Anderson Cooper: Trump has given only a token sentence to this

CNN's Anderson Cooper confronts President Donald Trump's inaction on election security after former special counsel Robert Mueller decried Russia's past — and continued — attempts to interfere in US elections. #CNN #News


  1. No one could be that stupid and they just let it go.This is sickening.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for this country

    1. @dank disagreeably damp and cold memes Only over your future…Do you still have the night terrors where you pee your bed yet claim Trumps whores did it? Or the nightmares of Ivanka’s EMails getting mixed up with Hillary’s…and you spend a lifetime trying to sort them out to critique? Or perhaps you catch cancer from your bedside table fan and you swallow a dead bird? One can only wish!!

  2. Ceding American sovereignty to a foreign power would destroy American freedom. A foreign power that controls America’s voting system would own America’s power structure.

    1. @Born In Shithole Country Got to remember his liver pounds his shitter and that’s where his thought process is.

    2. @Donna Willams There is no hope for a person ,born in a shithole country like The orange things version of USA

    1. @Logical Conservative So democrats worked with putin to lose an election ??? You are an idiot….

    1. @Dennis Manson Like papadopoulos, who got the wrong month of an email he sent, so they sent him to jail for a couple weeks? Yet they don’t charge the spy that started the whole thing with perjury when he perjured himself 3 times? This was obviously a witch hunt, and the witches they caught were all for process crimes except Manafort who lybdered money in Ukraine a decade ago, and you act like this validates you literally believing the potus is a Kremlin sleeper agent. Peak TDS

  3. Lol news readers dont make good actors they cannot emote and pretend and act like the character of a genuine reporter. lol

  4. They didn’t say ” We think it’s Russia ”
    They said ” It definitely was Russia”
    He lies about everything !

    1. It was Russia? I’d personally like to see the DNC Computer than was allegedly hacked. It was never turned over to the FBI – imagine that

  5. congrats to the people of Puerto Rico 4 getting rid of Ricardo Rossello the corrupt progressive .

  6. I’m sorry Cooper, can you repeat that?
    That was your hero.
    That was your failure.
    Can’t even remember his own report.
    CNN, get bankrupt

  7. Anderson, do you actually report any kind of news anything else at all? Anything ?
    Or is it trump 24-7?

  8. No McConnell, you’re the stumbling block on this issue. You refused to support a joint alert to the people of Russia interference. The Intelligence Community have sounded the alarm. McConnell do your part; take action instead of hiding in your shell.

  9. Need for KY to recall this self declared grim ripper Senator before he totally sells our democracy.

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