Andrew Cuomo accuser speaks out in interview with CNN

Karen Hinton, one of the women who accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate conduct, reacts to the findings in the New York attorney general's investigation report. Governor Cuomo denies the New York attorney general's report that he sexually harassed women.

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    1. ” the accumulated filth of all there sex and murder will foam up about there wastes and all the whores and politicians will look up and yell “save us!”
      …and Ill look down and whisper “no””

    1. so you mean the left actually holds people from their own party accountable for wrongdoing and the right doesnt?
      Creative metaphor though, for being a brainwashed sycophant.

  1. Congress should Subpoena Cuomo so we can all watch for ourselves.. we dont trust this on/off reporting.

    1. Come on, man. Look, here’s the deal. It is the media that exempts me from scrutiny. Even when I eat boogers off my chin, poop in my pants, and groping persons, I’m ignored, now that’s privileged.” – Joe Biden.

    1. @Arth020 actually not really, these allegations came up months ago, left wing media had scant to no coverage. Much like his nursing home policy, covered by the right March of last year and not covered by the left until early this year

    2. You mean victims of Gov. Cuomo’s erotic handshaking and lurid hugging? I think they’ll get over it, after they’ve wrote a book of course.

    3. @Whispering Sniffy Biden “[…] Eat boogers off my chin […]”. Are you sure? If you’re exaggerating for effect you still have to make your exaggeration make sense.

    4. @Arth020 didn’t see the outcomes of any of those allegations and investigations did you? All of them recounted.
      Are you a Cuomosexual too?

    5. @Arth020 Biden administration is, of course, investigating Kavanaugh again right now and working to remove him from the bench right? If not, why not?

    1. @Emmette Bramble or are you going to keep trolling like a typical cnn lunatic? Will it make you more comfortable if I say orange man bad? Common Emmette… all thy SONS, not all of us…. triggered yet?

    2. @Adam Hunt lol are you alway this much of a bully Adam? There is no news coming out of Alberta Adam, sorry to disappoint you and your rebel news followers

    3. How close minded of you being spoon fed is so much easier. It just so happens it’s very big news unless you’re asleep 🤔

    1. What about the 500,000 dead X fuhrer trump is responsible for? Start there at the top. The buck stops with x fuhrer trump.

    2. Honey dear, an old bagg like me suffraged through ” hostile work environments” my entire life. Hell, it started in elementary school. Can i get compensated please?

    3. @Shirley Reese Trump basically let EACH state decide how THEY needed to fight Covid..since every state had DIFFERENT needs..& he also said that the Federal government would give them ANYTHING they needed..which is the OPPOSITE of what a so called “fuhrer” would have done!!
      UNLIKE the dementia case in charge now..who thinks its the GOVERNMENTS job to dictate what EVERY American citizen should do!!
      It makes me laugh how the left wants to blame EVERY Covid death on Trump even tho he allowed EVERY governor to make their OWN Covid rules..
      But if you want to blame EVERY Covid death that happened on Trumps watch on him..then the 200,000 deaths that have happened since Uncle Dementia took over are on him..
      I will NEVER understand the CHILDLIKE mentality of the left..they believe that people NEED the GOVERNMENT to take care of their EVERY need…just like a parent takes care of a CHILD..last I checked..people old enough to VOTE are considered ADULTS..& can make decisions for THEMSELVES..the government’s ONLY job as far as Covid is to provide GUIDANCE. .&the vaccine..thats IT

    4. @Timothy Groman *How I’m oppressed?I’m just saying your people give Asian people too many passes.I think it have something to do with them being lighter skin with straight hair.I never been oppressed, I have more privelige than you.*

    1. They used to be the Michael evanetti News Network 🤣😂 every person CNN wants to run for president ends up in jail 🤣😂

    2. @42Zero_Pizzaman_Tampa in general, a proof for sexual abuse is hard to achieve. many times it is word against word. however, the investigations of Cuomo are at a point he has to resign and courts will finally decide about his future. this should not be a matter of parties or political opinions. whats appropriate for Cuomo is also appropriate for Matt Gaetz, the former president and also the current president. however, I do not light hearted believe accusations against Biden, because they possibly could be smoke-balls to detract from problems the former president for sure has.

