1. Reporter: Will you consider the new evidence that has incriminating information on the accused

    GOP senator: yOu LiBeRaL hAcK

    smooth … real smooth.. I know which party ill be voting for 2020

    1. I’m there with you. I was raised Conservative in a Conservative family. Thanks to Trump, we all voted Democrat in the Mid-Terms and thanks to the GOP’s recent actions, I don’t think I will ever vote for a Republican again.

    2. @Jeremy Backup I guess you didn’t hear the news. Russian collusion was a bust and a lie. Keep pushing the Russian narrative and the bot narrative though. You people all seem to think the same.

    1. Goku Black Well, that is what all Trumptards think. Donald Trump is the smartest man ever lived, all Trumptards are just 10 IQ points below him.

    2. @maddooggg Prosecutors don’t present evidence at indictment (The Impeachent hearings) those determine whether there is a case to answer. They present evidence at the Trial ( the Senate procedings).

    3. bg mofo
      Th e impeached * trump told them to ignore the subpoenas, and he ordered his admin to refuse handing over documents, emails, and any relevant information, Obstructing the congress from doing its duty, Stone walling in courts, and not upholding the laws of the constitution.
      You know that’s wrong, don’t you? Or are you that ignorant and uneducated?

  2. She’s a *Senate SEAT FILLER* that’s angry her legacy will be in the garbage right along with the rest of her Republican cronies!

    1. David V you know what, she said the best possible thing. CNN IS JUST PART OF THE PROBLEM.
      Another corporate media.
      When CNN treats someone horrible, they say, HEY this is fact. When people respond to cnn, they say, oh no they called me a hack.
      What a joke

  3. Any Congress member who is putting party before the people and scared losing their jobs are in need of removal!!!

  4. She’s trying to show the dotard and his base she wants a endorsement from the sweaty lying cheating fat dotard #DonaldTrump

  5. I just donated, again, to Mark Kelly, please help elect this great American,

    The GOP shouldn’t be allowed to appoint our Senators.

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