1. It is disgusting to see those who are supposed to serve and protect how they leave like cowards I’m in tears

    1. @Kat Thomas good job. If the criminals knew that there was a chance of them eating bullets doing there crimes there would be a lot less crime.

    2. @cap crunch it was an assault rifle, and he had the hit on him, he was just waiting for someone to come in. So ur saying the cop would of knew exactly where he’s at, dodge his bullets and still have the aim to take him out in 1 bullet. 😂 yea ok, it’s not a movie

    3. @J j if he is shooting children you really think he has a bead on the door? Quite trying too rationalize cowardly behavior. Men stormed normady beach under clouds of advanced weapon fire from trained individuals but they still did it. These idiots could not be brave enough too take on one kid who was killing children. Dispicable

  2. This is absolutely incomprehensible. If police aren’t there to risk their lives for our children, what on earth do we pay them for?? The parents were ready to handle it themselves WITHOUT guns, and you’re telling me cops with military gear are too afraid? Make it make sense.

    1. @Alvan I don’t know wether to accept or reject whatever after the fact means nor do I know if you could tell wether it is or is not relevant. I am actually familiar with firearms and am not speculating things I don’t understand which I’m not sure but I think could be the case with you and bullets, firearms or armor.

    2. SCOTUS ruled that neither the Constitution, nor state law, impose a general duty upon police officers or other governmental officials to protect individual persons from harm — even when they know the harm will occur.
      Police can watch someone attack you, refuse to intervene and not violate the Constitution.

    3. It makes no sense unless you try to watch them as police that protects the shooter, not the children.
      They hold everybody who tries to help and wait till all are death and nobody could become medical aid anymore.
      Don’t see what they try to make you see. Why did they wait so long, why did they edit and let out?

    4. A mother they could not get their hands on ran into the classroom and saved her children unarmed. She says she is harassed by the police for daring to do so and even tell it the public.
      There is something very foul here and it is they were protecting the shooter to be successful. No other explanation makes any sense.

    1. I was thinking the same. They make you feel like a criminal for not doing a 100% stop.
      Cowards, should be fired and banned from any civil/gov. work.

  3. All that expensive gear and macho Attitude dealing with protesters but when there’s a threat the tail is tucked and the training goes out the window

    1. They did exactly as their training instructed. The problem is the training and candidate selection.

    2. Only thing missing was a cart of donuts and coffee to fill their already fat bellies. I was getting anxiety watching them stand around. How dare they reprimand the mother who went in and got her kids.

  4. they need to release the full video, with the audio.
    The People need to understand the scope of the cowardice that was shown by the people standing in that hallway.
    If they could hear the screams and then the silence, they’d understand the power of these weapons of war, and the horror of what they are defending.
    You’ll never achieve change through censorship.

    1. Completely agree. I think hearing the childrens’ screams may finally cause change. If the situation is downplayed, then people will not take it as seriously, and the same exact thing will happen again. And again. And again.

    2. @Sharpe every cop that was there should be made to watch the entire video with unedited audio. Then fire them on the spot.

    3. I agree completely. As uncomfortable as it maybe to some, it’s exactly why the audio needs to be included so everyone can understand the scope of the situation. Not including the audio is just softening the situation and making it bearable… It’s not. It’s unexcusable what happened, how it was handled and how this video has been treated. It was complete chaos and we need to hear that too. That way ALL can comprehend what happened and how we must make it a point to make ourselves safer and our children.

  5. What does one even say after seeing this video?? Checking phones, sanitizing hands while children are dying?? Running away at the sound of bullets, to say nothing of the ballistic shield being in the middle of the advance? Every one of them should be held accountable. 🤬

    1. @0bnoxide Hans sanitizer guy is the only one that prepares in anyway to help the kids. It was totally reasonable to use hand sanitizer when you expect to be doing first aid on kids with egregious injuries

    2. @Michael Morningstar Apparently you’re not thinking very well, I did not see injured children in the hallway, the moment he touches anything including the doorknob to get in the classrooms of the injured his hands would have already been contaminated, so I didn’t see the point. I’m pretty sure there’s sanitizer in the classrooms.

  6. I cannot watch this, knowing that these cowardly cops allowed these children to die and did nothing for over an hour 😠

    1. @Tessmage Tessera I’m suggesting that if CNN is going to grandstand about how terrible it is that this video came out before the families have seen it, then CNN shouldn’t be complicit in airing the video before the families have seen it.

  7. Can someone provide a logical explanation why in a time of crisis utilizing hand sanitizer and stepping back is an action? PARENTS: SUE THEM ALL. Everyone and entity involved needs to be Sued. It won’t bring back the kids…. But, This was very hard to watch.

    1. Yes actually I can. Thanks for asking the question rather than condemning that action without consideration.

      I’d you are going to be doing first aid on a gunshot victim you should have your hands as clean as possible. That guy is literally the only one in the video that in any way prepares to help any children.

  8. Every damn one of them need charges. To Protect and Serve… Not sit in a hall way and hope the smoke clears while using hand sanitizer….. this makes my blood boil. As prior military Infantry this makes me sick… all those badges need to be ripped off.

