Andrew Yang: I See Mike Bloomberg As A Template For New Yorkers 1

Andrew Yang: I See Mike Bloomberg As A Template For New Yorkers


New York City Democratic mayoral candidate Andrew Yang continues discussing his candidacy and why he sees Michael Bloomberg as a template for New Yorkers.

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  1. How long have politicians been telling us that we are all tired of the same old thing; none of them do anything tho, when in power; because they don’t care.

    Elect carers. Not leaders.

    1. Yang do because he wouldnt run if he didnt care. Sadly I feel like he may not win because people don’t listen. It’s like middle or high- schoolers when their friends hate a particular person for now reason and they hate the person because of their friends.

  2. THEY were all going to try to POUND ANDREW with gotcha questions and make him falter….but ANDREW did not … MORNING JOE dont like ANDREW at all

    1. If Andrew looked more like The average Joe he wouldn’t receive the verbal attacks and abuse he gets on a daily basis.

    2. In all fairness, from Andrew’s point of view they asked the right questions. They gave him an important (and huge) platform to answer what his critics have been hounding him for months. And, as much as I hate Joe, he gave him a great softball question to help further distance himself from Trump what many of his critics have been trying to build parallels to their inexperience in government.

  3. Funny, but Mike Bloomberg who had no political experience became The Mayor of NYC for THREE TERMS!!!!

    1. Exactly. Trump didn’t have experience, Bloomberg didn’t have experience. What makes Yang different?

    1. Which one? The one about cops removing the homeless from the streets? Why is homelessness being talked about like it’s a crime?

  4. Step one: don’t be a pathological narcissist

    Step two: have ideas and a vision

    Step three: surround yourself with a team so can deliver on those ideas

    It’s not hard to envision. The condescension here is so hard to stomach.

  5. This was the kindest interview MSNBC has ever been to Andrew Yang. I really did not expect this

    1. ikr? That last question was such a softball, but what’s up with all the paper rustlings? Good interview overall!

  6. I like Andrew !! Think he would do well !!! Better than what the Dems have done ?? Well no Democrat has bought brought good change to New York ??? So they obviously don’t know either ??

  7. if that was the case why didnt he drop out of the presidential race and endorse bloomberg. He basically is the typical politician since he said this

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