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  1. Trump: “Of course i will release my tax returns.” — goes to supreme court in order to prevent the legal release of his tax returns.

  2. Does Trump think we’re stupid? No, he knows that 40% of us are.

  3. I don’t think he thinks we are all idiots.
    He just thinks he’s smarter than everyone else he’s

    • @DankNDoughnuts If it is possible to make batteries out of portobello (not “portabello”) mushrooms, why not any old mushroom? What’s so special about portobellos? Just curious.

    • @DankNDoughnuts “You’re communist trash”
      How can you deduce that from the facts that I have revealed about myself? I have read several books about Marxian economic theory but I have also read many books on neoclassical and Keynesian economics. Why exactly do you believe I am a communist? Do you have some kind of clairvoyance?

    • @Jaakko Oksa Article didn’t go into that but that’s a good scientific mind/question. It’s true though, easy to find simple search. Fully Colonized mushroom substrate used as insulation in houses, mycelium can eat/suck up oil spills, mycellium can break down plastics, landfills, areas like in California that are burning right now, mycellium is a decomposer

    • @Jaakko Oksa California in about five years will be blown up in the burnt areas with Morel mushrooms, they show up after fires. It’s the ash.

  4. Cheeto would perjure himself in 10 seconds.

    • @Mike Got any proof to back up this claim it’s helping Trump? E.g. polls?

    • @Paul A first off I’m not a big fan of the polls but yeah there are polls that are coming out now that shows that the country is tired of the impeachment hearings. I’m not going to link them if you’re too lazy to search for them that’s on you

    • @Paul A in my opinion I don’t think the American people will care until you show something more damning than the Biden video itself

    • @Mike Yep I’ve seen polls suggesting people are caring less about impeachment. But tired of impeachment does not equal helping Trump. Biden, like Obama, is not president. Impeachment is about the current president following rule of law.

    • @Paul A you’re forgetting one major point the Biden video is why we want him investigated. You guys are saying what he did was wrong because we’re investigating him LOL. If you can’t see my point well lol sure

  5. WeedWhacker2010 | November 20, 2019 at 1:50 AM | Reply

    Jeanine Pirro needs a straight-jacket. AND a muzzle. I’m envisioning a “Silence of the Lambs” scenario.

  6. Everything Except Shoes | November 20, 2019 at 2:17 AM | Reply

    “I love the blacks.” – Trump

  7. Ever notice Pirro never says anything intelligent – all she does is Squeal. Just a nasty old hag.

  8. DeAndre Holland | November 20, 2019 at 6:59 AM | Reply

    Just like when he said “I’ll show my taxes” never did.

    • @tedtheturbot didn’t some of them dems claim that them just accusing him should be enough? (Maxine, green, aoc, etc.)

    • @Don Rit probably .. they think they can take over the world

    • Friedrich Nietzsche | November 22, 2019 at 5:13 PM | Reply

      CNN’s Anderson Cooper, insist on a trial immediately, to impeach Donald Trump!

    • on what??

    • Friedrich Nietzsche | November 22, 2019 at 7:17 PM | Reply

      @tedtheturbot An actual trial will force these Democrat/Communists to testify under oath and people like Schiff and Biden, if they tell the truth, there will be criminal investigations resulting in jail time, and if they lie there will be jail time. The House will not vote for impeachment, it would be suicidal, the end of the Democratic Party. So I say go for it. Besides, the Russian and Chinese mafia now how to deal with the Bidens should it go to trial.

  9. Trump knows his Supporters are all idiots, the rest of us he fears.

  10. Albert Hoogendoorn | November 20, 2019 at 3:32 PM | Reply

    Is it true that Rudy G is going back to Italy.

  11. Yes he does, and so does the American people.

  12. Orange doesn’t think we are all idiots, he talks to his fans and KNOWS they are all idiots.
    There’s a big difference.

    • If u look at San Diego, LA, Frisco and Seattle, once beautiful, clean safe Cities that the Democrats have turned into cities of human waste, drugs and despair, how can anyone with any common sense vote for any of them? Democrats are destroying America.

    • @Risa Paynter Spoken like one of the aforementioned idiots.

    • @Mike Hennessy I’ve watched each hearing live, i do not go based on clips or any of that nonsense. I do not care about libs, dems or republicans i simply want what’s best for my country and it’s people. Trump and all of his pals are guilty as sin and that’s all that these hearings have proved. If Trump is so innocent why hasn’t he cooperated fully? Why are so many of his pals going to prison? Why did he try to block this investigation at every turn? also why did Trump plead with the Supreme Court to block the release of his tax returns? these are frightening times even more frightening how anyone could defend him and ignore the obvious. Nunes & Jordan only spread Russian propaganda that benefits them. I wish that all parties would work together to do what’s right. By the way i would love to punch Jordan in his little bottom tooth.

    • The only thing I got out of your paragraph is that you didn’t watch the impeachment hearing and that you watch the liberal media, that being said, there is no use in trying to have a dialogue with you.

  13. We may not all be stupid, but those of us who aren’t have no power.

  14. Of course he thinks we’re idiots. “A lot of people don’t know this.” Followed by a very basic fact.

    • That’s actually a stalinian turn of phrase designed to fill the pot holes in his follower’s knowledge base, it’s used to bind the ego of morons to the dear leader.

    • A basic fact which EVERYONE knows, but idiot 🎃 only JUST learnt about!

  15. Trump doesn’t think we’re all idiots but he knows his base is,
    they’re the ones he tweets and speaks to.

  16. Trump will not testify. Trump is a coward. So are his voters.

  17. The guy can’t even string a sentence together with a prepared, written statement on a prompter in front of his face. By all means, Trump PLEASE testify🙏🏻.

  18. “Trump must think we’re all idiots”

  19. Maybe The Idiot should quit playing games, honor his campaign promise, and release his tax returns.
    His word isnt worth the spit flying out of his hamberder hole.

  20. He doesn’t think everyone is idiots, he thinks that he is a stable genius

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