . Right to gather, Right to speak, Right to demonstrate, freedom of press…. Nothing respected with this man. Help Congress help us. We need France again to liberate us.

    1. Oh yea Trump has taken so much time off Anderson you are such a jerk and work at a place that lies!!!!!

    1. Trump is part of the mafia didn’t you hear? Trump deranged leftists said so, so it must be true right?….😑smh

  6. “I’m to busy with the pandemic to toss out the first ball”…translation…they boo me too much

    1. @Scott Senarosa At least they asked Dr. Fauchi to. Not like Dumph who wasn’t even invited to throw out the 1st pitch but made it out that he was! So Sad !!!

    2. @Scott Senarosa at least he didn’t LIE like trump did about doing so. NY Yankees or management knew nothing about it. He just invited himself at least Fauci was invited to do so.

    3. Jose Delatorre nah he just ain’t into the silly ready to suck one kneeling they are embracing. Have fun there pitching and catching.

    1. @Danielle Adair watch less cnn you will eventually get to the point where you understand that comment😂

  7. Look at all the faces surrounding him. Smart people, with ignorance. They have no say in his words.

    1. He is a type A person or in this case a type A+. I am not. I think deep enough to realize it doesnt matter in a century we will either be rotting corpses or ashes one of the 2.

    2. Because he’s weak and incompetent & he knows it internally but rather than face his absolute truth he lies, cheats & steals. His days are numbered @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  8. The way he’d handle the pandemic, he’d might as well ‘stockpile coffins’, for Biden to take over ?!

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