Andrew Brown Jr.'s Son Says His Father Was 'Executed' | MSNBC 1

Andrew Brown Jr.’s Son Says His Father Was ‘Executed’ | MSNBC


Khalil Ferebee, the son of Andrew Brown Jr., a Black man who was fatally shot by North Carolina police, said that based on the results of an independent autopsy, he believes his father was "executed" during the incident.

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Andrew Brown Jr.'s Son Says His Father Was 'Executed' | MSNBC


  1. “Optops report” yeah his education extended at least to the 8th grade. Some father figure he had.

    1. @First Last Would you feel the same way if he was white? Because I have watched videos of white boys shooting @ cops trying to serve felony warrants and the suspect is taking into custody alive..

    2. @James Lee yep and if they were little green aliens from Uranus I’d feel exactly the safe. Beyond tired of shitbags ruining this country.

    1. i am a firm believer in self medicating for some ppl. script meds are expensive and doctors dont like writing scripts

  2. If Andrew was incarcerated, then he has served his due and time for the crime, you can’t use that to judge or prescribe death penalty outside of the court systems, that is punishing him twice for a crime(s) he has served

  3. Let’s make a comparison of the Floyd video to “cookie crumbs” on the hands (police) of a child denying they ate the cookies.  Now that the Floyd video has convicted Chauvin you can bet yo last dolla responsible parties will holla and hide all the cookie crumbs.  @rychybiz

    1. I expect they’ll lose videos this is heartbreaking.
      It looks to me as if someone wants to start unrest and promote violence, by a community that is under attack. Pray for peace and justice

  4. Yea proving he was a criminal fleeing the scene of a crime trying to escape and he got killed for it he had already been given the chance to do right and by not going to court he gave up his rights to be treated equally to anyone else

  5. I’m actually glad that confrontation happened. I’m truly sick of those in every community who do what those fools on the back did to this family. They do what ever, when ever, to who ever and demand respect but won’t give it.

  6. All we are seeing is Satan’s children in uniform retaliating because one of their wicked brothers was found guilty.

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