Andrew Holness Addresses Republic Debate | TVJ News - Dec 9 2021 1

Andrew Holness Addresses Republic Debate | TVJ News – Dec 9 2021


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    1. So true
      In your own country, you can’t Survive !!!! That is one of the main reasons why alot of Jamaican go to other Foreign countries looking for betterment for their family and self.

  1. What is pressing matter its own to us and we Jamaicans home and aboard are watching this closely……it does not matter its will take time then you forget we are watching yes we are

    1. definatley we cannot afford to let what happened to our ancestors happen to us this is a real chance at freedom lets grasp the oppertunity with both hands… no fumble ron here… 1 love

  2. Curbing crime is the single most important factor why I have no interest in visiting Ja, much lest to invest. I am sure alot of foreigners share the same concern. Republic or Republic not, Jamaica will not move forward with significant growth with such deterrent. Curb crime.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, this is why I’ve also stay away from my own country. Crime has never been the Jamaican government priority for as long as I can remember. However saying that, maybe if they get rid of the queen then they can bring back capital punishment as they can’t do this whilst the queen is still head of state.

  3. The island have more Serious issue to Address, including fixing the high crime rate,and creating better paid Jobs

    1. ppl who do not have knowledge of history… or common sense should refrain from highlighting there stupidity on matters of such grave importance..

    2. How about pay all the underemployed and underpaid workers? That would also be great in addition to creating new jobs that not many of us are really interested in.

    1. i agree lets not leave it in the hands of the power hungry Politicans to blindly lead us to destruction its our time to be herd to make the change we want to see think deeply on these things…

  4. Stop worry about republic and help develop up Jobs for the people of the country that’s why crime rate are so high in Jamaica 🇯🇲

  5. this was the promise of former PM Patterson to have Jamaica becoming a republic..but it is like it was just talk our parliment didnt begin laying the ground theory is that our politicians hesitant on making Jamaica a republic because they want to continue state in power and stay in political office till they grow old or til they have to resign over scandals because once Jamaica becomes a republic we will start elect presidents and not prime ministers .presidents have term limits.. and if I am not mistaken there will be fixed election dates..

  6. Remove the queen 👑 as head of state sea not doing nothing for the country continue the movement.🎯💯🙏🏿🇨🇦🇯🇲🇧🇧🇸🇱🎉🥳

  7. No criticism of the prime minister. Unfortunately to reverse the path taken.of privatization difficult to reverse

  8. I’m for it but pm how can you move towards that if you can’t even lead a country know
    Crime rates high
    Corruption in parliament
    Police policy need to improve
    Guns are coming into the country
    Jamaica debt is high
    No jobs for the yutes
    Old hospital and schools
    No accountability with government officials nor police
    Need real judges
    Andrew mek a different party handle that

  9. Not all of us Jamaican understand, ‘ what being a republic means much less what a true Republic is.’ Probably we should start these processes by achieving say 80% Functional literacy for our people. So they can understand what it is they are agreeing to. We don’t want it to be like when we voted to become independent not understanding what it meant nor how we should go about it.
    Man we too falla-fashin. Sigh!

  10. Also change the names of some of the cities and area , we need to stop giving our ancestors slave masters glory ! Also stop pushing this religious foolishness in our schools, let’s start teaching our children about math science 🧬 physics engineering and not about some imaginary god that was used to enslaved our ancestors!

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