Andrew Holness Blast Critics Over Handling of Crime | Economic Decline in Jamaica - July 15 2021 1

Andrew Holness Blast Critics Over Handling of Crime | Economic Decline in Jamaica – July 15 2021


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  1. Sir you shouldn’t even come bout knee jerk reaction. It’s a shame that the figures are higher than that of last year’s, which was way too high to begin with. Stop defending yourself with words and DOOO. There’s nothing being done, and that is the FACT! Neither by JLP or PNP.

    1. This is the most thin skinned PM we ever had. Claims to monitor the news and social media and respond to criticism. Mi sorry bcuz Jamaicans won’t ease up. He is in his second full term, ppl are going through a pandemic so our patience have worn thin. So him can stay there and watch instead of fixing the problems.

  2. The government is not interested in fighting crime. As a nation we have a WEAK justice system that the criminals are not scared of.

  3. we all know they will blame the entertainment industry that the reason why they open up for them to take the blame.

  4. Mr Pm you need to find the Gun and ammunition warehouse on the island.
    . I strongly believe that there is underground storage that are fully stock. To keep up with the demands of the gunmen. Your focus is on taking down the guys who are doing the shooting. But you need to tackle the supplier. With that large number of people that the police are taking in for position of illegal gun. I can’t believe how comes the security forces can’t get some leads on how they get their supply.

    1. Because the police are the ones letting them come through the port whether by a illegal landing strip like back road or that long stretch of land behind waterford area there or by sea. The government must install cameras in all the streets light in every crook and cranny to find these guns and gunmen

  5. The prime minister and the security minister , should change whatever they are doing to combat crime because it is definitely not working.sending out the security forces out every day that alone won’t work ,they should get to figure out how these weapon get in the country ,they have to get to the source of entry , what are they waiting for they need to step on it A S A P

    1. Government is too damn soft after making his unrealistic promise about keeping doors open just to win.

  6. Mr Hollness I hear the pain in your voice when you said ” there will be no political benefits for those long term measures, but nonetheless we will have to do it”

  7. Why blast people when it’s the people that are living the reality. Mr Prime Minister we put you there. So you have the long term measures what are the short terms. We have no security assigned to us. Please Sir come into our lives please

  8. Give the army temporary power to help fight crime. They seem to be less effective working alongside the police.

  9. I remember when this guy Andrew came on the scene…all u hear ” Andrew brite like morning star.” What has it brought as a change to this country as a leader? What will be the significance of his administration and time in government?

  10. Jamaica needs real leaders,
    Better justice system
    Better policing
    Everything need an serious upgrade

  11. The government needs to ask his neighbour for help and bring it around 10,00 or 20,00 more police and locked the place down and see if it don’t stop

  12. The government doesn’t care about the people in the country, all they care about is filling their pockets

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