Andrea Mitchell Chokes Up Remembering NBC Colleague Who Died From COVID-19 | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Andrea Mitchell Chokes Up Remembering NBC Colleague Who Died From COVID-19 | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell remembers audio technician Larry Edgeworth who died as a result of complications from the coronavirus Aired on 03/20/2020.
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Andrea Mitchell Chokes Up Remembering NBC Colleague Who Died From COVID-19 | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. Peter Solar channel – Hmm Peter, you could give me coronavirus or any lethal virus and I would not mind one bit!

  1. Another person that didn’t need to die. Please for the love of God, stay home if you can and if you have to go out stay away from people as much as possible. It’s not worth your life

    1. Square Hammer please for the love of god will trump release the tens of thousands face masks and other supplies medical professionals are begging for. Please trump activate the army corps of engineers to help build hospitals. Please trump step up and help the governors who are trying to do heir best.

    2. @Tara Drolma President Trump did not cause you to be stupid, but I’ll bet MSDNC had a hand in it.

  2. TRAGIC! R. I. P. Mr. Edgeworth! Your beautiful, bright, upfull personality will be greatly missed!
    Thank you for all your wonderful reporting over the years!!
    My sympathy to your family….

  3. Hopefully, now Americans will understand how important it is to follow basic hygiene and keep a safe distance from people. Rest in peace Larry. My prayers are with you and your family.

    1. @Fort Red BULL Sh..T… It does NOT matter about their Political Leanings..It is their Colleague of Decades.. Folks Grieve SIR…”IF” we as a Society are so Heartless and Cold that we can not have Empathy for others then we are Doomed.. You need to at least ATTEMPT to put yourselves in Other’s Shoes..and YES..I would feel the same if this were a Right Wing News Source.. This was a Human Being..and he was Loved by Co Workers and Friends and Family.. Have some RESPECT…

    2. @Kathleen Martin I didn’t say anything about anybody’s political leanings. You’re having an argument that’s not being had. You’re having a political argument. I’m frankly not interested in somebody that I don’t know, and why it ended up on a national news broadcast for the entire world to see is beyond me. He’s not Mother Teresa. He’s a stranger, with accomplishments in his own life with his own family and colleagues. It has nothing to do with a national news broadcast, but that has everything to do with what’s wrong with these self-serving egotistical news people that feed us what they want us to see instead of the actual news. It’s a symptom of the greater problem. You’re trying to call me cold-hearted or heartless, but that’s ridiculous. If you have ever lost anybody close to you in your life….. you obviously haven’t. Because if you have, some stranger’s words on the internet mean nothing to your loss. They do nothing to the hurt. Nothing makes it worse than the actual loss itself. You obviously have never lost anybody important to you, because you would know this. So just walk on eggshells all you want for the stranger that you and I likely don’t know, because I’m not going to. And if you do know this person, and you’re wasting your time on the internet replying to comments from strangers about your friend, there is something seriously devoid in your life.

    1. El Capitano Guillermo dodo yes, because you may well lose a family member or friend to this illness.

  4. With respect and appreciate for Larry Edgeworth … even though I never really “knew” him…  to hear Andrea Mitchell, for whom I have such respect and admiration, to hear her voice crack as she eulogizes our loss…  this is the third time my eye ball washing machinery has been engaged by the tragedy of the Corona epidemic  (the first being from John Oliver’s brazen “jokes” (in humour there is truth).  I fear I may run out of tears before I run out of breath.  TRY to stay well, y’all !   🙂

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