1. 7:17 Wow !! For a mother or even father to see their child jump to death from balcony in your apartment, must’ve been so heartbreaking 😢.

    1. … and his mom spending decades trying to re-imagine “what if I had …?” is both heartbreaking and valuable.

  2. Just admire Anderson Cooper so much as he has evolved over the years and so glad he has finally been able to embrace and share the Vanderbilt family history since his mother’s death 3 years ago.

  3. Anderson Cooper is a true professional and has been through his own tragedies and has been a great example of the ultimate survivor. People with or without, have problems and learn to adapt and adjust and overcome. Anderson Cooper is a terrific TV journalist because he has compassion and is intelligent. He’s one of the best!!!🧐🌲👍 That you can count on!!!👍

  4. We all experience loss in our lives, but some losses are more wrenching than others because of the circumstances that surround them. A very difficult discussion about a topic that rarely is discussed openly, especially in such a public way. Anderson Cooper is a man whose losses have been part of his life from an early age, and they sit close to the surface. Isn’t it lovely that now, his life has been blessed by the addition of two adorable children. The balance sheet is looking a little bit more even. AND, he did have a loving mother in his life for many long years!

  5. Love Anderson so much – for him. Not his family. But my heart is with him in his loneliness- we all identify with loss. I lost my dad my rock. Lost my uncle my compass in life. Lost two sisters- unbearable really. I get being in the war- I ran a hospital during pandemic and no one believed in what I was striving to fight for. Life!

    1. Lol… did you not listen to what he first said.. nanny as his mother figure, hence his mother was not around very much. Try and listen a little.

  6. What a wonderful interview! I lost my beloved younger brother, suddenly and unexpectedly, two and a half years ago and the grief still hits me every single day. 😢

    1. My son died six years ago on the 28th of October and my husband asked my daughter if she realized it was six years and she almost cried on the phone because she hadn’t realized it was the anniversary of his death . They were thicker than theives and its really quite sad she tells her kids about him all the time it’s like they knew him,but my daughter inlaw never speaks to his kids about him it’s like she forgets he’s a dead daddy not a deadbeat daddy.

    2. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mom not too long ago, the pain never goes away, it eventually becomes bearable. Make sure to keep your heart and mind open, because one of these days you will remember something so goofy that he did, you are gonna just laugh and laugh. Then, you will realize that for the first time, you didn’t feel sad when you thought of him✌️.

  7. Anderson’s son is fortunate to have such a thoughtful and honest father. I’m so glad they have one another.

  8. I love Anderson’s 360 show, his talk show, his podcast and his books! He’s been through so much tragedy and is so honest and humble.

  9. My mother and father died I took it so hard you don’t really want those people to be your best friends because they’re a generation older than you. Recently my daughter passed. It’s a tricky topic because people don’t know what to say and don’t wanna talk about it. I do enjoy when people can share memories but that’s far and few in between.

  10. Anderson’s insights are just incredible and in listening to him, it somehow makes things easier for me. I think it’s his openness about the things that we fear and the losses that we’ve had. My family does not understand my losses and how they’ve affected me – they’re of the mindset of “just get over it”, but I feel like Anderson is saying it’s OK not to get over it, it’s learning to live with it. I think him so much for that insight. It helps me feel less alone in this world. xx

  11. I was so moved by the biography of your mum you did a few years ago, Nothing Left Unsaid, and this interview brought those feelings back. I’m so glad you have your boys , who can grow up and experience a depth of feeling from their dad that past generations didn’t or couldn’t. I believe it’s this parental love revolution that could heal the world if we let it… thanks, Anderson, for sharing your story and your craft in such an honest, meaningful and powerful way. It’s a gift to me and countless others of your viewers… 🙏

  12. My brother died of suicide he was 19 , I was 23 . As a family we never talked about it . And holding it in all these years has been painful. God bless you Anderson for your courage and strength to be able to talk about what you and your mother went through. We always blame ourselves , what could we have done differently ?

  13. Thanks for this interview. Anderson Cooper is a great communicator. His opening up about his personal losses has helped so many in their personal healings.

  14. A very healthy and wholesome interview. Life’s difficulties provide opportunities for everyone to introspect, cope, and grow. How different the world would be if we each spent more time looking inward.

  15. I read your autobiography and thought you were running from your pain as a young war correspondent. To hear you explain it was the drive to reach the same frequency of pain to be able to then learn and grow is remarkable. Thank you. I too lost my elder brother to suicide when we were in our twenties. It both silenced and exploded the chaos. After my parents death and stroke I cleared their home, I found every answer I hoped for when I identified the severe dysfunction of my family when I was 3 years old. Nothing good unfortunately, enough evidence of deceit, lies and crime to completely undermine the foundation of “me”. I’m not the same person I was but I have a truth and explanation for my dissonance for 53 years.

  16. Anderson, I have so much respect for you because you’re not afraid of being vulnerable on any level! I am so sorry for all that you’ve been through but as you said it, it makes us who we are today! I lost my father to suicide in 2010 and I am ok with never knowing why, because I don’t want to understand how that feels! Take care of yourself and your family Anderson because you deserve to be happy! Sincerely, NRC 🤗🙏💜❤️

  17. My dad was born in the 20s and my mom in the 30s and so were contemporaries of Gloria Vanderbilt. While I sometimes heard them speak with derision about the exploits of wealthy public figures of their day, I only heard them speak with compassion and empathy about Vanderbilt. The trauma she endured as a small child earned her the moniker of, “poor little rich girl” in the 30s, and the continued losses she experienced even in my lifetime were heartbreaking. I hope Cooper is able to remain connected to those who love him and stay grounded during the hard seasons of grief he is bound to experience throughout the remainder of his life. I pray for love, peace and joy for him and his child.

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