Angela Merkel Tours German Flood Damage, Pledges Aid 1

Angela Merkel Tours German Flood Damage, Pledges Aid


Chancellor Angela Merkel toured areas that had been severely impacted by flooding in Germany and said the devastation is a warning to the countries of the world that they need to move faster to combat climate change. NBC News’ Raf Sanchez reports. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Angela Merkel Tours German Flood Damage, Pledges Aid


    1. Not even close. Most German cities were reduced to dust and rubble. The entire city, In city after city. I remember visiting Germany in the 90s and would go to the Rathaus (city hall) in each town I visited. They had dioramas of what the city looked like before and after WWII. Unbelievable destruction.

  1. I never heard something like that – that’s crazy Desastre and sadness for the people loose homes and life’s .

  2. Im a German but live in USA. It’s terrible to see this in the news and I have never seen or heard of anything like that when I still lived there. Prayers for Germany.

    1. @Jimmy Dykes It’s not about prayer, it’s about repentance. As Jesus told the woman with that was caught in adultery ……”go and sin no more”.

    2. I was stationed in Höchst near Frankfurt in the U.S. Army and later lived on the Baltik Sea near Lübeck as a civilian. Loved Germany and the people and culture overthere. My heart goes to them, and pray for them.

    3. @someonewhoknows1000 You are using that scripture way out of context. Mark my words, wicked America is on time for judgement. Coronavirus is just the beginning of the end.

    1. @Views Frombelow left field, are you really that terrified of a vaccine…how would you feel if Corona left you paralyzed for life like polio, which would terrify you more the vaccine or the disease

    2. @Pinchi Bruha 🤦‍♀️are you still not catching on? The v is abkut ushering in NWO you fool!

    3. The solution is to put pressure on China, They put 5 times more pollutants in the air then the whole world combined and they are destroying the oceans, but for some reasons the communist democrats around the world want to blame patriotic American republicans and capitalism. Countries like Germany loves China’s money.

    4. @Pinchi Bruha There is something suspicious about the COVID vaccine. The government wants to force people who already have immunities for the virus to get the shot.

  3. Where my dad was from in Germany the town was flooded very bad, near Luxembourg, just South of it, so deviating my heart goes out to all in Europe.

  4. Thanks to all that feel with us. And the pictures shown here are moderate! Century-old houses crumbled; people living in a home for the handicapped drowned; hospitals and nursing homes had to be evacuated in time; electricity and communications broke down; ….

    Most comments here, however, are nonsensical to shocking. God or Allah has nothing to do with this – if he exists, he just watches what we do to ourselves. And our infrastructure is probably much better than yours (see Texas, or your massive forest wildfires -,certainly not induced by a Jewish laser beam from space) – not for nothing you need a new massive infrastructure bill …i
    When e.g. Katrina hit, we showed empathy, but many commenting here are politically ignorant mini-souls! Sorry for my anger But thanks again for the few US souls that still have preserved their humane nature.

  5. I lived there 20 years ago and they had flooding issues then. Not to this extent and I hate to to see this. Consider Germany my home away from home.

  6. My heart goes out to Germany 🇩🇪 .It’s sickening and heartbreaking. Hope God gives his strength for the people of Germany ! My prayers and thoughts remain with you guys!

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