    1. i’m only here to laugh about all the hypocrisy performed by republicans… i mean.. kavanaugh any1? my god the insane levels of defense for him, and here ppl are immediately wanting to grill cuomo

    2. @Arth020 You comparing what he did on high school to Coumo grabbing a$$ in his office and killing 20 thousand people with covid?
      Surely you ain’t that dumb

    3. @XanderJ you’re clutching at straws there, keep on topic, I know that’s hard for emotional regressives

    4. @Soy latte you were responding to a point made about Republican hypocrisy. I know it’s hard for you to follow more than two consecutive sentences, given the fact that you can’t write a coherent one.

  2. Let’s not forget the REAL reason we’re being distracted with these allegations. He is TOTALLY responsible for all those covid elderly deaths in NYC.

    1. @Charles House well what does “just done their job” mean is the question. as a corporation one could argue that there job is to maximize profit without violating any rules or regulations. thanks to Cuomo there basically were no rules, so they actually “did their job” quite well. i would say they are morally culpabale too

    2. @Andrew L as a nurse or any health care professional, you are held to an oath and to higher standards, not to a corporation, saying that just because they were ordered to take back patients who were sick and than assuming just because the guy who ordered you to do it will have immunity, that these patients will die is crazy, we are held to a higher standard and those in care of those sick people should have done their job properly, that means addhering to quarantine standards, if this was done those people would be alive, I hope anyone taking care of you doesn’t feel the way you think these people should have acted

    3. @Charles House let me make this simple, Cuomo fudged the numbers to try an hide the deaths. Are you so stupid that you don’t see how that is wrong? Your e defending him whether you admit it or not. What’s next ? Saying the women he harrassed deserved it because of the way they dressed? Would surprise me if you did

    4. She believed a lot of things. “I will never take a trump vaccine” “Joe what did you rape those woman?”

  3. On April 2, 2019, Kamela Harris said “I believe them,” in reference to four women who had by then accused Joe Biden of inappropriate touching.

    1. @C. S. McLeod everyone living in the same house need to wear masks in that house even if they’re vaxed… corn pop joe

    2. @C. S. McLeod Fine, then can we focus on the ones in power who continue to rape and abuse the American people in oh so many ways? Have values and stick to them, dont change based on the political tide you twit

    1. He helped his by speaking highly of him while at the exact time helping him with media statements. He knew his brother was a offender

    2. @Gekisai Dai No, it isn’t. I looked in the report myself and found nothing about Chris. Why would you lie like that?

    3. @Zachary P because facts don’t mean anything to the deplorables as long as they can get their facist state led by the orange God. They will crucify a Democrat over harassment while overlooking their own rape and sex trafficking (minors) scandals.

    4. @Zachary P oh you did? Then I am not sure how you missed that he is mentioned 4 times in the report, even ABC news references this on Chris ““regularly provided with confidential and often privileged information” that impacted the government despite having no “formal role, duty, or obligation to the State.” So basically Andrew provided Chris with privileged information and in turn received coaching from Chris on what to do. Are you unaware that the emails Chris sent him were published as well in this investigation? That’s the trouble with using government email, its subject foia requests

  4. Is CNN actually being honest?? So hard to tell. I figured they cover him up like the nursing home tragedy.

    1. That would be weird… I mean Chris could run cover for his brother on a nightly basis if that were the case.

    2. Both are droned Hosts. These are not people anymore like you and I. They are basically just puppets.

  5. I was raised by a guy like this. Makes me sick. But also makes me feel like I am really proud of all these girls and women who have had the courage to face the pain and step up.

  6. CNN just using this a political ammo for this media circus, while Leftists like Gilibrand are salivating at the opportunity to exploit a seat for the Lunatic Left.

    1. You say lunatic left, yet it is the republicans who are actively creating laws against your interests.
      Only that they know you’re too stupid to figure that out. You’ve convinced yourself left is somehow ‘communist’ and otherwise have no idea what is actually going on.

    1. Yes the press ain’t your damn friend. They will set you up to tell you down. As my mama say that’s why you don’t tell folk your business

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