Andrew Cuomo announces resignation as governor 1

Andrew Cuomo announces resignation as governor

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday he will resign, one week after the release of a report by the state attorney general that found he sexually harassed 11 women, ending his decade leading the state and heading off a potential impeachment by New York's Democratic-led legislature.

Cuomo, the son of another three-term governor, said his announcement would take effect in two weeks, when he will hand over the reins to his deputy, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul.
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    1. Cuomo received praise for things he did great (his regular COVID updates).
      He was never cheered for the things he did wrong and for which he is now resigning.

      I am baffled that this seems to be a concept that you apparently don’t understand.
      People aren’t 100% good or 100% bad.

    1. GROUNDS KEEPER WILLIE: If elected my first order will be to kill the whole lot of ya and burn your town to cinders. I know the mic’s on…

  1. Perhaps he can just Segway onto co hosting his brothers show or providing “political analysis” as a “CNN contributor” since they coordinate so well…

  2. Even an idiot knows to keep their hands to themselves, especially in the workplace. It’s common sense.

  3. This is sad to see. He is toxic male through and through. Says he takes full responsibility but then deflects and calls it politics. Narcissists are out here narcing.

    1. Okay, so the guy’s a scumbag; I’ve been saying that for years. But these women are democrats…liberals. So, what’s the big deal? Much like women in the entertainment industry (which I’m by association directly very familiar with), they’re passed around their political environment like a Sunday Mass collection basket. …Trollops by any standard. There’s more to this than the obvious.

    2. @Jose Gonzalez The Attorney General has the evidence. The guy told people to attend his yearly state mandated sexual harassment training for him. dude is an idiot,

    1. And. Let’s not forget their Rick Santorum on CNN after criticism his of Native American comments

    2. Omg I was just laughing to myself because all these people have been removed, imprisoned or disgraced because of accusations yet Trump’s allegations have come to naught

  4. Killing all the elderly people by sending them be into COVID environment should the first thing he is tried on, then all the techie feely charges.

  5. “It’s your job to come to work in the morning and understand what the rules are today” REALLY appreciate how this reporter ended this.

    1. Yes it was a great ending and YT cut off the rest of what he was saying. That was not the end of this discussion. Cuomo IS a creep.
      I love my dad, but if I knew that he was busy doing this on a regular basis and telling off-color jokes to a young woman about to get married, I would not stand by him and I would let him have it. And I don’t care who you are, but if you touch my belly, your hand is going to get smacked and your face might get smacked.

  6. Anyone else distracted by the sign language interpreter? He’s a whole mood.
    -reminds me of the Key and Peele skit of Obama’s anger interpreter.

    1. “Anyone else distracted by the sign language interpreter?” – Honestly? No.
      And I suspect that those who are hearing impaired will even be less “distracted”.

  7. The only truth that came out of that speech was “I’m a New Yorker” what the hell do you expect? Isn’t that right Mr. DeNiro

  8. Imagine! He should have just kept his hands to himself and he wouldn’t have had to resign! How was that so difficult for him?!?

    Would he have liked that some other old man was groping his daughters?
    Probably not! So didn’t he just disrespect his daughters, wife, sisters and mother?

    1. Who’s Andre – Andy and Fredo’s half French brother? Come on now; we all know Trump did it. Prez Trump put on his Andy Cuomo mask and molested all those women. I mean, come on…
      One (Cuomo) little two (Lightfoot) little three (Newsom) little democrats,
      four little five little six little fascists…
      Ah yes – then the cadaver-in-chief accidently trips and falls into his diaper and hangs himself with it. And root-cause Kamala gets impeached. The Republicans win back the government in the ’22 elections – and Mr. Trump re-takes the White House in .24.
      Sweat, lefties – sweat!

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