  9. Pathological dereliction of duty led to the murders of children. If anything is a crime, this is and not one of those officers should be allowed to ever be so pretentious again. It just goes to show that we have to protect ourselves and depend on no one.

    1. So true. Every teacher who wants to arm themselves should be allowed to do so after the proper training. They should never be at the mercy of a lunatic gunman like this.

    2. Negligent homicide as well, man. I’m surprised that every officer in the Uvalde police and their police headquarters haven’t been burned to the ground for this by now.

  10. Bare minimum all of those cops in the video should be stripped of their badges, and be put on trial. I feel sorry for anyone who lives in the US who has suffered from gun violence. Love from Australia 🇦🇺

  11. This is why police officers need to be held to the same standards as regular citizens. You won’t see veterans in combat running from a fight unless they are out numbered. Even then they would regroup to still push forward. Why, because the oath we take is for the protection of our families. Our lives are worth sacrificing for the love of our families and country. Police officers today are only in uniform for the power they possess and the ability to be incompetent and still keep a job. That entire precinct needs to be replaced. Those poor children didn’t stand a chance with a precinct of Gomer Pyles responding to their cries. Dear Lord, please watch over the souls of your beautiful children and let them know that the sins of man can never hurt them again.🙏

    1. @jlbueno0611 I’d say a good majority of ex-military are extremely disciplined and would be able to handle this kind of situation, even if they are scared. The military does have MAJOR issues but soldiers are overall better than police. If these so called cops were military at some point, then it’s like you said, a coward is a coward. They were probably like that while in service.

    2. In reality, combat soldiers often run. Being a soldier, in itself, is not a guarantee of bravery.

    3. @Alan S Binnie I’m not saying that being a soldier or veteran automatically makes you brave because like another commenter stated, some soldiers are cowards as well. But would you see an ENTIRE PLATOON run because their scared! HELL NO!!!

  12. Cowards!! I applaud the woman who defied police and jumped the fence to go in a rescue her children. It’s what I would do. But yet she is being bullied by the police in Uvalde

    1. I more than applaud that woman! She should be given a bravery medal for what she did and every other parent and police officer should have done the same!

  13. Look, I’ve been trained in rapid response doctrine since just after Columbine. The training has evolved over the years to become even more aggressive, *and these men absolutely FAILED in their duty to those children.*

  14. I don’t know how any of them could just stand there, listening to screaming children, and not do something. I hope that everyone responsible for this “response” hears those screams in their dreams. My heart aches for the children, teachers, and all the families affected.

    1. Well, at least the cops used the hand sanitizer. Wouldn’t wanna spread any germs while the children are being butchered.

    2. and poor parents now. I think for some of them their kids have been killed 2 times. First in the horrible shooting, second watching this video.
      I do hope that the (in school present) commanders of these policemen will hear your mentioned screms of the children while in prison for some time. IMO this would be justified, bc they shouldn t be in the police if they are not even able to do their job and save lifes when it matters. I havn t seen any valid excuse for their inaction yet.

  15. No matter how much hand sanitizer was used, those police officers’ hands are covered with the blood of those children and teachers. RIH to those that didn’t make it out alive. God bless those who made it out alive (minus the police) and prayers of strength to the families that lost their loved ones. 😔

    1. I am not fully defending him.I have put myself at risk to save my dog during a fire; he was my top priority. However, it looks to be a coping mechanism for this person.

    2. @Kerry Bree: I agree. I don’t think the officer used the hand sanitizer because he was being callous, or uncaring. Like you, I think it was probably a response to the anxiety he must have been feeling. But I agree with JR’s comment. No amount of hand-washing is going to remove the stain caused by their inaction.

  16. All you see in the unedited version is greaseball after greaseball, making hand gestures for 77 minutes and camping a doorway with the worst angle imaginable. A bunch of overweight, balding, cowards… taking their sweet time to finally grow a pair and end the degenerate within a matter of seconds. Imagine being wounded and having a chance at surviving during the first three minutes upon their arrival, only to end up waiting what most definitely felt like an eternity, bleeding out in pure agony. Absolutely despicable.

  17. “the police response during and after the shooting has been nothing short of pathetic”
    Respectfully disagree, with your words, though not your intent, Anderson. The police response falls far short of rising to the level of “pathetic”. Had their response been twice as good as it was, it would still not have been good enough to be called pathetic.
    Individual activity shown in that video shows a CLEAR lack of basic response skills any cadet should be taught – simple ability to take cover was not apparent. There was also a clearly indicated lack of direction – no leadership. They failed to clear any space but that one hallway, and failed to take any action to isolate the shooter, who was known to be acting alone.
    Had this been a class of cadets in day one of training, I would not be too surprised, but these were actual police officers.
    They don’t deserve to be called pathetic. It’s far too nice a word.

  18. I wouldn’t want any of these officers at my daughters school!! Absolutely heartbreaking…. These men are weak minded, sorry not sorry!!
    My heart goes out to the families

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