1. Pay off credit card debt. After that some home improvement that I’ve been putting off and car repairs. Put some into my wife’s work from home business. I’d invest or save a portion of it each month. Medical bills. Basically the same stuff I spend my money on now, it would just make ends meet so much better.

    1. @William H hell even if he does I’ll write his name down no other Democratic Candidate can get this vote

    2. @Master Temple maybe you should go back to the children seller women he rape girls ahead now this isn’t for you

  1. The only one that mattered and was not let on that debate stage because the DNC does not want him to be the Nominee. DNC wants 4 more years of Trump.

    1. I voted Dem for years, that’s about to change. Truthfully, independent would be great but I’m waiting for the candidate. Any suggestions?

    2. Jon Barnes TRUMP 2020
      Track record confirms this besides the EPIC DEMONCRAP FAILURES
      at everything the past 3 years.


    2. THIS is why, EVERYONE…even politicians, CAN NOT seem to put a finger on what is WRONG with our democracy. (It is truly amazing to me, that they do NOT know). Here it is:

      *We are a flawed democracy because of 1) the electoral college, 2) plurality voting, w/ spoiler effect, 3) our broken Senate*
      1 & 2 = broken White House. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracy_Index#Democracy_Index_by_country_2018
      “There is no true democracy [in USA], and you are trying to convince us that we are not democratic?” – Vladimir Putin, 2014
      The electoral college: https://youtu.be/7wC42HgLA4k “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” – James Otis, 1760

      1) National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
      2) Rank Choice Voting; Approval Voting (no spoiler effect, means other parties can exist and grow)
      3) Unlike the White House & the House, the Senate should NOT be political. They should act as “the adults in the room”.
      Non-partisan Senators should be selected, based on their education and their ability to follow the law, and the facts.

      Broken health care, “legalized corruption”, low voter turn out, Citizens United, opioid crisis, failing schools, failing infrastructure, wealth inequality, anti-science, conflicts overseas…are all symptoms of a broken democracy. These are non-partisan issues that every American should want to fix.

  2. All of last night I was in a lucid dream where I was caucusing for Andrew Yang against caucusers for Bernie Sanders… I was leading my group, planning arguments and counters, etc. It was really stressful lol.

    I’m a Canadian.

    1. @williampatrickwoods It was told here in our trustworthy media outlets. *cough cough cough* that it was a Russian plane.

  3. Wait I’m new into politics as I just turned 18. Is he still running for president even though he wasn’t invited in the last debate?

    1. He is not invited because DNC is corrupted. He is the most discriminated human being. Media black out. They purposely mis wrote his name. But he is the smartest, most qualify and most humble human being.

    1. How is it logic that got him elected. It was the lack of logic that got him in. Constant falsehoods propagated by Trump as well snazzy one liner phrases without any substance literally trumped logical explanations.

    2. jcast39 Newsflash: 2 new huge renegotiated trade deals just got signed. One with China and the USMCA. Trump fixing the mess created by Democrats.

    1. @Ozark Matt not all republicans are bad people. Stop basing your opinions off generalizations generated within your echo chamber

    2. @Ozark Matt and your fellow demons just tell the truth? YOU ARE A MORON🙄🤗😁😋🤤😜😈🖕😠💩🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. 😏
    “I agree with this thing you said”
    “For the past 3 years all my content has been about trump, with 50% of that about impeachment”

    1. Yang and Williamson are the only two who really broke out of the same old discussion

    2. @JustAnotherAnnoyingScifiCharacter Williamson believes heavily in spirituality and a higher being living in the clouds. I’m not detecting any brain on her part at least. Yang seems less religious at least which is a gigantic plus for logical and rational minds.

    1. We are so desperate now. Yang is a halley’s comet and comes once in a life time. if yang is gone, I am voting trump to give american hell

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