Andrew Brown Jr. Family Attorneys Call For Independent Prosecutor to Investigate Case | MSNBC 1

Andrew Brown Jr. Family Attorneys Call For Independent Prosecutor to Investigate Case | MSNBC


Andrew Brown Jr.’s family attorneys called for an independent prosecutor to investigate deputies who opened fire on Brown in Elizabeth City, N.C. The 42-year-old Black man’s death is one of the latest law enforcement shootings to raise questions about police use of force.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Andrew Brown Jr. Family Attorneys Call For Independent Prosecutor to Investigate Case | MSNBC


  1. Don’t blame the family for wanting a independent prosecutor. Local and state officials can’t be trusted to do a fair investigation.

  2. Man, I wish the family my deepest heartfelt condolences. I pray our living will no longer be in vain. We have a power beyond comprehension and it is time to invoke our power but it will require unity and sacrifice.

  3. The fact that they can and are withholding body cam video is a VERY clear example of what NEEDS to change.

    1. Did you see what judge is with holding the video ? The one that told George Zimmermans jury they came to the right verdict

  4. Point: “Why do they need an independent investigation?”
    Counterpoint: “The original report on Floyd said he died of ‘medical complications.'”
    Point: “I stand corrected.”

  5. I agree. Give the family a special prosecutor! Forensic auditing for cases with problematic outcomes. End qualified immunity.

  6. The police, DA, and Judges are too cozy. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this case needs outside prosecutors. If the Chauvin case wouldn’t have gotten an outside special prosecutor do you believe he would be behind bars now. Before the “investigation” is complete the DA said he believe it was justified. In my opinion the DA disqualified himself, you can’t say it’s justified before the investigation in complete.

  7. Get 2 Ind. Pros. It won’t help. The drug dealer tried to run over the police. Thats a no-no!

  8. They’re hiding the identity of the officers and making redactions to the video because It was a hit squad

  9. Need to get the Feds involved. These incidents are rampant and we need to make examples of these rogue police. People are not going to stand for these actions anymore.

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