Andrew Brown Jr. shooting: Deputies won't face charges | USA TODAY 1

Andrew Brown Jr. shooting: Deputies won’t face charges | USA TODAY


Officers who shot and killed Andrew Brown Jr., an unarmed Black man, will not be criminally charged, a North Carolina prosecutor said.

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  1. But for the grace of God there were no children (or adults) in the yard of the house toward which these bullets were blazing in the middle of the day.

    1. If any children or adults where so situated, not doubt a gun would be found nearby — reason: they were planning to ambush the officers, but thanks to being so quick witted, the officers kill the child.

    2. @Elblancochingon sure. But is it wise to compound risk by further endangering bystanders? For a supposedly (non-violent?) drug-related offense? There’s got to be risk containment strategy with this stuff no just “blast away till the perp stops moving! other civilians be damned.”…. I’m just not sold on that approach

    3. @Brandon Hunter He tried to run police over,at that point he was endangering human life(as he already was by dealing drugs) therefore he needed to be stopped regardless. Trained officers shooting should ALL hit the target…especially when its as large as a car….presumably no bullets missed car.

    1. @LightHouse Photography
      I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the “wait and see” has a much higher chance of not getting you dead.

    2. @Mariano with “some”, I guess you mean “someone”, and with that “someone”, I guess you would mean cops. So yes, when a squad of officers “rolls up on you with guns” keep calm and follow their instructions. They are officers, not criminals.

    3. @LightHouse Photography now that I answered your question, can you explain why you wouldn’t follow the instructions of a squad of police officers?

    4. @LightHouse Photography This dude knew exactly why the swat team rolled up on him. You make him sounds like some innocent librarian.

    1. @Clara’sGift well when you live your life like your Franklin in GTA5 with 5 stars and dont know the cheat codes how do you expect people to act? What’s sick is these protesters.

  2. For those that don’t know cars are extremely heavy and can potentially kill a human being. 🙂

    1. @Connor McGregor No they weren’t. Did you even watch it? The first shot was fired before the car was fully turned around.

    2. @Connor McGregor like I said, potentially kill a human being. Are you suggesting that the officers should wait until they get hit or run over in order to open fire?

    3. @Connor McGregor h What I don’t understand is why they sent Police Officers to respond to this call, was the Animal Control Officer off that night?

  3. How can they say unarmed in the description then say he used the car as a deadly weapon in the video.
    Makes no sense.

  4. Totally justified. Its official, the worlds a better place given the officers actions. Thank You For Your Service

  5. If only CJ would of used unlimited health before that he would of have gotten away……besides it was 3 stars

  6. When someone is fleeing this situation, they are a threat to society. They might resort to desperate measures, endangering the people around them.

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