Andy Beshear: Kentucky Is Now Where Florida, California, Texas Were Weeks Ago | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. We’ll also be able to pass some important legislation.
      We must break his stranglehold on the Senate!
      You can help his opponent, Amy McGrath, even if she’s not in your district.
      🌊🌊🌊 🌊🌊🌊
      Put your money where your mouth is!
      Even $5.00 helps!

    2. Gonna take a lot more than that! You’ve got a lot of people to educate and convince that they need to wear mask and social distance to bring covid under control . Amy MaGrath better be prepared to hit the ground working 24/7.

  1. Mitch has gotta go or this crap will never stop. He only cares about making his pockets heavy with money.

    1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to you but Mitch McConnell is there to stay the only reason why we have a Democrat Governor like Andy beshear is because nobody could stand Matt Bevin even Republicans like me hated Matt Bevin.

      But don’t get that confused with thinking that Kentucky is a Democrat state.

    2. Kentucky will be the first state to stand up for its rights try to lock us down we’re going to fight.

      You cannot allow anything to take away our freedoms not even a virus we will fight for our freedom that would be a gigantic mistake Kentucky has never been locked down and we’re not going to be.

  2. Stay home to stay safe. That’s how all other successful countries did it. Close up for 3 months.

    1. @James Stewart I will never forget that old lady screaming “I need my hair done!” LOL! Good luck America.


  3. I was confused watching this video, listening to a Republican who actually appreciated the severity of the virus and didn’t try to downplay it. Listening to a Republican who was actually taking PRO-active action to deal with the virus. A Republican who actually sounded as though he cared about his people.

    Then I realised Kentucky’s governor is a Democrat…….

    1. @EJ Yes, he is. We probably would’ve been stuck if him and McConnell wasn’t trying to take the teacher’s pension. One down, one more to go.

    2. @Joe Black There’s a Russian manufacturing plant that took over the over the land where the coal company was built. If they get $400M by the end of this year and McConnell wins, that’ll tell me they conspired. Look it up yourself Braiddy Industries I believe its called.

    1. Yep, hindsight is 2020. Last year I kept telling people that 2020 will be about hindsight somehow, but I couldn’t dream up this nightmare !

    1. @machintelligence I will always be a conservative with common sense, Will not stoop to opressive left, but yet may not support Trump as well. Support his policies , but lack of leadership on this China virus is discouraging

  4. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky will follow Ron desantis and trump’s lead.its. no big deal just ask them

    1. McConnell is a US senator, not a chief executive like Trump or DeSantis. Kentucky is led by a Democrat, ya know, the guy who was featured in this segment. That’s the biggest reason why it’s doing better than the Republican-led states to the south.

  5. Why is nobody talking about the fact that Trump is hiding Covid numbers since he took control of the data from the CDC? It’s much much worse than anyone knows. Trump is singlehandedly engineering the destruction of the U.S. economy and Putin is smiling right now.

    1. Remember to wear you mask in you house like Dr. Birx told you to. Then jump into bed with a condom on while all by yourself.

    2. @Trixy The problem with really dumb people is they don’t know they’re dumb. You are dumb and you’re welcome.

  6. Over 30 Percent of kids tested in Florida are infected. Governor DeSantis resign now, our state is becoming a graveyard theme park

    1. @FABS so your children do/did not go to school?
      you do know there is more risk involved in going to, and coming home from school, than there is in covid19?
      but i guess your children have never left the house anyway, way to dangerous out there, now isn’t it?
      great parenting i would say…

    2. jan van ruth chump sr. Did an awesome job raising a cheating, lying, narcissistic, racist bigot. Which is exactly what he set out to do….

  7. Keep an eye on western Pa. It’s ticking up. The hillbillies in my town think it’s fake.

    1. My hometown in central Pennsylvania is chock-a-block full of hillbillies and virtually nobody wears a mask. People say they want to get the virus so that they can just move on. Fortunately, they’re not bright enough to realize that they can’t spread the virus unless they’re in contact with it.

    2. I grew up in Western PA, we called it the north-deep south.
      And yes, I constantly see people I went to high school with talking down on mask wearing and promoting Q, etc. etc.

      I laugh and feel extremely fortunate I was able to escape that wretched place.

    3. @PROPHETESS VIRGINIA CONEY Around here they do. Trump can do No wrong on anything. Meanwhile, our numbers are steadily climbing. I would say, about 30- 40 percent wear mask in public

  8. as I watch countries struggle with the virus… why doesn’t everyone take the New Zealand Approach to the virus… seriously look em up!

    1. bigblack7x3 mainly as that means a unified approach, every state in the US would have to shut its borders to both domestic and international travellers for a month, go into a full lockdown for its citizens, hotel quarantine for returning citizens for 2 weeks, and have an even bigger focus on testing and contact tracing. While each state in the US is trying to do its own thing, it’s never going to work.

    2. @Alex Warner surely you see a broken system too… if you have each state not even coordinating with each other you guys are bound to fail catastrophically (which to be honest you already have)

    3. @Alex Warner For some reason, the USA doesn’t take the same approach to a missile coming in from North Korea. Why not let each state develop its own anti-missile system to protect itself if federalism is so important? Some states, like Rhode Island, say, might not even have to bother, just like the president said some states didn’t need to combat COVID because they were unaffected at first. Oh, that’s ridiculous, you say. That’s how ridiculous Pres. Trump’s approach has been, letting each state deal with this invasion by a virus on its own. The nation is under attack but because combating this attack requires something new and complex (or building on Obama’s pandemic task force that Trump dismantled) that the Trump Admin would have to develop and be responsible for, the president refused to take a national approach, though, when it suits him, he describes the virus as an invasion by China, but still does nothing to stop its infiltration to every corner of the nation. When it suits him, he decides that some violence that flares up in Portland, specifically the responsibility of the Portland police or Oregon national guard, requires overriding the state and local authorities and sending in federal agents without being asked to. What he wants is the complete freedom to do _what suits him_ . In other words, what he wants is a dictatorship, as has been pointed out thousands of times before. Here’s news for the president, though. Because he is the president, he will be held responsible for his inaction on the virus whether he likes it or not.

  9. How are all these old geezers in the Republican Party who believe this is a hoax haven’t drop dead yet, especially Moscow Mitch?!!! The devil really must take care of it’s own

    1. That’s because the people around them are getting sick or dropping dead. This thing is certainly serious and people need to take it more serious.

    1. The mainstream media has fed us on
      Violence, Division and Hate for 2 Months
      and it really shows how people get caught up in that mentality.
      Our Whole Nation is being caught up in that mentality.

      I am saddened that our country is so divided. And so hate filled towards Each Other.

      I think many of us our saddened and don’t know what to do.
      And it gets expressed in angry and we lash out at each other.

      Can we do what the politicians and media will Not do.
      Acknowledge that Both Government parties in their Greed for Power
      have desperately failed the American people this year.
      And Divided us purely for political reasons.

      This Election has been the
      Most Divisive,

      Masks turned into politics

      Color turned into politics —

      Armed protesters —
      Republicans and Democrats

      Violence against Americans, turned into politics —

      Trump supported armed militias during the COVID-19 protests.
      (They were not white supremacists as MSN falsely labeled them.
      There were both Black and White speakers at the courthouse rally)
      See video link below at

      Armed protesters enter Michigan’s state capitol demanding end to coronavirus lockdown
      – YouTube

      The protest at the courthouse did no damage and didn’t turn violent.
      Though Guns have No Place in a Peaceful Protest!

      Democrats backed the Riots even when people were being shot, businesses vandalized, looted and burned down.
      Children have Died
      (It is juvenile after 2 Months of Mainstream Media and Democrats openly supporting the Riots to now blame Trump for the riots.
      The violence isn’t about color,
      it is about Violence!! Regardless of color, no excuse for Violence – when people deliberately damage property or harm someone, they Normally get Arrested)

      Both sides are so set on winning Power through this Election
      (Presidential and Congress Majority)

      However, they have taken this out of the Debating Areana,
      And into the Everyday Lives of All of the American People!!

      We the American People don’t count for anything except to be used like a bunch of sheep led to slaughter.

      COVID-19 is out of control in many areas, especially where there were the largest protests and riots.
      Democrats were ok with large gatherings with very few masks.
      Republicans and Democrats can both take credit for COVID-19

      Our violence due to riots throughout America is out of control.
      2 Months and we can’t get our act together America
      We can’t even decide if we want the violence to stop or not!!!!!

      The World has laughed at us, it has pitied us
      But now it seems mainly just to be Disgusted with America

      All the Media wants is High Ratings.
      All the Politications want is Power.
      We are considered Expendable to the Media and Both Sides!

      We were together as a Nation after 9/11

      We were together in early April
      Flatten the Curve
      (Just 3.5 months ago, sadly it seems like years ago)

      We were together about the horrible murder of George Floyd.
      All Colors and all Nationalities Together.

      Just 2 Months ago.

      The Riots are what divided us.
      And no matter how much the media now spins it,
      There is plenty of footage of their approving, participating and encouraging the Riots as buildings burned around them.
      We have the Democrats doing the same.
      We even have the Democratic Mayor of Portland in the midst of the Riots in approval.

      It is not a white or black problem,
      It is a Violence problem.
      It is a Division, Disunity problem.

      The Democrats and media have set off violence and divisions throughout our Nation like no Enemy Terrorists could ever do.

      And the Riots made America think that COVID-19 was over.
      The Democrats and media didn’t care during most of June about COVID-19.

      Our businesses were closed and then many were burned down just as they were trying to get back on their feet!!
      How is that good for Americans, besides the violence itself,
      It is also Jobs Lost, permanently!!

      Please THINK.
      Obama was President for 8 years. Biden was Vice President.
      If the Democrats were really concerned about racism,
      Obama and Democrats would have addressed this during Obama’s time in office. And wanted it done Peacefully.
      This is about the Election and
      Biden getting the black votes,
      After he said if blacks didn’t vote for him they weren’t black.

      But We are being led in a Very Dangerous direction purely for political purposes.

      AMERICANS can All learn Together from
      Martin Luther King –
      His protestors carried no guns,
      Shot no one, killed no children,
      didn’t burn and loot businesses,
      didn’t damage and destroy property and terrorize neighborhoods.

      Read articles and see videos below:

      8 year old shot and Killed by Protesters

      Police chief breaks down after fire crews blocked from burning Richmond home with child inside –

      George Floyd’s brother calls for peace instead of violence


      Raw: St. Louis police chief gets emotional talking about 4 officers shot during riots

      ‘We will march with everybody’: Houston police chief tells George Floyd protesters
      – YouTube

      Michigan sheriff puts down weapons and joins protesters in march
      | 7NEWS – YouTube

      Elderly white man shoved by police
      – YouTube

      Pennsylvania man saves cop despite history with police
      – YouTube

      Seattle Police disperse protesters in occupied CHOP area after emergency order – CNN

      Black firefighter who spent life savings on new bar loses it to Minneapolis looters
      | The Post Millennial – News, Politics, Culture, and Lifestyle

      Black Firefighter Spent His Life Savings To Open A Bar. Then Minneapolis Looters Burned It Down
      | The Daily Caller

      How many think it is ok to end up having children killed because of protests?

      PLEASE read and view ALL articles and videos before commenting.

      If we love America, are these last 2 months what we want for America?

    2. @koala koalason are you two done slurping on each other, you people are delusional if you think this is all Trump and the Republican party’s fault its a virus a virus that the Democrat party is using to destroy America and make Trump look bad. The same goes for all the riots which the Democrat party denies are riots, in fact some call the riots a myth.
      Trump tried to lock the country down early on he tried to close the borders but he was called a racist and it was blocked.

      that being said I didn’t vote for Trump but I think he’s done a pretty good job overall .as far as the GOP know I don’t have a whole lot of use form I think they’re pretty much useless in a cave down everything over the last umpteen years.

      you people have so much hatred just blinding rage for Trump you can’t even acknowledge the good things that he has done.

    3. @s it’s the same thing that always is it’s us against them them against us right against left this country has been divided for years.

      if you ask me it actually got worse under Obama who they called the great uniter he actually divided us more than any president in recent years.

  10. Can somebody call DeSantis and tell that do-nothing so called leader of our State to watch this?
    We need him to either do something or get off the pot(Resign).

  11. When you have fools such as Mitch & Rand Paul countering good intentions, not so sure they’ll get the results they are looking for.

  12. Kentucky needs to replace the “Rich Mitch’s” of Kentucky with more of the “Andy Beshear’s” of Kentucky!

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